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  1. Aren't you argueing against your own first statement? If some people like to eliminate some canon factors they dislike in their own creation, isn't that their right as a creator? Also, I doubt anyone here would argue that they don't have the right to do this. It's the same thing as with the Mass Effect 3 ending. The majority of the community, or at least a non-negliable part, really disliked it, but the creators didn't change it. I even doubt that they dislike Alicorn Twilight or the episode. It's just that this would have been a great ending for a later season... not this early. Further... What I hated most about the episode is that it consisted of 8-10 minutes actual plot, with the swapped cutie marks, the "conflict" of the episode and then the other 12-14 minutes of the episode was just about Twilight and her becoming a princess and an alicorn. I think the 12-14 minutes for her transformation were necessary, but they shouldn't have cut that time off of the plot, "solving the conflict", which is the most interesting and fun part of a show, a book, a game. It really should have been a special episode with twice the length or two parts like the endings of the last seasons. That it was too early to dish out this kind of "ending" is personal opinion. The other thing I mentioned is just bad dramaturgy.
  2. I seriously had hope into people... again. Why am I that stupid?

  3. Does anyone know Island Defense, from WC3 or SC2?

  4. I would really like to know where you live and what kind of school you visited. Because here, in germany, a modern country, even in a private boarding school with the most craziest and eccentric people - you see about 97% of the girls pushed into that one stereotype we all know from the typical high school show. If I move out of the school scene and into the gothic scene I see indiviuality everywhere and most girls and woman do just what they want and don't give a damn about what society wants to put them into. I am by no means a feminist, but I hate that in todays schools everyone is a boring copy of each other, especially girls suffer from this.
  5. I would never start with the first 3-4 episodes of Season 1, especially if the person is not very open-minded and get's easily distracted by small things. If you want to hate the show, it's very easy. Being objective is very hard. To convince someone who is rather sceptical - pick one of the better episodes, like Canterlot Wedding 1&2 or the one with Detective Pinkie.
  6. I would definitely like to see her return, because I like her. Though, the reason why I like her is exactly that ending of this episode. In a all perfect rainbow cliche girl show, it would have ended with everyone happy. But Dash losing a friend and Gilda essentially losing all her connection to this city the ending is still positive, but with a big grain of salt. The world is no nice and perfect place. The earlier you learn it, the easier it is to accept and the happier you will be in the end. Her return shouldn't be a copy of Magic Duel though. In terms of story plot.
  7. The only thing I truly dislike is that it puts more focus on Twilight. Young girls should be able to identify themselves with any pony and not get pushed towards one due to the way the show goes. But - a big but - as long as season 4 doesn't air, my argument is not valid. If they reduce Twilight's screen time so much to make her essentially a background character, than she would even need more focus. It all depends on how much they focus on her. The last seasons have been quite good to make sure that every pony is the center of attention here and there.
  8. I don't quite get why you are so upset about the direction that this show goes. Even if all the accusations are right and MLP and the movie lost all of the pro-feminist parts that Lauren wanted so badly... . What can you do? You are only getting yourself upset. It is indeed a tragedy if it goes back to the dumb stereotypical show that we have all over the place, but you cannot change it, can you?
  9. I like the fanmade episode centered around Doctor Whooves. He also makes a great character for banners - well, I think my signature makes it clear what I mean. God, I love photoshop. Other than that I do like some other background ponies more. Colgate and Symphony as example.
  10. I personally would love to see Chrysalis again and have her turned good so she can make even more appearances. It's quite a boring and weak story plot, but w/e I just wanna see her again and not as the evil ruthless villain (at least in S02E26 she said she is doing it for her subjects). Aside from that... I can't stand the MLP intro AT ALL.
  11. As far as I understand Lauren she would have loved to address a lot more things in the show. For example the parents of each and every mane 6 character. So I highly doubt with her still in the team the show would be over, magical mystery cure would just not be out yet. It would be delayed until the show is over. Personally I think that would have been a nice ending to the show but since its out this soon... I feel like the creators are in a bad position now. Story-wise.
  12. Season 3 would have a different ending. Aside from that I doubt that much would have changed. Maybe a few details but that's about it. Lauren tried to make a helpful and great show for girls and MLP:FiM is still that. I just think she would have made a few better choices. Dreams shouldn't always become true, especially not as magical as the last episode. That is of course only my opinion. I based that on what I think is good for the viewers and what's not. People should rather be happy with what they have, like the Season 1 finale teaches.
  13. As far as I got to know Lauren from what she said and wrote over the course of the last months I don't think she intended Twilicorn to happen. At least not that early. For me it would be a good end of the show. Alicorns resemble adults for me in this show. It's then very that she becomes an adult (basically) while the others don't. I just feel like this puts her into a different league than the rest of the mane 6, which should not happen. I also think Lauren wanted girls to be happy with what they have. Becoming a princess is one of those dreams little girls get from shows and then they get all sad when they notice the real world isn't that great.
  14. After quite some work, finally dat new signature - with reference ála obvious

  15. MLP itself didn't really teach me something in terms of friendship as most of the lessons the show itself trys to teach are pretty standard knowledge if you are not only living in your room. But it teached me different things. For example that a girls show can be made so well that it has a great fanbase, interesting characters and awesome animations while also maintaining good plots which you can follow easily. Also it teached me other social lessions as I moved around in the community of bronies. But I would rather not talk about that because most of those lessons were rather bad.