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  1. Hey guys! You may remember me, i was active on the forum games a few years ago and then disappeared off the face of the earth - but here I am again, to plug my latest creative endeavor! I recently started uploading videos to YouTube more often, specifically video game reviews and voice acting. I review good games, bad games, weird games and I'm also considering doing some Top 10 lists and the like! If anybody is interested, then I've some samples of my work here: So I hope you all enjoy what i have to offer - any constructive criticism is welcome, and all suggestions are also listened to!
  2. Granted, but he can't see you. I wish that I had a bucket of assorted PC bits.
  3. Prozzit. A person who is chronically unpleasant in their behaviour, mannerisms and demeanor, so much so that it causes people to vomit within about ten seconds of being in their prescence.
  4. @@Windbreaker, "'Course we can - Wrench'll probably cook something up once she gets up." Spitfire replied, trotting off towards the armoury. She could see in Dash's eyes that she missed her friends, but that she still pressed on, braved the weather. That was a quality that made her a great ally, and one she was glad to have back on her side.
  5. A slightly more serious one. "Splashkill" - to kill multiple enemies grouped close together with a gun, invented by me whilst playing Dead Island. Also "Bap" - already a word in its own right, but in this sense it means to hit someone with a Riot Shield in Cal of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
  6. Borrochul. A term used to refer to a person who puts snails on his head, sits on a pile of Christmas puddings and sings "Auld Lang Syne" in May.
  7. Australia has a lot of things that Britain doesn't have though.
  8. Granted, but you find yourself unable to fly with them due to lack of skill. I wish for bacon.
  9. Banned for, once again, attempting to give a user overwhelmingly negative critical reception. by yourself.
  10. I'm hopeless at drawing. A stickman is about my limit...