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    My Family, Sugarcube Corner, Ponyville, EQUESTRIA! Partying, parties, cupcakes, laughing! And the BEST life ever!♡

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  1. Hello everypony! It’s been a while huh? I decided to come back for a visit!!! I don’t know if anypony will remember me.. aww what if they don’t?! Hehe, well have a nice day!!!:pinkie:

    1. DwhitetheGamer
    2. xX_PinkDragon_Xx
    3. Splashee


      Wow an oldbie!!! 2012. Hi nice to meet ya! :kirin:

  2. It's been FOREEEEVVERRRR since I've been on! So busy! I miss you guys!! <3

  3. Can you believe it?! TWO party ponies! I'M SO HAPPY!!! =D

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    2. UltimateGhost3


      it's been awhile pinkie, so hows your day going so far? Also, what do you think about Cheese Sandwitch, and how do you feel about boneless?


    3. Pinkie Diane Pie

      Pinkie Diane Pie

      -Hugs everypony- It really has been awhile! And I'm doing great in Ponyville! Cheesy is the best, so is Boneless! Boneless is so cute! X3

    4. TheLuigiLightning


      Aw man, I missed the huggy reunion! Pinkie do I get one too?

  4. Happy birthday to the biggest party pony of all time!

  5. Happeh Birfdai Pinkie! ^~^

    1. Pinkie Diane Pie

      Pinkie Diane Pie

      TY SOOOOO much!!! You can't believe how happy I am right now! :)

    2. Eureka


      Im glad youre happy! Anything for the best local party pony! c: *hugs*

  6. Happy Birthday! Hope your having a great day :)

    1. Pinkie Diane Pie

      Pinkie Diane Pie

      Oh you said it, I AM having a great day! A very AWESOME DAY!!! :3

  7. Happy Birthday :)

    1. Pinkie Diane Pie

      Pinkie Diane Pie


  8. we miss you pinkie

    1. Pinkie Diane Pie

      Pinkie Diane Pie

      D'awww... Well lucky for you, I'm back! =)

    2. UltimateGhost3
  9. Hi Pinkie! :D How's Ponyville, dawg?

    1. Pinkie Diane Pie

      Pinkie Diane Pie

      It's SUPER-DUPER great!!!

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