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Blog Entries posted by Woohoo

  1. Woohoo
    *blows dust away* It's been how long since I did a blog? Two months? That's not too bad. Wait, who am I talking too?  I suck at writing intros...
    Greetings, everypony, your friendly neighborhood Woohoo here. For a while now, I've been thinking about using my blog on a more regular basis. Up until now, the only regular thing I do here on my blog is "Woohoo Rewatches: MLP Seasons," which is way too infrequent if you ask me. After weeks of thinking of ideas (mostly thinking up of a title), I finally came up with something.
    So here's the launch of my new projected, it's called:

    "You can't spell 'slaughter' without 'laughter' and these songs are jokes." Midnight Scribbler came up with the name and subtitle
    What is "Musical Manslaughter" about? Well if you can't tell by the title, I basically rip apart songs I absolutely hate in a pretty exaggerated and humorous way and give them a score. It's kind of like Mr. Enter's "Animated Atrocities" (only with less shouting) mixed in with Buckley's "Musical Autopsy" and "Todd in the Shadows." Also like Mr. Enter, I've created my own scorecard (seen below) where I'll score the songs on the following categories:
    Cringe-inducing lyrics: When the lyrics of a song cause me distress, pretty self-explanatory Cringe-inducing music: Same as above, except with the music Poor Production: Do I think the songwriting, sound quality, structure, song length, etc. is lacking Overplayed: Do I think this song is played way too much, this one is really subjective Overly Repetitious: Pretty self-explanatory, one of my many pet peeves in music Nonsensicality: Do I think the song's subject matter or lyrics are nonsensical, this one is also really subjective Negative Effects: Did the song do anything negative to me, such as getting stuck in my head, giving me nightmares, losing faith in humanity, etc. I'm also including the negative effects of the song on the artist(s) and other people. This is probably the most subjective category. Also, this category is two points per box, bringing the total score to 80 It's still somewhat of a work in progress...

    Yeah I'm totally ripping off Mr. Enter
    Now for some disclaimers. This is all my subjective opinion, so don't get your jimmies rustled when I tear into a song you like. Just because I hate your favorite song doesn't mean I'll hate you (but I might hate you if say something like "how dare u! dis is da gretest song eva and ur just a jelus hater! >:(")  Also, I am not, and probably never will be, an expert on music so my opinions may come off as flawed. Like I said earlier, it's all my subjective opinion. I don't think I ever have been objective... maybe. Oh, one more thing. I don't take requests.
    Entry Index
  2. Woohoo
    What's up, everypony? Woohoo here with another edition of Musical Manslaughter, because you can't spell 'slaughter' without 'laughter' and these songs are jokes.
    Since I started MMS over a year and a half ago, I ripped apart quite a few types of songs. I've shredded multiple pop songs, a beloved folk song, a reviled metal song, two Christmas songs, a ballad, and even ranted on the things I hate about music in general. I try not to be some other music reviewers where they constantly rant on the same genres and artists. Now for the 10th I'm doing something different in MMS. I'm going to rip apart... a cover song.
    How do you all feel about cover songs? My opinion? Well, it depends on the song and the artist covering it. It's a very tricky balancing act. You have to balance between making it your own and not straying too far from the original. Those who succeeded in this balancing act have created cover songs that are beloved and enjoyed just as much, if not more than the original. In fact, some covers are so well done, we don't even know it's a cover. However, when done incorrectly, the results can be quite unpleasant. Those who failed in the balancing act, either trying too hard to replicate the original or straying too far from the original, have created covers that make people beg the question...

    Why did you cover this song?! What's wrong with the original version?! All you did was tarnish your own reputation and butchered the song that should've been left alone! Alright, I've rambled enough on how I feel about cover songs. Now you're probably wondering what cover song am I going to shred? Well, in the last entry, I said it would be a beloved song from the 1970s... and the song is "September" by Earth, Wind, and Fire.
    What can I say about this song that hasn't really been said? It's definitely on the best "feel good" songs ever. I've been listening to this song as long I could remember. Usually, I listen to it whenever I'm in a bad mood or whenever I need something upbeat and cheerly to listen to. Now what kind of cold, cruel, careless, heartless, evil person would butcher one of life's most wonderful creations?
    *inhales sharply* It's... her again...

    Unfortunately, yes. This cover song actually exists no matter how hard anyone can deny it. I just cannot believe that Taylor Swift, of all artists, would cover "September."  I also can't believe I'm talking about Taylor Swift again! I thought I was done with her after I abso-fuckin-lutely eviscerated "Shake It Off" on my very first entry of MMS. Oh no-no-no-no, she had to this! Ugh, I haven't even started the review and I can already feel my sanity being drained. 
    Without further ado, let's break it down! 
    Instead of breaking down the song lyric by lyric like I typically do, I'm going to compare the major aspects of both Earth, Wind, and Fire's version and Taylor Swift's version and give my impression of both. Let's start with the intros because... that's where the songs start. 
    Earth Wind and Fire's version begins with its iconic and catchy bassline accompanied by fluttering synths until it crescendos with its bombastic horns. It's a simply yet effect song intro and it gets me pumped up for the rest of the song. As for Taylor Swift's version... there is no intro! She just jumps right to the damn lyrics! How am I supposed to get pumped up now?! Oh boy, and we haven't even gotten to the lyrics yet. Speaking of which, let's talk about the lyrics, starting with Earth, Wind, and Fire...
    Do you remember the twenty-first night of September?
    Love was changing the minds of pretenders, while chasin' the clouds awaaaaaay
    Our hearts were ringin' in the key that our souls were singin'
    As we danced in the night, remember how the stars stole the night awaaaaaay
    Hey, hey, hey, bah-dee-yah, say do you remember?
    Bah-dee-yah, dancin' in September?
    Bah-dee-yah, never was a cloudy daaaaaay

    Don't these lyrics make ya feel good? Do they make you wanna dance? If you don't, then there's probably something wrong with you. What really makes these lyrics enjoyable for me is the vocal delivery. I just love hearing the enthusiasm in Maurice White's voice as well as the backup vocalists during the chorus. I can feel their energy radiating all over the song. In my opinion, energy is really vital in great pop songs. It's what makes 'em... pop! 
    *sigh* Now for Taylor Swift's version...
    Do you remember the twenty-eighth night of September?

    Did she... did she just... She changed the first line of the song! Why, Taylor?! I know there's no rules for covering songs but this should be one: Never change the opening line! What was the point of changing 21st to 28th? At least 21st of September has some significance being the first day of Autumn.  When you say 28th, September is practically over.  Again, what's the point?!
    But that's not the part of T-Swizzle's version. Let's talk about her vocal delivery. While EW&F's version sounds really energetic, Taylor Swift's version sounds absolutely lethargic, especially during the chorus! Holy shit, she sounds like she's reading a goddamn shopping list!. Hell, Maud Pie has more excitement in her voice than Taylor Swift. I cannot believe I'm gonna say this... she sounded eons more energetic singing "Shake It Off" than on this lobotomy. I think that's the best word I can describe her performance: lobotomized.  It really sounds like she lobotomized this song. Taking away everything that made the original so great and replaced with the sound of mayonnaise!

    As for the music of Taylor's version, it's nothing but a damn banjo! Why?! Why turn a funky disco song into a mopey country song?! Why is this cover song making me ask so many 'why' questions?! *sigh* I just want to say that I enjoy cross-genre covers, but if they're done right. A well known example of this is the late great Johnny Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt."
    All I can say about this cover is that it's absolutely magnificent. The Man in Black knew what he was doing and he truly made this song his own. Hell, even NIИ's frontman Trent Reznor admits that Cash's cover was superior to the original. Now I wonder how the members of EW&F reacted to Taylor Swift's cover. As it turns out, Allee Willis, who co-wrote the song with the late Maurice White, did comment on Swift's cover. While Willis stated that she didn't hate the cover, she described it as "lethargic as a drunk turtle dozing under a sunflower after ingesting a bottle of Valium." I guess great minds think alike.
    Alright, I think it's time to wrap it up.
    And that was Taylor Swift's cover of Earth, Wind, and Fire's "September." Do I hate this-- Why do I keep asking this question you all know I hate the song I just ripped apart?! *sigh* Let me break it down for ya.
    If there was ever a list of songs that should never be covered, "September" should definitely be on that list. Remember that Powerpuff Girls episode with the evil clown that drains color with everything he touches? That's what Taylor Swift did to "September." She drained away everything vibrant and colorful about the original and left it something as vapid and soulless as mayonnaise. Maurice White must be rolling in his grave. I still cannot fathom why... why would she cover this song? Was trying to troll people? Maybe she likes the song and wanted to do her own rendition? I think it's probably the latter, even though I think her rendition sucks. When this song came out last year, the Internet (especially Twitter) went nuts, calling it one of the worst cover songs ever made. This cover is definitely one of the most unpleasant covers I have ever heard. BTW Taylor, didn't Squidward ever tell you mayonnaise is not an instrument?
    Now for the final score. It didn't score as high because it wasn't overplayed. But I already heard this song twice and that's overplayed enough for me.  
    And that concludes this entry of Musical Manslaughter. How do you feel about this cover? Was I too harsh or soft? What song will I do next? Tune in next month. Same Woohoo time, same Woohoo blog! 
  3. Woohoo
    This is the part where I greet everypony, say my name, which is Woohoo, and welcome you to another edition of Musical Manslaughter, because you can't spell 'slaughter' without 'laughter' and these songs are jokes.
    Here's the part where I ramble on how long it has been since the last entry, what I'm going to be doing different in this one, and how much I hate rambling. Great, I'm rambling again. Anyway, on to business. It's been God knows how many months since the last entry, which was probably my most difficult MMS since the very first one. With most of the previous entries of MMS, I ripped apart a single song in (mostly) great detail. This time I'm ripping multiple songs at once, just like my Christmas entry, albeit much more condensed and contain just my overall thoughts on a song with little, if not any, lyrical commentary. Welcome to the first volume of "Mini-Slaughters." In this volume, I'm tearing apart four songs from mid 2010s.
    Alright, I've jucked and chived enough. Let's break it down.
    The first song on the chopping block is by one of the most reviled artists of the current decade. Straight outta Canada, it's music's favorite whipping boy, Justin Bieber!

