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  1. @@Pat.Rio.T. I'd like to play again, but this time, can I use Pondah instead of Glacier? http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/pondah-r2385
  2. @@Pat.Rio.T. Yes, I used to be Sir. Loin. I reckon that we put up as soon as possible. The RP has been up for a month and people haven't posted and that seems like enough time to start getting more people.
  3. @@Pat.Rio.T. It would appear this RP hasn't taken off that well. Is there any chance of a reboot with users that'll post?
  4. Can someone who knows about running older PC games lend me a hand?

  5. If there's still a space, I'd like to play as Pondah (link in my sig). Could you tell me what positions are available?
  6. @@Gloomfury "Good night, Shamrock." Aided by Shamrock's softness and body heat, Glacier quickly feel into a deep sleep. She had a smile on her face and was breathing very softly. Her delicate breaths were punctuated with soft growls as she dreamt of survival, combat and meat. When the dreams were particularly vivid, she squirmed and rolled.
  7. @@Ampharos You're in! Feel free to post when you're ready. @@Demirari There's two new people you can play with now.
  8. @@Scribblegroove That looks good to me! It'll also be good to get another consistent poster. @@SkyHeart If you give me a link to your OC's character sheet, you're welcome to play.
  9. @@Gloomfury Glacier's breathing was short and ragged. She took deep and slow breaths to calm herself down again. When she felt stable again, she curled back into a ball and closed her eyes. "It seems we're even more similar than I first thought," Glacier mused. "If you restrain your wild side as you have promised, I will try and hold back mine. Now let's get some sleep. I'll need to be rested before I see what the night is like here."
  10. @@SkyHeart Make sure that you apply in the OOC thread before posting on an RP thread. I'll need a copy of your character sheet as well before I confirm you as a player.
  11. @@Gloomfury The barrage of kisses had made Glacier very alert and she began to struggle to break free towards the end of it. Luckily, the kisses stopped before her wild side came out. Please be more careful Shamrock," she panted. "I love you to and I understand that you clearly enjoy kissing, but being frantic will only make me alert and my more animalistic and defensive side may break out."
  12. @@Gloomfury Glacier gasped a little; the surprise of being pulled into a deeper kiss temporarily frightened her. After a moment to regain her composure, she returned to the kiss. To her, what she was doing was an alien thing. With no experience in any form of physical act, let alone kissing, Glacier had little idea on what to do. All she could manage to do would be to go with her gut and hope for the best. 'This is weird! This feels strange but nice at the same time.'
  13. @@Gloomfury "Thank you," Glacier replied with a tear in her eye. "That's all I needed to hear. I make the same promise to you that I will never betray you without reason." She unfurled from her ball and pulled Shamrock closer to her body. Gently, she returned Shamrock's head to her shoulder and softly kissed her on the muzzle.
  14. @@Gloomfury "I'm sorry it took me a while to get used to you," Glacier said quietly. "It's just that I don't really I've been stabbed in the back by ponies I'm supposed to trust before and I was worried that you'd do the same." She closed her eyes and began to breath very slowly and softly. She quivered and giggled as Shamrock's tail explored her own.
  15. @[Gloomfury'] "Really?" Glacier asked. She nuzzled Shamrock's cheek and curled into a ball on the ground. "I'm going to try and catch some sleep. Are you going to try? I could use something to cuddle up to." She smirked for a moment and then giggled.From her curled up position, she looked intk Shamrock's eyes
  16. @@Gloomfury Glacier turned a deep scarlet after being kissed. She squirmed a little with discomfort but hastily regained her composure. "Well that's certainly something new," Glacier remarked. "I've never had THAT much of an impact on somepony's feelings before." She pulled Shamrock closer and squeezed her tightly. "But please, don't worry about it. I was never going to say you are a failure and waste of space. My father didn't raise me to be a liar."
  17. @@Gloomfury As Shamrock pulled Glacier closer, she firmly patted her on the back. "If I was your father and if you were even a tenth the mare you are now," she said. "I'd be honoured to call you one of my own. Any father would want a humble, kind daughter like you. Your father seems like he was a wise man and you are certainly the daughter he deserved."
  18. @@Gloomfury Glacier' s smile grew into a genuine grin. "You're one of the few ponies that's ever understood that," Glacier replied. She shuffled closer to Shamrock again and gently wrapped her forelegs around her. She rested her head on Shamrock' s shoulders. "It surprises me to say this; I actually enjoy spending time with you. I'm able to actually talk with you about things knowing that you're not above stress and sadness."
  19. @@Gloomfury When Glacier felt her hoof being nuzzled, she didn't growl in response. Instead, she smiled and shuffled a bit closer to Shamrock. "It was the least I could've done," she replied. "I was one of the main things that was stopping him from being able to get the help he needed. And you're the foirst to say it's a good thing. I've had ponies say I was a monster and left my father in a time of need."
  20. @@Gloomfury Glacier placed her free hoof on top of Shamrock's. She dropped the rocks she was levitating and sat up straight. "So even though you were tempted to end it all," Glacier replied. "You kept on going through the worst of it. It seems you're a fighter in more ways than one. That's an admirable trait to have." With a smile, she turned to face Shamrock and placed a leg around her.
  21. @@Gloomfury After listening to Shamrock's tale, Glacier hung her head. "Listening to you now... it just shows how easy life is," Glacier whispered. "Most of us wake up and have something to do, a reason to live and the things required like food. Even the mad ones like me who separate themselves from society will only get stuck if they're cocky or uneducated but you... you and ponies like you face an actual chance of death. Did you ever think or wish that you could just end it all?"
  22. New year, new name and avatar. (A bit late, I know.)

  23. @@Gloomfury When Shamrock touched Glacier's hoof, she instictively let a out a quiet growl. However, it quickly subsided. "I don't mind being alone," Glacier replied. "Being alone is great. When you're alone, there's nopony to rely on and nopony relying on you. Nopony will hold you back and when you're alone, nopony will betray you and stab you in the back. Being alone is better than being with others."
  24. How do we put pictures in signatures?

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      host them somewhere else and link them to your sig from there

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      I tried hosting on Photobucket and I keep being told that I'm using an extension that isn't supported. I've tried JPEG and PNG. Do we have to use BMP or something?

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      not sure. ask a mod, they'll know for sure

  25. @@Gloomfury "Hm... fine," Glacier said as she moved one of her hooves closer to Shamrock's. She shuffled back slightly to get a small bit further away from Shamrock's body, still keeping the pebbles in the air. "There really isn't any need to worry about me sleeping outside. I've done it for seven years and I'm not afraid to kill if anything comes near me."
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