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  1. #reuniontour 2014 And to think the world never got to see the Pondah x Bubble ship... What could've been of that ship. If Bubble plays, I'll use Pondah. Otherwise, it's Glacier.
  2. @@Pat.Rio.T. When Patterson lectured the two about fighting, Pondah felt a bit more calm. It was nice to know that at least one of the group wasn't intent on the domination of others. "It's Pondah," he replied calmly. He was still a little on edge from the violence and him and the constant worry he may get dragged it into it. As he stood idly, Pondah began to become restless and fidgeted around. 'Nothing is going to happen if we stand around doing nothing. I need to do something. But what if it angers Atlas? That'd be bad for me. I'll just stay quiet.'
  3. Gradually, Pondah stopped whimpering and quaking when he discovered that this group were not an evil group with evil intentions. He stayed by Pat's side as he went over to console River when she awoke. With a despondent sigh, he looked across the sea. The sky was bright and visibility was high but there was not a single land mass in sight. When Atlas finished speaking about making a plan, Pondah perked up a little bit. Knowing that there was a scheme in which he could help was a good prospect to him and his understanding of most things meant he could help in some way. As he thought about t
  4. MY SIDES!!!

  5. @ Do you mean... NECROMANCY!? That's an evil art of horror! But seriously, would the RP "live again" as a reboot or by getting people on the original thread.
  6. 'Tis a shame that this RP had to die. It was a fun 80+ pages whilst it lasted though!
  7. @ and @Pat.Rio.T. Just as it scared the group, Hunter's bark frightened Pondah and he began to hurry his pace, whimpering with every step he took. He began to feel more and more positive that some members of this group had potential dangerous ideas and attitudes. His breaths grew ragged as he approached. When he was close to the group, he heard what Patterson said. 'Phew...' Pondah thought. 'At least everyone here isn't angrry with me. Unless they're hiding it...' He frowned, hung his head and stood next to Patterson. Even if he was angry with Pondah, it very slightly relaxed him to be
  8. Will the forum's "Classic View" ever get a new banner?

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  9. Does anyone here still play Diablo 2 on PC? I really want to play with other people but the servers are deserted.

  10. @ Pondah continued scampering towards the noise in the distant. When it started talking back to him, he stopped dead in his tracks. It didn't seem like a friendly voice; it seemed like an aggresive one. Although he could now see that the source was a pony, he began to doubt whethere it would be a good idea to get involved with them. 'That pony doesn't seem like a particularly kind one. Are they a bandit? Perhaps they used the storm as cover to ransack and pillage the airship. Maybe they have some dark intentionor use for me...' As he thought about whether he should approach as comm
  11. Pondah's body tumbled and rolled onto the beach. He had a fairly soft landing on some dry sand. When he stopped rolling, he slowly lifted his face. His tear-stricken eyes looked around at the devastation around him. There were large splinters of wood, sharp metal chunks and smashed glass all around. Hesitantly, Pondah stood up and was he was about an inch from being impaled by a metal shard. He walked towards the beach and saw the actual remains of the airship. The main skeleton of it was heavily damaged and the engines had serious water damage. As he got closer, he could see something wo
  12. Pondah was still hiding under the table, completely obscured from view by a long table cloth. The airship rocked and shook violently in the storm, catapulting everything in the cafeteria towards a wall. He winced as he slammed into the wall. Luckily, the table took most of the impact. It took some time to regain his bearings and Pondah attempted to rationalise the situation; a surge of adrenaline made that impossible. 'How is this possible? The hotel must've been ripped from its foundations after that gust hit. Unless... What if this isn't a hotel? There's nothing it can be that gets blown
  13. Pondah scampered around the cafeteria in an attempt to find staff members that weren't occupied to help him get away from the "hotel". He searched the cafeteria for a fair while before he gave up. Every single pony he saw was doing something and were to busy doing important things to help with Pondah's request. He sat in the corner of the room. 'This is hopeless...' As he sat, he overheard a muffled shout. He couldn't make out what it was but it was clear other ponies could. They began galloping around and the cafeteria became full of a cacophony of screams and shouts. The sudden din made
  14. I want to learn a programming language that could be used for making games but don't know which to go for. Any suggestions?