    Because it's not like any other music reviewer has ever talked about him before.  What song of his am I shredding? Definitely not "Baby" as that song has been shredded beyond any form of recognition. I'm shredding a more recent song of his... his 2015 hit "Sorry."
    Believe it or not, this is the song that made me hate the Biebs. Why do I hate this song more than "Baby"? Let's find out.
    My first problem takes place after I press the play button. I hear this...
    Whoa-oh oh! Whoa-oh-oh! Whoa-oh oh! Whoa-oh-oh!

    Really? That's how you want to start your song? With that annoying-ass whooping? Is this the infamous "Millennial Whoop" that's taking over pop music? I guess so. It's also heard during the damn chorus too. If you remember my "10 Things I Hate About Music" blog, you'd know how much I dislike non-lexical vocables, especially 'whoa-ohs.' It's almost as annoying as "Shape of You's" bing-bong. Was it really necessary to include the whooping? *sigh*
    My next problem, and this probably my biggest problem with this song: It's an apology song. I absolutely can't stand apology songs as most of them sound whiney and unbelievably desperate for forgiveness. This song is no exception. Why would you put so much effort into a song just to apologize to some girl? Is it really that hard to just say "I'm sorry"? Also, what did you do to her? Did you spit on her? Call her a whale? Piss in her mop bucket? Eat her tendies? Shit, this song is making me crazy. 
    Other problems with song include Bieber's overly-breathy vocals during the verses where I could barely understand him, and this song being OPAF (OverPlayed As Fuck.) I still hear this almost everyday at work. In fact, every song in this entry is/was OPAF.  Now for the final score.

    Even the score sheets are mini-er
    To answer your question, Biebs. "Is it to late to say sorry?" Well, for your um... unbelievable contributions to the music and entertainment world, I dub thee unforgiven.

    Next on the chopping block is from someone a little lesser known yet their song still manages to get OPAF somehow. Also from the Great White North, it's Alessia Cara with her 2015 'empowerment' anthem "Scars to Your Beautiful."
    *inhales sharply* Do I have some issues with this song, starting with the damn title. "Scars to Your Beautiful," what kind of title is that? Sounds like a Marylyn Manson song if you ask me, like a sequel to "The Beautiful People." Oh boy, I haven't even scratched the surface of the tip of this iceberg.
    My next problem with this song is that it's so mind-numbingly... generic. The lyrics are just your typical "be yourself" song laid upon on some slow plodding beat. It's like we don't have a million of these songs already. I do give this song credit for touching on self harm and eating disorders, but aside from that, it's just generic. 
    Now you're probably thinking 'Why are you ranting on this song when it's so generic?' Frankly, I would've written this song as generic... if it weren't for this line in the chorus...
    You don't have to change a thing, the world could change its heart.
    Have you ever heard something so... unbelievable that you're not fully sure on how to even talk about how unbelievable it is? This is definitely one of those instances. It's also an instance where I need a second opinion. Hey SpongeBob, how do you feel about this lyric?

    Thanks, SpongeBob.
    This lyric is quite possibly the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard. Why? Because for most people, that's NOT how the world works! Do you really expect a world of over seven billion humans and trillions of other life-forms, of which 99% have never met you, to change their heart? Short answer: You can't! Look, I get what they I get what their going for, but this particular lyric comes off as extremely selfish. Hell, I think this lyric would even make Mr. Rogers cringe. "You don't have to change?" Once again, bullshit! In life, you need to change in order to adapt to this ever-changing world, otherwise you'll get left behind. This single line single handedly destroyed any credibility this song ever had. Empowerment anthem? More like entitlement anthem. This is one of the worst lines I have ever heard in a song, right up there with "Let's Marvin Gaye and get it on" and "I'm madly in anger with you." 
    And just like the last song I shredded, this one also features annoying-ass whooping in the chorus. What's the point of including it? To make the chorus longer? Like I said in my "Shape of You" entry, long choruses are boring and have no place in pop songs. "Scars to Your Beautiful" is practically the "Shape of You" of 2015! *sighs* Alright, I'll stop mentioning that song. Now for the final score.

    I think this song had good intentions, but the execution was done so poorly. Plus, I don't need to beautiful. I prefer to heed Manson's warning about the beautiful people.

    Well, I'm half way there, but no amount of prayers can save me from these next two songs. Things are about to get ugly. So ugly that the Ugly Barnacle will die. This time, we're going back to 2014, the same year a certain song that nearly destroyed me was released, with a song by an artist from the far away land of Australia. From the same country that gave us AC/DC, Kangaroos, Nicole Kidman, and Steve Irwin, it's Sia with "Chandelier."
    For this one, I'll be talking less about the song and more about the artist in choice. This will be a doozy.
    I'm going to be really frank here... I absolutely cannot stand Sia. I hate her almost as much as Taylor Swift. I don't understand why she's so popular. The main reason I hate Sia… her voice. She sounds like she's getting an oversized rectal probe inserted whilst screaming with a mouthful of peanut butter and marshmallows. Quite unpleasant if ask me. That's the best word to describe Sia's voice. Her voice is so unpleasant, she makes a grindcore vocalist sound like Freddie Mercury. Not only is her voice unpleasant to hear but also unintelligible. Seriously, can anyone understand what she's singing? I sure as hell can't! Her diction and enunciation are so bad, I can't even make up misheard lyrics. She even puts Kurt Cobain to shame! Why is she so popular when we can't understand what the fuck she's singing?! On a somewhat related note, Sia is also one of the reasons I refuse to watch the goddamn MLP movie.

    Worst celeb self-insert ever!  Just why, Hasbro?
    As for the song... well, if I actually liked this song, I wouldn't have included it on Musical Manslaughter. This song is so unpleasant, unintelligible, nonsensical, OPAF (especially in 2015), and it makes me want to hang myself from a chandelier. What this hell is this song even about, anyway?! *sigh* I would rant further, but I need to conserve my energy for the last song. Here's the final score.

    It just baffles me how an artist with such an unpleasant and unintelligible voice could be popular. In my opinion, Tom Araya of fuckin' Slayer sounds eons more pleasant than Sia.

    One more song and I consider this one the worst of the worst. Going back to 2015 for the third and hopefully last time, it's Adele from merry old England with her smash hit "Hello."
    *inhales sharpiestly* Out of all the songs in this entry, this is the song I hate the most. I mean, practically everyone I know likes this song. Seriously, am I the only one in the world the universe who hates this song?! I have some major problems with this song. Time to use up this last bit of anger as this entry's going out with a bang. 
    My first problem with this song: It's OPAF. Not just OPAF, but astronomically OPAF. Much like "Shake it Off" was back in late 2014-2015, "Hello" topped the Billboard charts and was played practically everywhere in late 2015 and most especially in 2016. Trying to get away from this song was like trying to dodge rain in a thunderstorm. Every time I hear this song, I feel my happiness being washed down the drain. I could go on about this song's overplayed-ness, but I have much bigger problems with this song.
    My next problem is the same problem I have with Justin Bieber's song. It's another goddamn apology song, and dare I say, it's even worse than the Biebs song. Why? Just listen to the damn chorus!
    Hello from the other siiiiiide
    I must have called a thousand tiiiiiimes
    To tell you I'm sorry for everything that I've done
    But when I call you never seem to be home
    Hello from the outsiiiiiide
    At least I can say that I've triiiiiied
    To tell you I'm sorry for breaking your heart
    But it don't matter it clearly doesn't tear you apart anymore

    Wow... just wow. The desperation is strong with this one. This doesn't just take the cake, it takes the whole damn bakery! I know the "called a thousand times" is a hyperbole, but really? If he didn't answer the first few times, why did you keep trying?! He probably should've blocked your number after the third time. Also, what did you do to him? Did you eat his tendies? I can't even fathom what Adele and whoever wrote this were thinking with this song. Did they really think these lyrics sound sincere? Because to me, it sounds extremely creepy. In fact, "Hello" makes "Every Breath You Take" sound like fucking "All Star!" At least Sting admitted that "Every Breath" is supposed to be creepy. This song... *sigh* I need calm myself down before I explode twice...

    But I'm not done here, am I? Oh no, I have another major problem with this song: The production. Creepy lyrics aside, "Hello" is one of the most musically boring songs I have ever heard. It's just some sad and plodding piano ballad that we've all heard like a million times now. Not that I hate piano ballads, but this song doesn't do anything new or even interesting. Once again, boring! However, what really kills the song for me is Adele's "oversinging" in the chorus. I'm not sure if "oversinging" is the right term, but it really does sound like she's overly straining her voice. It really makes my vocal cords shrivel. Sheesh, I thought Adele would've learned to be more careful with her vocal technique after she blew out voice the first time. Nope, she blew it out again last year, likely for good. I find it pretty pathetic that Adele blew out her voice twice before turning 30 while Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson are in their 60s and they can still wail. I guess it is all in the technique.
    Now for the final score.

    Honestly, Adele, I don't know why you say hello when I say goodbye.

    And that concludes this entry of Musical Manslaughter. I was expecting "Mini-Slaughters" would be a lot easier to write. I was wrong. Maybe the next set of "Mini-Slaughters" would be easier For my next entry, I'll be tearing apart a horrible recent cover of a beloved 1970s anthem. This is Woohoo, signing off.
  4. Woohoo
    Hello everyone. Woohoo here with another entry of Musical Manslaughter, because you can't spell 'slaughter' without 'laughter' and these songs are jokes.
    Well, here I am once again not torn into pieces. It's been a while since I've done one of these. No, the last one doesn't really count because silence isn't really a song. Plus, it was April Fools Day. Anyways, on to business. The reason I haven't made an MMS in a while is... well, there isn't a lot of songs that make me angry. I could rant on more Taylor Swift songs but I don't wanna be labeled as "that guy who always rants on Taylor Swift" so I'm trying my best not rant on the same artist(s) over and over again. I just don't wanna be a one-trick pony. 

    Anyways, I finally found a song that makes me angry, although not really at first. I didn't really pay attention to it until late last year. The more I heard it, the more it angered me. If you haven't already guessed from this entry's title, which is probably none of you, this song is by an artist named Ed...

