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  1. @ and @SkyHeart Lorem perked up when he saw Sky and Violet exit the library. He'd given the pair some privacy by restraining from reading what they were saying but resumed reading when they got close. This turned out to be a good idea as the moment they left the library, one of them was talking to Lorem. He looked down to see a still rather nervous Violet introducing herself. "Hello Violet," he replied quietly. "I'm Lorem. Please don't be too scared of me. And also, it may seem odd but I need you to face me when you talk otherwise I can't understand you."
  2. @ and @SkyHeart Lorem took a sigh of relief. Usually, ponies were weirded out when he asked that they talk straight to his face but Sky had just acknowledged it. He watched as the mare went over to another pony in the library. Even from where he was standing, Lorem could see that this new mare was anxious about something. He went to go over to see if he could help but stopped at the door. His large body usually just made ponies more nervous. Also, Sky had asked to be excused so it wouldn't have felt right to follow and watch her whenever she went somewhere. Lorem chose to just wait by
  3. @@SkyHeart Seeing Sky slide of the chair made Lorem even more aware of how big he was in comparison to her. He must've been at least twice her . He stood as to the side when she began to flap her wings and easily kept up with her when she began to fly. Her reason was a kind one, possibly even so kind to the extent that what she was doing could be seen as awkward and unnecessary. Nevertheless, Lorem followed the Pegasus out the door with a smile. 'If we're going to be spending some time together, now seems as good a time to ask her.' With a sigh, Lorem began to speak. "This may seem
  4. @@SkyHeart and Lorem's attention was drawn to the mare that had just walked into the library. He could see that she had noticed Sky's stivky hooves but did nothing to help out. Lorem just smiled and looked back at Sky. The situation was under control anyway and he was sure that the mare that had just entered had something else that she needed to be doing. When Sky beagn talking to him, he smiled even more. The way that she turned to face him before talking instead of talking while looking at what she was trying to clean up wa very odd but incredibly useful. 'It's as if she knows that
  5. 4/20 PRAISE IT!

  6. @@SkyHeart Lorem tried to work out what Sky had first said but it wasn't clear enough for him to make a proper estimate of what she'd said. When her thanks followed after, he assumed that what she'd mumbled was not that important. "It's ok," Lorem said. "It wouldn't be very good of me to have left you by yourself." He felt a bit disheartened when he saw Sky's sticky hooves. He knew that nothing he had to help her clean up. "You might want to run them under some water to get rid of the stickiness," Lorem remarked.
  7. @@SkyHeart The book that Lorem was reading didn't grab his attention very well so he felt a small bit relieved that something more interesting had turned up with which he could help. He leapt to his hooves. "Please Miss Sky," he said. "May I help?" Before waiting for a reply, he assisted in getting the rest of the notes of the table. With both Sky and Lorem walking working together, the table was soon cleared of notes. Lorem took a few sheets of blotting paper and began to dab away the sweet tea. Although he rarely suffered problems with ink spills and broken quills, Lorem awkward carr
  8. @@SkyHeart Lorem concentrated on Sky's mouth as she spoke to try and get an understanding of what she was saying. He took a small pause after she finished talking to try and make sure he was positive over what she had said. When he felt sure, Lorem pulled up a chair and sat on it an angle so he could always see Sky. "Hello and thank you, Miss Heart," he replied with his quiet tone. "I'm Lorem. Lorem Ipsum. I'll try not to disturb you too much." Lorem softly placed a hoof on Sky's and shook it gently. Lorem cracked open his book and kept it low enough so he could see Sky's face. Th
  9. Lorem stumbled out of the door to his hotel room and into the corridor outside. He'd had a good night sleep and enjoyed it so much, he found that he'd overslept. With a piece of toast still in his mouth, he crouched to make it easier to insert the key into the lock. When it went it, he twisted the key quickly and pulled it out, dropping it into his saddlebags as he went to leave the hotel. 'Argh! I overslept! I shouldn't be spending time sleeping in on a holiday! Even if the linen was snuggly soft... Taking a more socially acceptable pace as he walked down the corridors, Lorem looked
  10. Glacier sighed with disappointment after she finished her salad. In all the time she'd been in the cafe, she knew as little about what she was looking for as when she started. 'Nothing. Nothing at all. Not even the slightest bit of information to go on. She got up and slowly dulled out of the cafe. When she hit the streets, she muttered comments about wasted time and how angry she was with anything in particular. She was sulking for sometime before she felt something odd in her head. Glacier recognised it instantly and was none to pleased about it. 'Great! Just what I needed right n
  11. Seeing as how the post was brohoofed, I'm going to assume that I can swap out my OCs.
  12. I've found my new favourite image editing software: http://bln.gs/b/27yilo

