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    Sewing, collecting adorable things like My Little Pony items and stuffed animals , I also watch anime and read manga! (Sailor Moon is my favorite!) I also am currently working on writing a story ( non MLP related) , I also do cosplay ! If it's artsy or creative I've probably done it at least once!

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  1. Has anyone else been having issues with the canterlot quests? I just completed the twinkleshine and changeling one and it won't show any new quests
  2. just found out I accidently have two soarin , not sure how I derped so hard that I thought my first one was flash sentry, hoping in the future to trade extra soarin for one I dont have like daring do

  3. I ordered dj and derpy from build a bear. Also went to a pony convention and got three plushes cheese sandwhich ,filly celestia and a my first 4de plush a twilight. My husband and I got some cool art there and got signitues from tockarAa couple days ago I found a mlp bracelet and a funrise bonbon small plush at walmart, still looking for big mac and shining armor. ,also just ordered a case of series 3 blind funko and a soarin plush
  4. It's big enough I need more space to display them, I have a little bit of alot of things , and aki t of toys an d plushes
  5. I keep meaning to get a new picture of my mlp plushes, I have most of the 10 inch and the 5 inch funrise ploshes, so about 21 funrise , I have 9 or 9 aurora pliushes, I have handmade a kuna, snowdop, big mac and fluttershy, I also own a filly luna ,buttonmash,celestia, just got a Coco pommel and a flashsentry,, I own 10 ty plushesc, 4 big and the rest regular,I also own all the build a bear plushes, I also got a dj and luna plush from hot topic ,I also have a giant spike plush
  6. Fluttermac is one of my favorite noncanon ships. I think they would go together really well as a couple. Although even them just hanging out together in more episodes would be cool. I feel like their lifestyles are both on the more simplistic side. Both are hard workers. I could see Fluttershy living on a farm and help taking care of farm animals. (as seen she does take care of chickens). Big Mac and Fluttershy both seem like characters who tend to like to go at a slower pace with things. Plus farmer boy / pretty girl is a cute pairing idea. I could see Fluttershy feeling comfortable around Big Mac and that he would listen to her and such. After Filli Vanilli we know they both like to sing as well. I could also see Fluttershy taking care of Big Mac if he got injured or just helping him relax after a hard day at the farm. It's always been my favorite noncanon ship in a casual sense but I started really liking after I met my special somepony and that seemed the pairing that fit to represent us most.
  7. Princess Celestia seems to be the hardest to find since so far only hottopic has sold her. Right now you can get funkos as Walmart, Toysrus and Hottopic are the main three I know of. Spike, Cadance and Shining Armor are only at hottopic at the moment There is also a black rainbowdash one and sparkly variaents of the funkos.
  8. All you have to do is go through the steps after hitting "upload files + more ..."
  9. lol thanks to this I had to go check out Toysrus to see what they had lol I got Babs and Applebloom Peachy Sweet Apple Munchies The baby ponies that you got JonaGold Apple Strudel Big Mac Flam They also had applejack in the bed and another pony but I felt like I bought too many as was so I didn't buy them.
  10. While visiting my folks I hit up an Fye and a Hello Anime! shop and got a fleece blanket that has doctor hooves, luna and derpy to name a few on it , a pinkie pie tail and the big sized Rarity beanie baby. I also got a Button Mash and a Flash sentry plush
  11. started a blog while I should be cleaning . It's so hard to motivate yourself to clean sometimes...

  12. Finally getting pics from my pony wedding ^_^

  13. I bought a Roseluck EG doll on my honeymoon ( didn't even know they had a doll of her) doesn't really look like her but I want Hasbro to know they should make more Roseluck things. Love Roseluck After the 100th episode I had to get the Sweetie Drops funko for my Lyra funko. I also bought a Doctor Whooves Funko for my Derpy funko. I also bought the small blind bag funkos of Rarity and Daring Doo. Also the Big funko of Daring Do. Once I get them the only big Funko's of regular coloring I will be missing is Trixie ,Spike and Shining Armor( I got the Shiny variant ) And Celestia but I am hoping Hottopic will carry her again.