    No, not that Ed. He's not even a musician... or real...

    Wrong Ed again. Great guitarist tho...

    That's the one. The messy red haired singer known as Ed Sheeran.
    Yep, I'm ripping apart an Ed Sheeran song. Oh boy, this will be a doozy. I can already hear those fangirls' keyboards tapping. Which Ed Sheeran song am I tearing into? None other than his #1 hit from last year, "Shape of You." 
    Alright, I've shucked and jived long enough. So why do I hate this song? Let's break it down.
    So the song starts off with... Actually,  I don't know what you'd call it. Anyways, this song starts off... with this...
    * Bing, bong, bing-bing, bong, bing-bing, bong, bing, bong-bong-bong *
    What... the... fuck... Seriously?! There's no way... unless... is this supposed to be the melody? Or is it the beat? Could someone in the comments tell me if this is a melody or a beat? Or even what instrument is being used? For now, I'm just going to call it the "bing-bong." Whatever the "bing-bong" is, it's fucking horrible! It's so bland, cheap, lazy, and unprofessional! Hell, it sounds more unprofessional than Lars Ulrich's snare on St. Anger. At least there's some heart behind that snare. Here, this "bing-bong" sounds so vapid, soulless, and it just sounds an unfinished demo.
    Alright, enough on the "bing-bong." Hopefully the music will change in the chorus. But then the lyrics come in... 
    The club isn't the best place to find a lover, so the bar is where I go...
    I... actually agree with you, Ed. Clubs sucks! They're loud, crowded, obnoxious, and in no way the best place to find a lover. Bars are much more manageable... Wait, why am I talking about clubs and bars?! I need to stay focused.
    Me and my friends at the table doing shots
    Drinking fast and then we talk slow
    Come over and start up a conversation with just me
    And trust me I'll give it a chance now
    Take my hand, stop, put Van the Man on the jukebox
    And then we start to dance, and now I'm singing like...
    So far, the lyrics don't seem too bad. They're generic, yeah, but not infuriating like the songs I tore up earlier. It's just a song about a lonely guy going to a bar hoping to find a lover and eventually finding one. Also, who is this Van the man? I'm just gonna assume it's Van Morrison since you list him as one of your influences. However, after this verse, things go downhill fast... 
    Girl, you know I want your love
    Your love was handmade for somebody like me
    Come on now, follow my lead
    I may be crazy, don't mind me
    Say, boy, let's not talk too much
    Grab on my waist and put that body on me
    Come on now, follow my lead
    Come, come on now, follow my lead

    What the actual hell, Ed?! Are you singing about... sex!? How could you?! Did you ever think of the children?! OK, I'm overacting but... how do put this. The idea of Ed Sheeran singing about sex feels off to me. I can't really explain why. Why, Ed? Why did you make a sex song? Is it because sex sells? If so, I ain't buying. I'm saving my money to buy peace. Also, and this is just me, this song almost  feels like him selling out. Well, let's just hope he doesn't start twerking. Also, if this is a sex song, then it's one of the most unsexy sex songs ever. Hell, "Dead Skin Mask" by Slayer is eons sexier than this!
    Ugh, I'm already going crazy and I'm not even at the chorus yet. Speaking of which...
    I'm in love with the shape of you
    We push and pull like a magnet do
    Although my heart is falling too
    I'm in love with your body
    And last night you were in my room
    And now my bedsheets smell like you
    Every day discovering something brand new
    I'm in love with your body
    I'm in love with your body
    I'm in love with your body
    I'm in love with your body
    Every day discovering something brand new
    I'm in love with the shape of you

    Where do I even start with this?! Let me break it down...
    You're in love with the shape of her/her body? In other words, you just like her for her appearance. *sigh* Ed, didn't you parents, teachers, or anyone ever teach you it's what's on the inside that matters? I learned that in like diaper school. Loving someone just for their "shape" comes off as extremely shallow. What if this girl you love for her "shape" actually has a terrible personality inside? Or herpes? Also, I read somewhere that this song is supposed to promote body positivity, which I think is a good message, but why would it be included in a sex song?! What were you thinking, Ed?! "Push and pull like a magnet do"? No, Ed, it's "like a magnet does." Did you really forgo basic grammar just to make a cheap rhyme? This line could've been easily fixed with "like magnets do." Granted, it doesn't flow as well but it makes a lot more sense. Also, I can't believe I'm complaining about the grammar in a pop song. Fuckin' magnets...  I should've brought up this issue in my "Shake It Off" entry so I'll bring it up here. The chorus is too damn long. By itself, it's 40 seconds. With the pre-chorus, it's a whopping 52 seconds long! Are you trying to bore the listeners?! Long choruses should not be in pop songs. They're not catchy. In my opinion, the chorus should've ended after the first "oh-I-oh-I" part. Oh, and remember when I hoped the "bing-bong" would stop at the chorus? Nope, it keeps on playing throughout the chorus. Are you kidding me, Ed?! Are you trying to bore and annoy your listeners?! In pretty much every song I've listened to throughout my life, the music changes with the chorus and/or verses, even if the change is minor. This has to be one of the laziest songs ever made, both musically and lyrically. It's even lazier than "Shake It Off," and that's saying something.
    Then again, maybe the second verse might change my mind...
    One week in we let the story begin
    We're going out on our first date
    You and me are thrifty, so go all you can eat
    Fill up your bag and I fill up a plate
    We talk for hours and hours about the sweet and the sour
    And how your family is doing okay
    Leave and get in a taxi, then kiss in the backseat
    Tell the driver make the radio play, and I'm singing like...
    Nope, it's more the same shit. More unsexy lyrics followed by that long-ass chorus with that relentless "bing-bong." Do I need to complain any further about the "bing-bong"?! You can make a drinking game out of how many times I say "bing-bong." I haven't been this enraged at a song since "Shake It Off." It just begs the question: What the hell were they thinking?! *sigh* After that, we get to the bridge... I think...
    Come on, be my baby, come on
    Come on, be my baby, come on
    Come on, be my baby, come on
    Come on, be my baby, come on
    Come on, be my baby, come on
    Come on, be my baby, come on
    Come on, be my baby, come on
    Come on, be my baby, come on
    This is the only part of the song where the "bing-bong" isn't heard. I would say it's refreshing, but not really. It's just one line repeated eight times, and you all know how much I hate that. Also, I never understood why 'baby' is a pet name. It sounds degrading if you ask me.
    Alright, I think now's the time to wrap this up. Pip-pip cheerio!

    And that was "Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran. Do I hate this song? Well, if you made it this far, you should already know. Now let me break it down for ya.
    My biggest issue with this song is the music, more specifically, the "bing-bong." Whether it's a melody or a beat, it's one of the worst pieces of music I have ever heard. Aside from the bridge, it's played throughout the entire song. Unacceptable. The lyrics don't help much either. Ed Sheeran's attempt at a sex song comes off as either generically bland or extremely cringy and it also made me feel dirty inside. Overplayed? Hell yeah it was is! I heard this song multiple times a day in late 2017 and I still hear to this day. Just the first note makes my blood pressure skyrocket to Yugopotamia. Now some of you are probably wondering if I hate Ed Sheeran. Surprisingly, I don't. I don't find him as irritating as most other pop stars, but boy, did he make quite a stinker of a song.
    Now for the final score.

    And that concludes this entry of Musical Manslaughter. How do you feel about this song? If you like it, that's fine. This is Woohoo, signing off.
  5. Woohoo
    What's up, everypony? Woohoo here with my atrocious intro writing abilities. Anyways, welcome to the first entry of Musical Manslaughter, because you can't spell 'slaughter' without 'laughter' and these songs are jokes.
    While I was planning MMS, I was thinking, "how should I kick off the series?" or "what song should I do first?" It didn't take me long to choose one. There is a song... a certain song... A certain song that infuriates me to unspeakable levels. It makes my blood pressure skyrocket to Pluto whenever I hear even the slightest note on the radio. It rustles my jimmies to Oblivion and back. This song causes me nothing but agony and misery... and pain... and ridicule and anger and pain... and suffering... and pain...

    Alright, I'm done with my long winded overly-exaggerated rambling. If you didn't catch the little reference in the logo (which I combined with the popular meme "extra thicc"), that song is... "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift
    Taylor, you perv! VEVO couldn't have picked a worse thumbnail 
    Oh boy, this is going to be a doozy... Before I rip apart this song, I want to talk a little bit about the artist behind the song: Taylor Swift. She really needs no introduction. In less than a decade, she transformed herself from a sweet curly-haired country princess into arguably the biggest female pop star in the world. Everyone has their opinion on Tay-Tay, whether you love, hate, or probably not care at all about her. With all of the success she’s had, it’s not really surprising that she'd be polarizing. As for my opinion? Up until 2014, I was never a fan of Taylor. I simply saw her as just another popular singer who made one-dimensional yet sometimes catchy music.  I never really cared about her relationships, breakups, or feuds, though I did find a bit annoying but that's just me.
    But then, everything changed in the summer of 2014 when the Fire Nation attacked she made "Shake it Off," a song addressing how she's shaking off all the haters. Since then, I absolutely can't fucking stand her anymore! Just the mention of her name makes my face go full on Yellow Diamond.

    Damn, I'm rambling again... So how did this one song forever tarnish my perception on Taylor Swift... let's break it down.
    So the song begins with a very basic beat. Nothing good, nothing bad, it's just somewhat tolerable (for now...) But then the lyrics come in...
    I stay out too late, got nothing in my brain,
    That's what people say, mmhmm, that's what people say, mmhmm
    Wow, only 15 seconds in and we already have a red flag. First off, who the hell is complaining about you staying out too late? I mean, you have concerts to perform and those go on pretty late. The only person who should be concerned about staying out too late is yourself. To say people complain about you staying out too late is a crock of shit. As for "got nothing in my brain," maybe it's because people think you have the mentality of a 15 year old, which goes into the next lines...
    I go on too many dates (chuckles), but I can't make 'em stay,
    At least that's what people say, mmhmm, that's what people say, mmhmm
    Ugh, that chuckle was so unnecessary... Honestly, I don't really care about who you date. You can date whoever you want. Hell, you can date a rock and I still wouldn't care. Although I think Maud Pie would have a problem with that.

