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    Don't describe your own character as 'likable'; that's just challenging readers to dislike them on principle. Don't describe your own character as 'random' for the same reason. Don't describe your own character as anything other than what they look like, what they do, and what they feel; let the reader make the decisions of who they are.

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  1. So Dippy had gone and gotten herself lost in the Everfree. It wasn't the first time, nor would it be the last, so the mare wasn't all too worried this time around. The forest was typically pretty dark, but like the last few times she'd ventured in, Serendipity's Compulsive Hoarding paid off yet again, and she procured a flashlight from her much-too-heavily-stuffed saddlebags. Like all earth ponies, the only thing she had to properly hold the tool was her teeth, unfortunately. As for finding the gem itself...well, Dippy didn't have a plan. Or more accurately, she did, but the 'plan' was to wan
  2. I figured. It'd be a shame if the RP died off so early; there are two applications that have yet to post in the first place, and Midnight_Aurora seems to have disappeared now as well.
  3. "You got it, sir!" Dippy feigned a mock-salute to the stallion as he trotted away, only managing to hold her stature for a few seconds before devolving into what could only be described as a maniacal cross between an evil laugh and a giggle. Once the bit-coin symbols faded from her eyes, Serendipity carefully folded the contract(s) away before positively skipping down the street. Assuming she could actually find this thing (and she put some heavy confidence in her skills as a thing-finder), this sale alone might very well save the business! Or at the very least let her live comfortably for ano
  4. "-fantastic!" Dippy interrupted the red stallion before he left, inexplicably conjuring a very wordy piece of paper from her bag and a quill as she skirted in front of his walking path once more. "I'll just need you to sign-...here! And here. And initial there," she goaded merrily, holding the contract inches from his face, "Oh, and if this is a group expedition you'll need to sign here too!" This was not actually the first time Serendipity had been to the Everfree to find something lost, though it was much better for business if the rest of the town didn't know that. The wordy contract held
  5. Cha-Ching. Serendipity tried to hide the small money signs in her eyes as she was suddenly approached with exactly what she had been hoping for, walking right out of Crystalwing's shop itself. The mare pretended her smile was one of empathy, but oh boy, this stallion done goofed big-time , and Dippy was already first in line to make a quick chunk of bits from it. She cleared her throat and feigned disinterest for a moment. "Well...I am an expert on finding lost items, but...unfortunately," she put on a disheartened face, pretending to look disappointed, "Sorry mister, but I only find stuff i
  6. Dippy let out a hiss of disappointment as the crowd dispersed, a sudden glum mood overcoming the area as a cloud decided to rudely take up its position in the sky. With the crowd gone, it was easy to see that there wasn't a single other lost piece of 'treasure' in the area, and Serendipity was forced to move on to greener pastures. But where to go? Maybe a bar or two? Drunken ponies tended to drop stuff a whole lot in her experience, but it wasn't late enough for the usual clumsy crowd to start in those yet. The park might be a good place to check, but she'd already combed through that place y
  7. (Hasbro owns the rights to Wizards of the Coast, so technically the bestiary is canon in MLP. Go for it.) Serendipity tromped along, not quite able to figure out where the crowd was going but certainly capable of her usual scavenging habits. She scanned the ground, looking for any signs of a glimmer of jewelry, when suddenly- "...oh?" the mare inquired, almost stepping on what she originally assumed was a rolled-up piece of newspaper. She lifted a hoof and the scroll with it, yawned as the surrounding crowd passed her by, and squinted inquisitively at the outsides. Looked like trash, old
  8. I know your rules stated that we're not supposed to post right after each other and instead wait for your own posts to book-end ours, but since our characters are performing unrelated actions (for now), is it alright that I posted right after Midnight's?
  9. (Leave it to me to forget that there was a link to the actual RP board, and sit around wondering when and where we were supposed to start. My bad entirely.) Serendipity yawned and pushed a mop of mane out of her face once the door was open; mornings were never her strong suit. Mind you, it was the middle of the afternoon, but Dippy referred to 'mornings' as any time she woke up. Rearranging paperclips kept her up longer than she intended. The crowd outside was certainly bustling, which was odd for taking place right outside of her house. Dippy didn't see ponies, however-- she saw potentia
  10. I'll give it a go. Name: Serendipity "Dippy" Dowser Doo Description: Dippy is a well-to-do business manager and (in her mind, at least) treasure hunter, though 'treasure' is usually miscellaneous knick-knacks she tends to find laying around. Dippy keeps a large, old and durable pair of saddlebags, which she is rarely seen without and are rarely emptied of the items she comes across. She shares the color palette of a treasure map, with a tanned yellow coat, charcoal mane and a red 'X' as her cutie mark. Race: Earth Pony Cutie Mark/Talent: A red 'X', as if on a treasu
  11. Heya, it's me! The one with Lamp Wick, here to steal all y'all's chances of being in this particular RP.
  12. This sounds quite exciting, actually! I haven't touched this forum account in months, but it brings a smile to actually see another group of people who love to play the more "traditional" RPGs. I'd love to join, but if my schedule doesn't match up with the rest of the group's (my most available time is all throughout Sunday), I'll probably need to back out. With some luck and happy thoughts, though, I'd love to take another go at throwing some dice around! Now just to fill out this resume... Prior experience: I've been playing a scattering of tabletop systems for the last three years or so
  13. Your OTP? Heavens me, it does seem that the Midnight♠Scorpiok pairing is losing its caliginous touch recently. Absence does make the heart grow fonder, I'm afraid, which is a terrible state for the beautiful blooming kismesissitude between the black pegasus and his unicorn frenemy. I suggest putting the two in the same group once again to let them unsettle their differences. I can assure you, once blood has been drawn we can safely say that a proper state of healthy black romance will have been achieved once more! Putting aside the silliness, however, the RP seems to be slowly grinding to
  14. In the small amount of time since Sagittarius had discovered the magic blank tome of un-knowledge, the stupid black pegasus 'leader' had decided to take a route that only a winged pony was able to take, effectively leaving the rest of the party alone, the new unicorn (was White Flower her name?) had wandered off to another room as well, and Pisces...was talking to a wall. What about Arannia? Was she still sane? Please let Arianna be sane. Arianna was sitting on a pile of books, it seemed. Sagittarius supposed that was sane enough. He at least had that anchor to the rational world, though tha
  15. Hm? An undocumented, unprecedented medical condition? And yet, you know that you have it? My trite optimism in the subject is beginning to lose its edge, rolle, as your capricious claims have yet to hold any ground on anything remotely resembling conclusive footing. Usually I would simply let this go, but I feel as if I have been personally lied to. Do not take this to heart, however; I understand that you most probably have your own feelings to protect as well, so if any of this is particularly hurtful, remember that this is from a non-judgmental standpoint and you are still entitled to your
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