  15. @@Pat.Rio.T. I don't mind when the airship is brought down. If everyone else is fine with it and you're fine with it, drop the ship. Pondah's just going to spend his time trying to find members of staff that aren't doing things and he's very unlikely to talk to ponies who aren't staff.
  16. With much more confident steps, Pondah worked his way through the corridors. He had no idea where he was going and frequently doubled back on himself. Strangely, the corridors were bare and as a result, there were no members of staff to help Pondah exit (what he thought) was the hotel. After some time spent wondering blindly, Pondah found himself in the canteen. He went to approach someone to ask for help but hesitated. 'They all seem far too busy.'
  17. Cautiously, Pondah walked down the corridor. He was headed towards a set of stairs that lead up to a door. When he reached it, he slowly pushed it open and looked around. The coast as clear and he moved into new corridor. The new corridor was longer than the last and still decorated with the same wallpaper. The walls were lined with matching doors that had numbers on them the went down the further Pondah looked. Every few doors, there was a small wooden table with nothing in it. 'How odd," Pondah thought. ''Judging by what I can see, it looks like I'm in one of those hotels I've read abo
  18. Pondah lifted his head as he awoke from his slumber. The place he was in was cramped and there was next to no light in there. He slowly rose to his hooves and tried to stretched a leg out in front of him. He had hardly moved an inch before he came into contact with something hard. He ran his hoof across the hard object. It felt like it was made of canvas. Slowly, Pondah moved around. He furrowed his brow with confusion. It appeared that there were several other hard canvas boxes of varying size arouind him. Wiggling through the gaps between the boxes, he soon found himself up against
  19. Pat.Rio.T. needs players for his Adventure RP "Island of the Dark Mountain"! http://mlpforums.com/topic/91494-adventure-island-of-the-dark-mountain-reboot/

    1. Pat.Rio.T.


      HaHaHa! Wow! I just saw this. Thanks for the promotion, but we don't need anymore players now.

  20. I'm sticking with Pondah for this. (The reason he's on the ship is also the same.)
  21. @@Pat.Rio.T. I like the idea of the RP. If there's a super-reboot, I'd happily join again. Too many RPs with potential have vanished without a trace and I'd hate to see this one go as well.
  22. Not to necro a nearly dead thread or anything but perhaps more people would join if we closed this thread and started a new one. People may think they missed too much to join if they see a thread with lots of posts in it.
  23. @@Gloomfury (Holy crap. I'm so sorry I didn't post.) When Shamrock finished speaking, Glacier turned around in her grasp and hugged tightly. "Thank you," she whispered into Shamrock's ear. She made no other sounds for a couple of minutes as she tried to calm herself down. She tried hard to get rid rid of her worries and let reflection on Shamrock's words soothe her but it was hopeless. Glacier sighed before she spoke, "Please don't judge me on this. I may sound like a feral beast or cruel villain but... the reason I spent time in the Everfree to train as opposed to anywhere else is
  24. @@Gloomfury Slowly, Glacier turned her head to look at Shamrock."I'm just thinking," she replied. "It's this city. I've come from the Everfree to Manehatten and it just doesn't feel right. Things are too... pedestrian. Life was much more interesting when every day was a challenge but in the city, it's easy." Glacier looked off into the distance and sighed again. "In the Everfree, I had to do everything myself and rely on nopony else. But here things are different. If there's food around I can hunt or forage, there's shops every other yard. It's not good for how I want to live life."
  25. @@Gloomfury Glacier buried her face in the bushes and began to pick off the berries. She worked her way around some of the thorns but she still recieved the occasional scratch or prick from a stray thorn. When she came out of the bush, she had a short, shallow cut along her top lip. A few beads of blood had started to form. Gently, Glacier licked them away. After her short meal, Glacier sat down on the grass and looked towards the city. The streets were still fairly quiet and not much was happening. That bugged her. Her life had gone from an action packed battle for survival to a rathe
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