    As for the people who do complain about you "going on too many dates but can't make them stay," it's probably because of two things.
    They're sick and tired of you writing songs about your breakups. They think know you make them want to break up with you so you can write yet another song about bad they were, which usually becomes a hit on the charts and makes you more money. Maybe one day, you will realize that maybe, just maybe, you are the problem... Moving on! But I keep cruising, can’t stop, won’t stop moving
    It's like I got this music in my mind, saying "It's gonna be alright"
    It's not gonna be alright... because I have to hear the goddamn chorus right now!
    ‘Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
    And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
    Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
    I shake it off, I shake it off
    Heart-breakers gonna break, break, break, break, break
    And the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake
    Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
    I shake it off, I shake it off
    Ho... ly... shit, this is horrible! One of the worst choruses I ever heard! Where do I even begin with this?!...
    "Players gonna play?" "Haters gonna hate?" Why are you stating the obvious?! Are you also gonna tell me the sky is blue or night is black?This has got to be some of her laziest songwriting ever. No effort whatsoever. It's even lazier than Rebecca Black's "Friday" and that's saying something. Do you really need to repeat last word of each line five times? Why so much repetition?! Do you really think that's catchy?! Do you realize repeating the same things over and over is annoying to many people? There is a very fine line between catchy and annoying. This song not only crosses the line, it fucking obliterates it. Nothing says "I don't care about what the haters say" than putting weeks/months worth of effort into writing a song to tell them that. Frankly, the more you keep hammering that into their brains, the more likely they'll think that you actually do care about what they say. Wow, that was a mouthful. Seriously, if you can't handle criticism, constructive or otherwise, then you are probably in the wrong profession.  Then again, I should've expected this from the same artist who wrote the song "Mean," verbally attacking a critic for, of all horrible things, doing his job.
    America's Sweetheart, everybody...
    Ugh, not even a halfway there and I'm already losing my sanity, but I can't stop now... Onto the next verse.
    I never miss a beat, I'm lightning on my feet
    That's what they don't see, mmhmm, that's what they don't see, mmhmm
    I'm dancing on my own, I make the moves up as I go
    That's what they don't know, mmhmm, that's what they don't know, mmhmm

    What the hell does dancing have to do with shaking off the haters?! I'm not gonna waste too much time on this verse, probably because it's so confusing, so I'm just gonna comment on just this one line. Lightning on your feet, you say? Sorry Taylor, but you ain't got shit on Sanic the HegeHoge.
    He's the fastest meme aliiiiiiive!
    Like any other song, we get another repeat of the chorus, except more "Shake it Offs" are added in! WHYYYY?! Do you realize repeating the same things over and over is annoying to many people?! Great, now I'm repeating myself! So now we get to... the bridge...
    Hey, hey, hey, just think while you’ve been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world...
    Yes I am down and out, because you're one of them.  
    You could've been getting down to this... sick.. beat...
    Remember earlier when I said the beat of this song was tolerable? Well, after this one line, it becomes intolerable! Sick beat... seriously, Taylor?! You call that beat sick?! It sounds like it was made in Pro-Tools using the "Make a Random Beat" button! Then again, I guess that beat is sick... sickeningly obnoxious! You want to hear a real sick beat? Hit it, professor!
    My ex-man brought his new girlfriend, she’s like “Oh, my god!” but I’m just gonna shake
    And to the fella over there with the hella good hair, won’t you come on over, baby? We can shake, shake, shake
    Because it wouldn't be a Taylor Swift hit song without mentioning one of her exes. Also, stop trying to rap. You're making yourself look like a bigger fool than you already are.
    Alright, time to wrap this up. We get one more repeat of the damn chorus... except with even more "Shake it offs" added in! Once again, WHYYYYYY?! Enough is ENOUGH!

    Why do you keep repeating yourself?! Did you not have any ideas how to end your song or did you just not feel like it? That's so lazy! Every time I hear you say "shake it off," I feel like I lose 10 IQ points each time! Just when I'm about to completely lose my sanity, the song finally ends.

    And that was "Shake it Off" by Taylor Swift. Do I still hate this song? Hell yeah! Is it any better than when I first heard it in 2014? Hell no! You know why? Let me break it down for ya.
    The lyrics are so lazy, poorly structured, and most of all, overly repetitious. Her vocals sound so processed and grating, far from her sweet sounding voice from her early days, and the beat is sickeningly obnoxious (thanks to a certain line.) The overall repetition in this song... oh boy, of the 585 words (yeah I counted) used in this song, the titular line was used 36 times and the word "shake" by itself was used a whopping 78 TIMES! That's more times than Justin Bieber says "Baby" in his signature song. In fact, at least 60% of this song is spent repeating itself, and I find that unacceptable! I know that music is built on repetition, but this song went way too far.
    Alright, enough about the repetition let's talk about overplayed-ness. When this song first came out, it hit number one on the charts and I could not get away. I think I heard this song like at least 5 times a day almost everywhere I went during late 2014-early 2015, constantly getting stuck in my head and giving me migraines! There was one day where I heard this song being played on five different radio station at the exact same time! While I'll admit the song has a decent message of being yourself and not taking shit from anyone, that gets completely lost within the surrounding nonsense. I find it very nonsensical that she wasted so much effort to write a song to tell the haters that she's going to shake 'em off. If she really wanted to shake 'em off, she shouldn't have made this song. If anything, this song probably reinforced their hatred of her as well as spawning more haters, including myself. As for negative effects on me, there were a lot, but let me list a few...
    Lost what little resect I had for Taylor Swift... also Max Martin, who went from producing my favorite jams like "I Want It That Way" and "It's My Life" to this train-wreck! This song got stuck in my head constantly to the point of agony. Lost faith in humanity at one point. I would have Taylor related nightmares almost every night for over a year, not even Luna could save me. Friends and co-workers teased me and claimed I secretly loved Taylor. Aren't they a little old to be teasing?! My dad and I got stuck in her traffic when she came to Seattle in August 2015 and we missed my ferry to Bainbridge Island. Now for the final score. Pretty abysmal, isn't it?

    Yeah I consider this the worst song I ever heard, but this is just my opinion. If you like this song, that's alright, I won't hate you. And that concludes the first entry of Musical Manslaughter. Join me next time when I rip apart a song that claims to be a tribute to one of the greatest singers of the last century when the song is actually a ridiculously corny sex song...
    Now I wait for the Swifties to come and eviscerate me... 
  6. Woohoo
    What's up, everypony? Woohoo here and welcome back to Musical Manslaughter, because you can't spell slaughter without laughter and these songs are jokes.
    This entry will be a little different from the last ones. With the previous entries, I tore apart songs from artists that I either dislike or don't care about. For this entry, I'm tearing into a song from an artist I actually like. Normally I talk about the artist after I present the song I'm reviewing, but like I said earlier, this entry will be different. If you can't tell by the font I used in the logo, the artist I'm talking about is Metallica.

    These guys need no introduction. They're arguably the most successful heavy metal band of all time and also one of the best selling music artists ever. I, myself, am a pretty big fan of the band for about a few years now. However, just because I'm a big fan doesn't mean I support everything the band does, and frankly, Metallica has done a few... questionable things from the mid 1990s to the early 2000s that have disillusioned most of their fans, such as releasing albums with bodily fluids as the front artwork, cutting their hair and dressing up as Cuban pimps, and their infamous lawsuit against Napster. For this entry, I'm talking about one particular song they made in 2003, which is the title track of their infamous eighth album... St. Anger...
    Oh boy, this will be fun. I've been wanting to rip apart this song for a long time... Before I tear this song apart, I just want to tell you that I actually wanted this song to be the first entry of Musical Manslaughter, that is until I heard "Shake it Off" on the radio... Alright, enough of my shuckin' and jivin'... Let's break it down...
    Believe or not, my first problem with this song is the title. "St. Anger?" Last time I checked, Anger is one of the deadly sins. Putting Saint and Anger together makes it sound like an Oxymoron. How the hell did they come up this? Did they draw random words from out of a hat or did they have help from some Manatees... Great, I'm already losing it and I haven't even started the damn song... Anyways, onto the song.
    Like with most Metallica songs, this song starts off with a riff. It's not one of their best but it's somewhat tolerable... so long as James doesn't say "this sick riff." So far, it doesn't seem too bad... that is until you hear this...
    What in the name of Heaven, Hell and everything in between was that?!
    * PONG, PONG! ** PONG, PONG! * * PONG, PONG! *
    Seriously, what was that sonic shitfest of a sound that had the displeasure of assaulting my eardrums?! Is that the sound of all encompassing negativity pounding through the fabric of space and time?! Maybe... you wanna know what that sound really is? It's the sound of the snare drum!

    Now you're probably wondering 'why does the snare sound so bad?' It's because during the recording of this album, Lars Ulrich turned the snare off of his snare drum, giving it a much louder ring. Apparently, Lars liked the sound of it so much, he decided to use it on the album. Uh, Lars, I have a quick question for you...

    Why would you do this, Lars?! Your snare is so loud and jarring that it distracts from the vocals and other instruments! It almost sounds like you're drumming on a cooking pot! This is just so... what's the word I'm looking for? I know, unprofessional! So after 30-something seconds of incessant instrumentation, we finally reach the lyrics...
    Saint Anger 'round my neck, Saint Anger 'round my neck,
    He never gets respect, Saint Anger 'round my neck...
    Uh, James, who is this St. Anger? Why is he around your neck? Is he choking you because you disrespected him? Can anybody explain what's going on here?! I have a feeling this song will score really high on 'nonsensicality.'
    (You flush it out, flush it out) Saaaaint Anger 'round my neck, 
    (You flush it out, flush it out) Heeee never gets respect,
    (You flush it out, flush it out) Saaaaint Anger 'round my neck, 
    (You flush it out, flush it out) Heeee never gets respect...
    So... to get rid of St. Anger, you have to flush it out? Like a turd? I still don't get it! Why are these lyrics so damn cryptic?! Also, James, why are you trying to sound like Chester Bennington? Why not sing "Craaaawling in my skiiiiin," while you're at it. Ugh, this song is making my head spin... like Peridot stuck in a toilet.

