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    Everything and anything to be honest, if i try it and i like it then i do it, if i dont then i wont basically but there is nothing off the top of my head that i know i dont like :/
  1. i cant wait to start going again tbh, but i am sorry if i can not reply twenty four seven. I wil try my best not just for me BUT FOR THE JUNGLE HUZAAA!!!
  2. Aqua Pura

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Me and a mate when i have just finished training
  3. I am off to bed i will reply in the morning, and i have a busy day tomorrow as well but i will reply when i can.
  4. @, "if you have any blankets then could you put one round quip, and are you ok you don't look to good?" Aqua asked. Aqua looked around deciding in his head what would need doing next. He was just waiting now for some twigs and enough wood so he could start the fire and keep it going.
  5. @, Aqua ripped the rest of the wheels off the carriage not bothering to do a perfect job, he did this so it was flat on the ground, he then chucked the wheels into a pile to be set on fire near the carriage, but not close enough so that when there is a fire it would catch on to the carriage. He then picked Quip up as gently as he could and placed him in the carriage, "when the fire gets going it should be nice and warm in here", he said to quip. Aqua then shouted to everyone "get your stuff together we are camping here tonight, so that means any tents put them up now and if you are not doi
  6. @, Aqua replied "yeah it must of been the terrain, but most importantly we need to get everyone on there feet, if they cant walk somepony will have to carry them we can take in turns, we need to find somewhere to set up camp for the night" and then Aqua said "what are your ideas on this matter ?".
  7. @ Aqua saw the stallion wriggle out of his grasp and dive for his bomb, like it was the only thing that mattered to him in the world. He then heard the explosion from what seemed just out side the carriage, Aqua remembered that Quip had a full bag of them so Aqua stayed in the carriage, probably the only safe place except for 200m away. Aqua holding him self in mid air, having wedged his bo staff against the two sides in carriage heard a familiar voice, it was none other than Dishcarge "yeah i am all good" he replied, knowing that it was most likely to be safe outside if Discharge wa
  8. @,@@Starshine, Aqua was asleep for most of the journey until the terrain got rougher and woke him up. He then sat staring out the window when all of a sudden, the carriage fell to one side and Dishcarge rolled out the door, in an instant Aqua grabbed his staff and slammed it into the side of the carriage, as a wedge to stop him from falling out he also grabbed Quip, but as he did some bombs rolled out of his bag and landed on the far side of the carriage. Aqua not sure what to do about the bombs held him and Quip to stop them from falling into them. Aqua replied to a ponys voice "Stay awa
  9. Aqua made sure he had everything and pulled his head down for some kip time. He was going to go on guard for the trip, but he was almost certain that they would be fine, well at least thats what he thought, of course he hoped he would be correct. Aqua then nodded off, in to dreams of becoming rich and famous after this mess was sorted out. (OOC: ready)
  10. @, "Good, then lets get going we should be able to catch them up in no time, and they left only about twenty mins ago but if you follow my lead, and keep up with me we will be there in no time" Aqua explained. He looked to the route that the group had taken, Aqua was ready to make a quick dash to catch them up, because no pony would want to be left in this jungle on there own.
  11. Sure man no worries, look i train three times a week to box for my town, i do two sessions of 1 to 1 training for people who want to lose weight, get physically fitter and i do another group session and out of all of this i get nothing, but in the long run i will be at the top of my league when it comes to fighting this season, i am not going to let replying in this forum stop me, but when i am not going to be replying i let everyone know. Now that we know whats up, sure you can let this RP rest for as long as you want, now that we know what position your in, (and it is your RP) but it just se
  12. @, Aqua put his canteen back in his satchel and carried on to support Unholy, "we should make a move to catch the rest of the group up, but if you are not feeling well then we can stay, and i will protect you as best as i can", Aqua said trying as best as he could to comfort her.
  13. @@Descant, All i a am saying is that you should not threaten to take me out of the RP so suddenly, if you ask me to stop arguing then its done. And btw the four or five days we spent in the same place, where you did not reply once but managed to reply in the other RP's that you are in, the one where me, flame dancer and frostbite where creating convo so the RP did not die, that was when the RP was dying and we prevented it, and yet you have a go at us saying that we were ignoring the fact that you wanted a break from it? if you had a break that would be it, you would have to have dolan in
  14. @@Descant,@, Dolan as you have been told shut up Descant i have been trying to keep this RP from dying out since i started it by just making convo with everyone about pointless stuff me and Frostbite who is sat next to me even replied to each other to keep it going and flame dancer. I am not arguing with you or starting a argument i am just saying, that you can kill my character at any point but threatening to do it because some one came on here and tried to insult me, and i told him what was what because of it, its like saying why have you just corrected someones post i am going to ki
  15. @, Aqua responded to Unholy almost falling over when she shook her head, by putting his foreleg around her body to hold her up in case she fell over "sure you can lean on me, are you ok by the way?" Aqua asked. He got out his canteen and offered some to Unholy.
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