  13. qqq

    Lorem Ipsum

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  14. @ When I've finished making my next OC, would you mind if I remove Glacier from the RP and start playing with him? I don't find playing with two characters enjoyable. EDIT: Here is my new OC. Say hello to "Lorem Ipsum": the Gentle Giant http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/lorem-ipsum-r6256
  15. New personal record post length: 2374 characters.

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  16. Glacier was still sat in the cafe and was beginning to get fustrated again. The ponies she were sat near were rarely talking and when they did, it was fairly benign information about each other; not the sort of things she needed to know. She frowned and was about to get up and leave before a new pair of ponies walked in. One of them was a tall, grey, earth-pony mare who looked rather irritated. The other was a beige, unicorn stallion who seemed happy, despite his acquaintance's anger As the new pair walked in, Glacier focused her attention to them and tried to drown out the rest of the bac
  17. Who here has ever had deja vu?

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      Who here has ever had deja vu?

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  18. Glacier is unlikely to return to the library due to her disappointment last time. Perhaps they'll meet up later on.
  19. One of your characters is obsessed with the chance of a special (royal) object. Glacier's hunting down something she thinks is special. We could have some fun.
  20. Argh! The "A" key on the laptop is really stiff ! I have to use "ESDF" for movement in games otherwise it's hard to move properly.

  21. From her shadowy retreat, Glacier could see everything that entered or left the cafe through the main entrance. For now, nothing was happening and all was quiet. Too quiet. 'I won't get anything if I stay out here. As risky as it may be, I'll have to sit near some ponies. If I look like I'm looking through the menu, I'll fit in a bit more than if I do nothing.' Quickly, Glacier dashed into the cafe. It was fairly regular and had no fancy decorations or furniture. Also, it lacked the strong smell of coffee which Glacier detested. She looked around the cafe for a suitable place to sit. S
  22. There were several books on the library shelves about local treasures and history. As Glacier looked through the shelves, she took these books and piled them on a nearby desk. She quickly worked through the non-fiction and soon had three books on the desk. They were titled: "Hidden Gems in Baltimare", "The Complete History of Baltimare" and "The Secrets of Baltimare". Glacier sat on the floor next to the table and began to do a quick scan of the book's content. "Hidden Gems in Baltimare" proved to be a fairly useless book to Glacier. It didn't contain information about magical gems or prec
  23. With a determined, serious look on her face on her face, Glacier galloped to just outside the edge of town. She looked down to the map she had, checking it against the surrounding trees and river. When she felt the two matched up, she smirked. 'Nice. I've found a location based on a poorly drawn map with no compass markings on it, using only the stars, the landscape and memory to guide me. Sometimes, I amaze myself.' She kept the smirk as she strolled into town. From what she'd heard from the pony that gave her the map, there was something of worth in Baltimare., something that, accord
  24. I'm fine with one month later. Let's hope that this RP is as eager and lengthy as it was previously.
  25. I'll play using Glacier Shard this time. However, I am a little concerned with how she'll work on the Magic ruling as she spent a lot of time training extensively. (Link is in the signature and here: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/glacier-shard-r2563 )
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