    Fuck it all and no regrets, I hit the lights on these dark sets
    I need a voice to let myself, to let myself go free
    Fuck it all and fuckin' no regrets, I hit the lights an these dark sets
    Medallion noose, I'll hang myself, St. Anger 'round my neck...
    Believe it or not, I consider this moment to be the "highlight" of the whole song... and I use the word "highlight" very loosely. Mainly because it references the lyrics of two classic Metallica songs, "Damage Inc." from Master of Puppets and "Hit the Lights" from Kill 'em All. However, those references will not save this song.
    I feel my world shake, like an earthquake
    Hard to see clear, is it me? Is it fear?
    I'm madly in anger with you, I'm madly in anger with you
    I'm madly in anger with you, I'm madly in anger with you 
    Wow... just wow... I can't believe how much the band has fallen lyrically. This is almost "Shake it Off" level nonsensicality. And to think this song came from the same band who wrote classic songs like "Master of Puppets," "One," "Fade to Black," "Enter Sandman," etc. Maybe the next verse might be better...
    Saint Anger 'round my neck--
    Wait, didn't we already hear this verse?! You mean to tell me that you couldn't think of another verse so you decided the first verse all over again?! It just makes me wonder what was going on at Metallica HQ during that time. As it turned out, 2001-2003 was a very tumultuous time for the band, to the point where they almost broke up. Many factors, including the departure of longtime bassist Jason Newsted, James Hetfield going to rehab as well as rebuilding his relationship with his family, and their lack of any pre-written material set the stage for this monstrosity. James Hetfield later said the album's sessions were so open-minded that they became unfocused and they pretty much embraced every dumb idea so no one's feelings would get hurt. I guess that explains the ridiculous songwriting here. This whole period was documented in the 2004 documentary Some Kind of Monster.

    Now let's get back to the song. Like I said earlier, we get another repeat of the first verse and chorus... actually, no, it's just one big chorus. Usually after the second chorus of any Metallica song, there would be a guitar solo from Kirk Hammett, right? Right? Nope. Turns out, there are no guitar solos anywhere on this song or on the entire album. Not a single tap of the Wah-Wah pedal or a twitch of the Whammy bar from Kirk, none. A lot of people were upset over the lack of solos when this album came out. As for me, I'm not that upset but a solo would've been nice to break up the monotony.
    That's another thing wrong with this song, it's long. Granted, it's not as long and boring as "American Pie" but "St. Anger" is even more irritating. It's seven and a half minutes of Lars playing a pot, incessantly repetitive riffing, and cryptically ridiculous lyrics.
    And I want my anger to be healthy
    And I want my anger just for me
    And I need my anger not to control me
    And I want my anger to be me

    And I need to set my anger free
    And I need to set my anger free
    And I need to set my anger free
    And I need to set my anger free
    Set it free!
    Now I get it. This song is about setting your anger free in a healthy way. Kinda like how I'm setting my anger free through this blog. One thing, why you gotta be so repetitive? I think now's the time to wrap things up.
    That was "St. Anger" by Metallica. Do I hate this song? As James would say in the old days, Abso-fuckin-lutely! Here's why...
    The lyrics, music, structure, and production are just... *sigh* They take horrendousness up to 11, not just by Metallica standards, but music standards in general. I mean, turning off the snare? What was Lars thinking?! In terms of repetition, it's pretty high. Hearing the same long verse twice in a row is such a chore to sit through. Meanwhile, the title of the song was used 13 times while the word 'anger' by itself was used 37 times. Granted, it's merely half as repetitive as "Shake it Off" but that's quite repetitive for Metallica. While this song has had no negative effects on me (aside from the annoying pong-pong), it had some on the band. When the album came out in 2003, despite debuting at number one on the Billboard and winning a Grammy, it garnered a lot of harsh criticism from critics and fans alike, calling it one of the worst albums ever made.
    However, on a more positive note, Metallica emerged a healthier and stronger band afterwards. James Hetfield described the St. Anger album as a purge, getting all the negativity out of him and a catalyst for the next chapter of the band. Thankfully, they've made great albums again with Death Magnetic and Hardwired to Self Destruct... well at least in my opinion.  
    Now for the final score. Some categories went up to 11, they're that bad.

    And that concludes this entry of Musical Manslaughter. For my next entry... I don't know what I'm gonna do but I'll think of something... maybe...
  7. Woohoo
    Hello everyone. Woohoo here with another entry of Musical Manslaughter, because you can't spell 'slaughter' without 'laughter' and these songs are jokes.
    Now with my previous entries, I tore apart individual songs. For this entry, I'm doing something different... I mean way different.  I'm going to list the ten things in music that I hate. I may love music but there are some things in music that make my face go full on Yellow Diamond. Trying to find only ten things was a bit difficult. Also, these things I hate are in no particular order so you won't see a "ten, nine, eight," etc.
    Alright, enough of my shuckin' and jivin', here are the 10 things I hate about music...

    This one is pretty obvious as almost everyone has torn Auto-Tune a new one. What I hate the most about Auto-Tune is its use... or should I say its misuse. When Auto-Tune first came out in the late 90s, it was mainly used a special effect. Its first notable use was in Cher's 1998 #1 hit "Believe."

    Nowadays, for the most part, it's used a crutch for "singers" who can't even carry a tune. Another thing I hate is the sound. It sounds so mechanical and unnatural, almost like a robot is singing. Where's the heart? While Auto-Tune might be useful for covering up the occasional vocal mistake, sometimes it makes the mistakes even more noticeable. A big example is Emma Watson's singing in the live action Beauty and the Beast remake. Why are artists and producers so obsessed with everything being pitch-perfect? Do they think the listener would be bothered by a few flat/sharp notes?! I'm not bothered by flats and sharps, but jarring pitch shifts and stuttering do.
    I don't mind Auto-Tune as an effect, but as a crutch... STOP! Just stop! By the way, if you're looking for someone to blame for Auto-Tune, don't blame Cher. That's like blaming the Wright Brothers for 9/11. 

    This one is pretty nitpicky but fade-outs are something that's always gotten under my skin. To me, fade-outs are a cop out. They're bland, uncreative, lazy, and they make the songs sound incomplete. It just feels like artists didn't feel like writing a proper outro so they just kept playing while their producer slowly turns down the volume. Another thing I hate is that fade-outs tend to drag on for way too long, which just makes me want to hit the "next song" button on my player. The worst is when a fade-out is used over an amazing guitar solo. Why would you fade out your own work?!
    These were extremely rampant from the 50s through 2000s. Nowadays, fade-outs have largely... faded away.

    Songs That Start With The Chorus

    I couldn't really find a good picture for this one. Another nitpicky one but I hate it when songs start with the chorus. To me, they feel like a quick and sleazy way to get the listener hooked. Personally, I prefer being warmed up with an intro and verse before getting to the chorus. I view the chorus of a song as the cream filling of an Oreo or the Tootsie center of a Tootsie-Pop. Starting the song with the chorus just spoils the song for me. It also makes the chorus much more repetitive (I'll get to that later.)
    There are only a handful of songs I like that start with the chorus, such as Guns N' Roses' "Paradise City," Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time," Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls," and a few others. Meanwhile, some of my least favorite songs do this, including Charlie Puth's "Marvin Gaye," Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood," ABBA's "Dancing Queen," Starship's "We Built This City," Wham's "Last Christmas," and the list goes on. Again, this one is very nitpicky. 
    Songs That Run Too Long

    Before I tear into this one, let me say that I love long songs, but only if they're done right and most of the time, they are. However, there are some songs that are seven, eight, or well over ten minutes long when only half the time is needed. The biggest offenders in my eyes, or should I say ears, are "Hey Jude" by The Beatles, "American Pie" by Don McLean, and "St. Anger" by Metallica. "Hey Jude" starts of promising for the first three minutes, but the last four minutes of relentless "Na-na-na-nas" utterly ruin the song for me. "American Pie" is nothing but verse-chorus-verse-chorus and a slight tempo change for a whopping eight and a half minutes. Boring! With "St. Anger," who knows what Metallica were thinking, especially since they've made some amazing long songs like "And Justice for All" and "The Outlaw Torn." These songs really should be only three, four, or at most five minutes long.
    In my opinion, the best long songs are the ones they don't feel long and you hope would never end. Some great examples include Rush's "2112," Pink Floyd's "Echoes," Iron Maiden's "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" and many more. If you're going to make a long song, at least make it interesting. Don't be afraid to be creative.
    Bad Audio Mixing

    Have you ever listened to a song and it's so loud that it feels like your eardrums might explode? So you turn it down to a comfortable level only for the next song/part of the song to be so quiet you can barely hear it? How about when the music drowns out the vocals and vice-versa? That's bad mixing and I hate it, especially the ongoing "Loudness War." An infamous example of the Loudness War's effect was Metallica's 2008 album Death Magnetic. A pretty good album but the mix is so loud that it's difficult to hear at a comfortable level. I would have to change volume constantly.
    Why can't these big time artists and producers mix their goddamn audio right?! Are they that oblivious?! Why am I you asking these questions?! *sigh* Time to move on...
    Songs With "Featured" Artists

    I don't really mind having another singer or musician in your song, but lately it's getting on my nerves. Some recent examples of this include "Baby" by Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris, "Bad Blood" by Taylor Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar, "Right Round" by Flo Rida featuring Ke$ha, and "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry featuring Juicy J. What bothers me the most about this is it just feels like a commercial for the featured artist. They're usually there for less than a minute, sometimes a bit more, and they're done. It almost feels like they're featured just for a paycheck... wait. Another thing is they're not given a whole lot of time to shine. Why have them in your song if you're not going to fully utilize their talent? They really should be called "sponsored" instead of "featured."
    Once again, I don't mind this. It has been done right before, such as "Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie. At least Bowie wasn't treated like a background singer and shared roughly the same amount of lead vocals as Freddie Mercury. But these recent examples just make me shake my head... and not in a good way.
    Annoying Vocalizations

    This thing I hate is pretty layered so let me break it down for you...
    1. Non-lexical vocables: If you don't know what these are, they are nonsense syllables like "la-las," "na-nas," "doot-dos," "whoa-ohs," "hey-heys," "yeah-yeahs," etc. Except for very few instances, I've always hated these; they're so ridiculous and stupid. I always cringe if they're used as legitimate lyrics, such as "Hey Jude" and "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye." Blech! How about using some actual words!
    2. Elongating Words: This one's nitpicky but I hate when a single word is stretched out to fill a measure. One big example of this that pisses me off is... say it with me now...
    ...And I will always loathe that song because of that. There's nothing impressive about elongating the letter I. You're just destroying your vocal chords. I also hate when singers "stutter" words to fill a measure, such as Katy Perry's "E.T." and Rihanna's "This Is What You Came For." It just makes my vocal cords crawl.
    3. Poor Enunciation: This pisses me off the most. I absolutely hate not being able to understand the words of a song. I've heard enunciations so poor that they sound like a different language. Some of the worst 'enunciators' in my opinion are Arianna Grande, Sia, Vince Neil, and Kurt Cobain. Why be a singer if we can't even understand what the fuck you're singing?!
    Other vocalizations that annoy me include too much vibrato, over and under-singing, and overly nasally voices.
    Love Songs

    Aside from a very, VERY, VERY select few, I... really... hate... love songs! I can say, without a doubt, that love is the most oversung topic in the history of music. Most love songs to me are just "I love you, you love me," mixed in with some pathetically cheesy lines, overused rhymes like girl/world and fire/desire, all laid on top of some slow and sappy melody and beat. I also feel the same way with sex songs and breakup songs. Why the hell can't you sing about something else?! There's a whole lot more to life than love! 
    Then again, maybe I just hate love songs because I'm forever alone. Every time I hear a love song, I feel ridiculed for being single...

    Incessant Overplaying Of Popular Songs

    Do you ever get annoyed with hearing the same old songs everyday? I sure as hell am! In the spoiler below is a short list of what I consider to be the most overplayed songs ever...
    OK, it's not really a short list but you get the idea. I don't hate all of these songs but some I've heard so many times that hearing even the slightest note makes my face contort with annoyance.
    Why do radio stations insist on constantly playing the same old songs? Because they're popular? It's like they think they're the only songs ever made! Have they ever heard of variety?! There's a whole lot more to these artists than just their hits. It's not just on radio, but in TV shows, commercials, movies, video games, and other media. Like I said earlier, I don't hate all the songs I listed, but there is one song in particular that I absolutely loathe because of its incessant overplaying. If you haven't already guessed, it's Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off." When that song was released, I could not escape it. Everywhere I went, I heard that abomination of a song. Hell, I remember one day in November 2014 where I heard it playing on five different stations at almost the exact same time!

    For the love of all that everything in this universe, play something else! I don't care if it's #1 on the charts, PLAY... SOMETHING... ELSE!! That's... just... what's the word I'm thinking of? Oh yeah...

    Rampant Repetition

    Out of all the things I hate in music, this one angers me the most. I'm fully aware music is built on repetition, but there are some songs, especially recently, that are so goddamn repetitive! Some recent examples include Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off," Justin Bieber's "Baby," and Carly Rae Jepsen's "I Really Like You." These three songs have one thing in common, they repeat a single word in their title over 50 FUCKIN' TIMES! Many artists are guilty of this, not just today's, but music legends have done this as well. You wanna know how many "na-na-nas" are in "Hey Jude?" 162! What were they thinking?! Sometimes it's not just single words or vocables that are overly repeated, but entire verses and chorus, too. I especially hate it when the chorus is overly repeated at the end of the song. Do I really need to give an example of this? It's almost as worse as a fade-out. 
    It just makes me wonder, do they really think that the more they repeat something, the catchier it'll be? I guess we may never know. In my opinion, there is a very fine line between "catchy" and "annoying" and most songs either just cross it or obliterate it. I would rant more about repetition, but then I'd be just repeating myself.

    And those are the 10 things I hate about music. This is a blog I've wanted to make for a while but didn't have the inspiration... which I finally got when I watched TJ Kirk's "21 Things I Hate About Movies" video. What are things in music that you hate? Leave a comment down below. This is Woohoo, signing off. 
  8. Woohoo
    *blows away a gratuitous amount of dust* It's been a while since I've done of these type of blogs. With Season 8 beginning, I might as well. Anyways, hey everypony, Woohoo here with my thoughts on Season 7. Unlike Season 6, I actually watched when it came out.... mostly.
     Now for some history. For those who don't know, my interest in MLP declined significantly after Season 5. So much so that I could not bring myself to watch Season 6. When I finally did watch S6, it didn't help much either. I found that season extremely disappointing. It was nowhere near the caliber of the previous seasons. Also, the finale sucked equally as bad as S5's. With all my recent disappointments in the show, I felt the show had run its course and is going through seasonal rot. I had very, VERY low expectations for Season 7. Still, I was a little optimistic that the show could redeem itself.
    Did Season 7 make the show great again? Let's break it down. Wait, this isn't Musical Manslaughter. I meant let's jump right in...
    Episode List
    Celestial Advice: "Good" All Bottled Up: "Fabulous" A Flurry of Emotions: "Scummy Pie" Rock Solid Friendship: "Meh" Fluttershy Leans In: "Meh" Forever Filly: "Good" Parental Glideance: "Fabulous" Hard to Say Anything: "Bad" Honest Apple: "Bad" A Royal Problem: "Good" Not Asking for Trouble: "Good" Discordant Harmony: "Fabulous" The Perfect Pear: "Fabulous" Fame & Misfortune: "Scummy Pie" Triple Threat: "Good" Campfire Tales: "Fabulous" To Change a Changeling: "Good" Daring Done?: "Meh" It Isn't the Mane Thing About You: "Fabulous" A Health of Information: "Fabulous" Marks and Recreation: "Fabulous" Once Upon a Zeppelin: "Fabulous" Secrets and Pies: "Meh" Uncommon Bond: "Good" & 26. Shadow Play: "Good" Overall Thoughts

    Wow, what a huge improvement from the previous season. Look at all that purple and green!   What also improved with Season 7 is my view of Starlight Glimmer. When I did my S6 review, I hated every episode she was in and even called her the Scrappy Doo of MLP. With S7, I enjoyed most, if not all the episodes she was in. Granted, there were a couple stinkers (especially episode 14), but overall, Season 7 is a Good Season, even though it's pretty close to Fabulous. Now it's my second favorite season after S4.
    Top Five Episodes
    1. The Perfect Pear
    2. Parental Glideance
    3. It Isn't the Maine Thing About You
    4. Discordant Harmony
    5. A Health of Information
    Bottom Five Episodes
    1. Fame and Misfortune
    2. A Flurry of Emotions
    3. Hard to Say Anything 
    4. Honest Apple
    5. Daring Done?
    And those are my thoughts on Season 7. Now Season 8 has begun and I've already since the first two episodes. Woohoo out.
  9. Woohoo
    Hello there everypony, Woohoo here with my thoughts on Season 6, which I had infamously avoided for pretty much all of last year.
    Up until December of last year, I didn't watch a single episode of this season. Why you may ask? Well, after the Season 5 finale, my interest in the show declined significantly. I didn't get excited when this season was announced. Usually I do get excited when a new season approaches, but not this time. As the months went on, I still couldn't bring myself to watching this season. It felt like I stopped liking the show altogether.
    Then in October, I thought "Maybe if watched Seasons 4 and 5, maybe I'll have the interest to watch Season 6."  Sure enough, it worked. After months of avoiding it, I finally watched Season 6.
    As for my thoughts on it... well...
    Episode List
    1. & 2. The Crystalling: "Scummy Pie"
    3. The Gift of the Maud: "Meh"
    4. On Your Marks: "Fabulous"
    5. Gauntlet of Fire: "Fabulous"
    6. No Second Prances: "Scummy Pie"
    7. Newbie Dash: "Scummy Pie"
    8. Hearth's Warming Tail: "Meh" (borderlining "Bad")
    9. The Saddle Row Review: "Fabulous"
    10. Applejack's "Day" Off: "Scummy Pie"
    11. Flutter Brutter: "Bad" (borderlining "Scummy Pie")
    12. Spice Up Your Life: "Meh"
    13. Stranger than Fan Fiction: "Meh"
    14. The Cart Before the Ponies: "Scummy Pie"
    15. 28 Pranks Later: "Scummy Pie"
    16. The Times They Are a Changeling: "Meh"
    17. Dungeons and Discords: "Good"
    18. Buckball Season: "Good"
    19. The Fault in Our Cutie Marks: "Good"
    20. Viva Las Pegasus: "Good"
    21. Every Little Thing She Does: "Scummy Pie"
    22. PPOV (Pony Point of View): "Bad"  (borderlining "Scummy Pie")
    23. Where the Apple Lies: "Bad"
    24. Top Bolt: "Fabulous"
    25. & 26. To Where and Back Again: "Scummy Pie"
    Overall Thoughts

    I'm not gonna lie, I did not enjoy this season for the most part. While there were some enjoyable episodes, they were nowhere near the caliber of the previous seasons. My main issue with this season is the lackluster and on-the-nose writing, mostly from using overdone plots like "Christmas Carol" and "Gift of the Magi" and adding little to nothing new to the story. Another issue I have is Starlight Glimmer. She's become the Scrappy Doo of the show. I've hated her ever since "The Cutie Remark" so it's no surprise I did not enjoy any of the episodes that feature her. And the finale... I'll save that for my "Top Ten Worst MLP Episodes" blog.
    So, unfortunately, Season 6 gets a Bad Season rating and currently stands as the worst season of MLP:FIM in my opinion. At least until Season 7 shoves more Starlight down my throat... 

    Top Five Episodes
    1. Gauntlet of Fire
    2. Top Bolt
    3. On Your Marks
    4. Saddle Row Review
    5. Viva Las Pegasus

    Bottom Five Episodes
    1. To Where and Back Again
    2. Newbie Dash
    3. 28 Pranks Later
    4. No Second Prances 
    5. The Crystalling
    Now with Season 7 less than a week away, I'm actually going to watch it when it airs this time. Hopefully...
  10. Woohoo
    *blows away dust* Whoa, I guess it's been a while since I've done of these... Anyways, hey everypony, Woohoo here with another Musical Manslaughter, because you can't spell 'slaughter' without 'laughter' and these songs are jokes.
    Now I know it's been a long time since done one of these. It's mostly because I haven't found any songs that really make me angry. Then December arrived... and you know what means?
    Yep, it's that time of the year. For the most part, I like the holiday season... except for one thing, the music. The incessant overplaying of the same dozen-some songs and like 100 different versions of 'em in almost every public place, which drives me up a wall. While there are a few Christmas songs that I enjoy, there are some that I absolutely despise. For this entry, I'm going to tear into two of my most hated Christmas songs, one classical and one modern. Let's break it down.
    Let's start off with the classical Christmas song. This is a song that everyone and their great-great-great-great-grandmother knows... and that song is "The Twelve Days of Christmas."
    This is a random version of 12DOC I picked. Not hatin' on Bing Crosby
    All my life, I've never really understood this song and why it's so popular. I just don't know why. Alright, enough of my rambling, let's break it down. Since I don't want to waste too much of your time, I'm just gonna type the lyrics from the 12th day.
    On the twelfth day of Christmas
    My true love gave to me
    Twelve drummers drumming
    Eleven pipers piping
    Ten lords-a-leaping
    Nine ladies dancing
    Eight maids-a-milking
    Seven swans-a-swimming
    Six geese-a-laying
    Five golden rings
    Four calling birds
    Three French hens
    Two turtle doves
    And a partridge in a pear tree
    *inhales deeply* Where do I begin? Guess I'll start from day one ... and I will portray myself as a disgruntled boyfriend.
    1. A Partridge in a Pear Tree: What the hell is this? All I wanted for Christmas was an iPhone and you give me a bird and a tree that require me to take care of? What's wrong with you?! I starting to question my love for you...
    2. Two Turtle Doves: What? Now I have three birds to take of?! What's wrong with you?! You could've gotten me two turtles and I wouldn't complain, but no, you went for the birds again.
    3. Three French Hens: At least these birds are edible but now that's six birds, SIX BIRDS I never wanted! That's it, I'm breaking up with you! 
    4. Four Calling Birds: That's ten birds now!! I need to file a restraining order against you.
    5. Five Golden Rings: Wow, a gift that's not aviary related, although I'll probably just sell the rings so I can buy bird food. Maybe you're not so crazy after all...
    6. Six Geese a-Laying: AW COME ON! Back to the birds again!?!?! Now I have sixteen birds squawking and shitting all over my house! And they are fucking too? What mental asylum did you break out of?
    7. Seven Swans a-Swimming: Twenty... three... birds... and swans are assholes! Enough is ENOUGH! I have had it with these motherfucking birds in my motherfucking house! Seriously, which asylum?!
    8. Eight Maids a-Milking: You finally stopped giving me birds, but now you're giving me people?! Also, what are they milking? Did they bring their own cows, too?! So now I have 23 birds, 8 cows (possibly), and 8 people.
    9: Nine Ladies Dancing: Wait, where are you getting these people from? Unless... you're a human trafficker! I'm reporting you to the FBI!
    10. Ten Lords a-Leaping: You mean like Sith Lords on a trampoline? Have you seen those guys? They don't look like the leaping type...
    11. Eleven Pipers Piping: As if the birds squawking wasn't enough, now I have 11 more people playing the most obnoxious instrument in the universe!
    12. Twelve Drummers Drumming: STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!1!11!1!
    *inhales sharply... again* So let's go over all the gifts I've received. 
    One pear tree One trampoline Five gold rings Eight cows (maybe?) Twenty three birds Fifty people ...And most of these things don't even relate to Christmas, especially the birds. Don't they fly south for winter? All I wanted was an iPhone and you give me all this shit. If your true love gives any of these things to you for Christmas, then he/she is an animal hoarding, human trafficking, noise polluting psychopath. My advice, break up with them, report them to the FBI, an have them committed to an insane asylum.
    As for my thoughts on the song, let me show you in .gif form...

    For my whole life, I never understood this song. This is not only one of the most nonsensical Christmas songs ever, but one of the most nonsensical songs ever! I know the 12 days represent the days between the birth of Jesus and the arrival of the Three Kings, but what do all those gifts mean? It's even more cryptic than "American Pie," which I already reviewed earlier this year. Whoever wrote this song must have been wasted on a few jugs of moonshine. It's also so damn repetitive. Hearing the same lyrics over and over is so tiring that I'm already bored by day four. Now for the final score...

    But I'm done yet. I have one more Christmas song to tear into...
    The final Christmas song I'm tearing into is from the wonderfully non-dystopian year of 1984, and that song is "Last Christmas" by Wham.
    This will be a doozy for me... let's break it down.
    Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
    But the very next day, you gave it away
    This year, to save me from tears
    I'll give it to someone special

    Really? That's how you want to open your song? With that lame-ass chorus. Like I said in a previous MMS, I'm not a fan of songs that start with the chorus. *sigh* Where do I begin with this...
    You gave me your heart? That's absolutely disgusting! That's almost as bad as all the birds and humans my ex gave me. Why would you give someone a vital organ for Christmas?! Speaking of vital, how the hell are you still alive?! "Stop being so literal, Woohoo. It's a metaphor. They just gave love to their partner for Christmas and they ignored it."  Really? Love for Christmas? All I wanted was a damn iPhone! I may be forever alone single but shouldn't give your partner love like... everyday? No wonder they gave it away. That's enough on the chorus, onto the verses...
    Once bitten and twice shy
    I keep my distance but you still catch my eye
    Tell me, baby, do you recognize me?
    Well, it's been a year, it doesn't surprise me
    (Merry Christmas!) I wrapped it up and sent it
    With a note saying, "I love you, " I meant it
    Now, I know what a fool I've been
    But if you kissed me now
    I know you'd fool me again
    A crowded room, friends with tired eyes
    I'm hiding from you, and your soul of ice
    My god, I thought you were someone to rely on
    Me? I guess I was a shoulder to cry on
    A face on a lover with a fire in his heart
    A man under cover but you tore me apart
    Now, I've found a real love you'll never fool me again
    You know, a thought just occurred to me. The more I listen to this song, the more I wonder: How is this even a Christmas song? There's nothing really Christmassy about this song other than a few uses of the word "Christmas" and the use of sleigh bells in the beat. To me, this song just feels like a lame breakup pop song you'd hear on the radio pretty much any time of the year. This is my unpopular opinion but I don't really consider "Last Christmas" to be a true Christmas song. It just doesn't have the Christmassy feeling that other Christmas songs have... at least the songs I like. 
    Out of all the Christmas songs I hate, "Last Christmas" was the song I dreaded hearing the most. I can't stand hearing the original version by Wham or any damn version for this song. Even if an artist I liked covered it, I'd still hate it. In fact, there was a year in my life where I didn't want to celebrate Christmas because it would mean I would be hearing this song a bazillion times again. Yeah, those were dark times for me. So, do I still hate this song? Well, what do you think?!
    Now for the final score. Just a few points lower than "Twelve Days" but still bad.

    Lol, 69
    And that concludes this entry of Musical Manslaughter. If you like these songs, that's fine. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas. Maybe next year, I'll get that iPhone... 

  11. Woohoo
    What's up, everypony? Woohoo here and welcome back to Musical Manslaughter, because you can't spell 'slaughter' without 'laughter' and these songs are jokes.
    Hope you all enjoyed your Fourth of July, because there's no better way to celebrate our independence than gorging ourselves with hot dogs, guzzling down beer, and blowing up fireworks.  Anyway, on to the blog. So with the previous entries, I tore apart a couple of popular songs from the current decade. Now there are plenty of songs from this decade I wanna tear into, but if I continue in this direction, I'll eventually get a comment like this...
    OK, extremely over exaggerated but you get the idea. I am not one of those people on YouTube who post comments like "I was born in the wrong generation," "Music was soooo much better back then," or even "[Number of Dislikes] are Bieber Fans," etc. Despite all the crazy shit going on now, I actually prefer living in this generation.
    For this entry of MMS, we're doing something a little different. I'm going to take you back to the past... to shred a shitty song that sucks ass. A song from a magical time called the 1970s, where the only ways to access music were the radio or buying the album at a record store. Now this particular song has irritated me for a long time. A song that I have loathed for most of my life, as early as nine years old... and that song is "American Pie" by Don McLean.
    Now I bet you're wondering, "How can you hate this song?! You're a traitorous socialist fascist commie terrorist if you hate this song!" OK, how am I all of those things for hating a song?! Wait, why am I responding to my exaggerated hater comment?! Let's get back on topic... so why do I hate this iconic song? Let's break it down.
    Unlike the last two songs I reviewed, which started off with either a sickeningly obnoxious beat or the worst chorus in music history, "American Pie" actually starts of quite nicely with a soft piano melody and its first verse...
    A long, long, time ago, I can still remember how that music used to make me smile
    And I knew if I had my chance, that I could make those people dance and, maybe, they'd be happy for a while...
    Kinda like how I used to somewhat enjoy this song. However, after these couple lines, things start going downhill.
    But February made me shiver with every paper I delivered
    Bad news on the doorstep, I couldn't take one more step
    I can't remember if I cried when I read about his widowed bride
    But something touched me deep inside, the day the music died...
    Now we've reached my first major problem with this song, the line "the day the music died." Does this song even explain what it is? Nope. Alright, since Donny's not going to explain what it is, I guess I'll have to. Gather around, it's time for a little history lesson with Woohoo...

    No one sings like them anymore
    On February 3rd, 1959, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. Richardson (aka The Big Bopper) boarded a plane in Mason City, IA en-route to Fargo, ND. Tragically, not long after takeoff, the plane lost control during a winter storm and crashed into a nearby cornfield, killing all three musicians and the pilot. To many people, this was a significant loss for the music industry as all three were prominent figures in the early days of Rock n' Roll. Do you want to know where did the name "The Day the Music Died" actually came from... the song I'm ranting on now! Thanks to "American Pie," which came out over a decade after the tragedy, this event is now known as the "The Day the Music Died." Now I usually save "Unfortunate Effects" until the end, but... WHY!? That's so ridiculous! I know their loss was tragic, but with a name like "The Day the Music Died," it just implies that all music died with them. Music can never die, it may have been wounded on that day, but it will never die... only the people who create it can. And why stop at "The Day?" Let's call last year "The YEAR the Music Died" due to how many famous musicians died then!
    Great, I'm already losing my sanity and I haven't reached the chorus yet. Speaking of which, the chorus is up next...
    So bye, bye, Miss American Pie
    Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
    And them good ol' boys were drinkin' whiskey and rye
    Singin' "This'll be the day that I die"
    This'll be the day that I die

    I mean, seriously... what the hell does all that stuff have to do with this musical tragedy?! This chorus is absolutely nonsensical! I... I don't think I can comment any further... except maybe there's some deep psychological meaning hidden there, but I'm not going to waste my damn time trying to find out what it is...
    Speaking of time wasted, that goes into my next major problem, and probably the biggest problem with this song. It's... so... fucking... loooong! This song is a whopping eight minutes and thirty seven seconds long, the longest song ever to hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100, and it's nothing but verse-chorus-verse-chorus and so on. There are no bridges, no solos, no time changes, and not a single instrumental section longer than a few seconds to break up the monotony, it's just lyrics. Sure, the tempo changes slightly after the first chorus, but that doesn't change either! It's definitely one of those songs that tricks your brain to thinking it might be over, but nope, it keeps going on and on and on... There's a certain word to describe this song. Take it away, Pinkie!

    Now you're probably thinking "Oh, you just hate long songs! You must have ADD or have an attention span of a squirrel!" That's not true. I love long songs when they're done right. "American Pie" is an example of a long song done wrong. There are many long song I enjoy eons more than "American Pie," some are even longer than longer than this festering pile of boredom. Here are a few examples that I like:
    Rush - "2112" 20:32 Pink Floyd - "Echoes" 23:30 Iron Maiden -  "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" 13:34 Guns N' Roses - "Coma" 10:17 Bon Jovi - "Dry County" 9:52 Metallica - "...And Justice For All" 9:46 Led Zeppelin - "Achilles Last Stand" 10:26 ...And many more. As for the rest of the song, the lyrics just sound like rambling. While some lyrics relate to the subject, which I think is rock 'n roll, but then you get lyrics that are completely nonsensical, like this verse...
    But, that's not how it used to be
    When the jester sang for the king and queen
    In a coat he borrowed from James Dean
    And a voice that came from you and me
    Oh and while the king was looking down
    The jester stole his thorny crown
    The courtroom was adjourned
    No verdict was returned

    You know what? I'm just gonna wrap things up before I lose anymore of my surviving brain cells.
    And that was "American Pie." Do I still hate this song? Absolutely! In fact, I hate this song even more as an adult than when I was a kid. Here's why...
    The lyrics, for the most part, are confusing, nonsensical, and have as much correlation as New Kids on the Block and Chinese food. While the vocals and music of this song are way better than the last two songs, because it's dragged on for over eight minutes, it makes the song irritating to me. Why they made this song so damn long, I'll never know. As I stated early, I've hated this song since I was nine, mostly due to hearing this song on the bus home almost every week during fourth grade. It doesn't help that fourth grade wasn't a very good year for me so this song does trigger some bad memories. I found this song nonsensical as a kid and I still find it nonsensical now. Maybe I'll get it better when I'm 40. I still don't get why this song is so popular... maybe it's because 'Murica.
    Now for the final score.

    That concludes this entry of Musical Manslaughter. This one was a lot more detailed than the previous entry since I had more history with this song. If you like this song, that's fine, I won't hate you. For my next song, we're going back into the past again, but not too far, to shred a terrible song by an artist I actually like.. and going to see them live really soon.
  12. Woohoo
    What's up everypony, Woohoo here and welcome back to Musical Manslaughter, because you can't spell 'slaughter' without 'laughter' and these songs are jokes.
    Well, here I am once again, thankfully not torn into pieces. I was expected to be eviscerated by the Swifties here on the forums after I posted my entry on "Shake it Off." I guess there aren't as many Swifties here or maybe the novelty of the song has finally worn off. Anyhoo, on my last blog, I said the next song I would tear into would be a song that claims to be a tribute song to one of the greatest singers of the last century when it's really just another song about getting laid. What's the name of the song you may ask? It's in the title of the blog, "Rage Man Ivy." Well, it's an anagram of the singer's name. I'll give you a moment to figure it out. Cue the Jeopardy music!
    Times up! For those who figured it out, the answer is none other than... Marvin Gaye!

    Now before you jump to conclusions... no, I'm not tearing apart a song by Marvin Gaye. I'm way above that. I'm actually tearing apart a more recent song, which, believe it or not, is actually titled "Marvin Gaye" by Charlie Puth and featuring Meghan Trainor!
    I kid you not. This is an actual song! Even I can't believe this song exists. I didn't even know about this song until I saw ToddintheShadows' "Top Ten Worst Hit Songs of 2015" video and this song was number one... and probably for good reason. As for how much I know about these two, I don't know much about Charlie Puth, and Meghan Trainor I know about because she made the sonic shitfest that is "All About That Bass," which barely has any bass in the song. 
    Ok, I'm done rambling now. So why do I hate this song? Let's break it down...
    With most pop songs, it usually opens with a few beats, the melody comes shortly after, then the first verse, and finally the chorus, which usually hooks the listener. Not this song, oh no... this song has the nerve to start with the damn chorus. And they're not by playing a little instrumental bit beforehand, oh no-no-no, this song instantly starts with the chorus, giving the listener little to no time to mentally prepare. As for the chorus, take a listen to this...
    Let's Marvin Gaye and get it on, you are the healing that I want
    Just like they say it in the song, so until the dawn, let's Marvin Gaye and get it on
    Hold on for a moment please, I need to find the right gif that best describes how I feel... Ah, here we are.

    What... the... actual... FUCK!? I.. I cannot believe what I just heard! I don't even know what to say right now, I'm in such shock from hearing this... abomination. Alright, I need to calm myself down before I do something unforgivable...

    *inhales* Ah, much better. There is just so much wrong with this chorus but let me focus on what I think are the worst...
    How dare they... Seriously, how fucking dare they use the Prince of Soul's name as a cheap euphemism for sex! These two should be ashamed of themselves! I think I can hear Marvin rolling in his grave right now. This is just disgraceful, disgusting, despicable, disrespectful, dis-... I don't have anymore dis-words, but yeah, how insulting. I'm starting think these two have no idea who Marvin Gaye was... "Let's Marvin Gaye and get it on?" Wow, such clever, much genius, very amaze... No, just no. Using a singer's name as a verb? How childish! This just hurts my brain almost as much as Taylor Swift saying "this sick beat." Anyone can come up this shit! Hell, I'll even make some up of my own: Let's Iron Maiden and Run to the Hills, let's Rolling Stones and Paint It Black, let's Michael Jackson and Beat It. I think you get the idea now. This is me personally, but I'm not particularly fond of songs that start with the chorus. To me, it just feels like a quick and easy way to get the listener hooked to the song. As for me, most of the time, I prefer to be warmed up before I'm hooked. Another thing is it makes the chorus much more repetitive than it should and you know how much I hate that. However, I can make exceptions with some songs, such as "Paradise City" by Guns N' Roses. That song knows how to warm up the listener with Slash's dream-like guitar melody and Axl's unforgettable lyrics. Other songs I like that start with the chorus:
    "Back in the Saddle" - Aerosmith "Can't Buy Me Love" - The Beatles "You Give Love a Bad Name" - Bon Jovi "If I Could Turn Back Time" - Cher "Any Way You Want It" - Journey "Crawling" - Linkin Park "Fuel" - Metallica "Fat Bottomed Girls" - Queen I don't think I can comment any further. That chorus alone is a reason enough for me to hate this song. This is, without a doubt, one of the worst lines in the history of music, right up there with any of the lines from "Shake it Off." Also, this is one of the worst choruses I have ever heard in a song. It may not be as overly repetitive as "Shake It Off" but this chorus really takes the cake in terms of nonsensicality.
    As for the other lyrics, they're not really worth talking about. It's just another pop song about sex, as if they're aren't a million of those already. If this song wasn't titled "Marvin Gaye" and did not have that atrocious chorus, I probably would've just shrugged this song off. However, during the second chorus, this line comes in...
    You've got to give it up to me
    I'm screaming "Mercy, mercy, please!"
    Is that a reference to "Mercy, Mercy Me"? If so, are you kidding me?! "Mercy, Mercy Me" is about the environment, not sex! Are they implying that Marvin Gaye only wrote songs about sex?! Now I'm convinced that Chuck, Meg, and whoever the hell wrote this song have no idea who Marvin Gaye was. Why is this song even called "Marvin Gaye" when the lyrics aren't even about Marvin Gaye?! Wait, what if it's not the lyrics but the music that relates to Marvin Gaye? Maybe, just maybe... nope. The music sounds nothing like Marvin Gaye! He made Motown Soul while this audio atrocity of a song is just '50s do-wop mixed in with some atrocious trap drum track! Why does this song even exist?! Who allowed this to happen?! WHY AM I ASKING THESE QUESTIONS?!?!
    Alright, time to wrap this up before I reach "Shake it Off" level insanity.
    And that was "Marvin Gaye" by Charlie Puth and Mehgan Trainor... *Shudders* Just saying that burns my tongue. Do I hate this song? Abs-total-olutely! Is it one of the worst songs of 2015? Definitely! Here's why.
    The lyrics, aside from mentioning his name and a few song titles, have absolutely nothing to do with Marvin Gaye. Same with the music, nothing to do with him either. Chuck and Meg's vocals are irritating, but I think Chuck sounds the worst. He sounds like he was recently castrated. As for Meg... no comment. It's just another pop song about sex with Marvin's name slapped on it, and quite frankly, it's probably the most unsexy sex song I have ever heard. I did hear this song a lot during 2015-early 2016, but it was nowhere near the overplayed-ness of "Shake if Off," probably because it only reached 21 on the Billboard Hot 100. The nonsensicality of this song is just astronomical. I mean writing a song called "Marvin Gaye" when it's not even about Marvin Gaye? What's the point of this song's existence?! That's greater than or as equal as nonsensical as "Shake It Off," and that song has somewhat of a reason to exist. Alright, I'll stop mentioning that song. As for any unfortunate effects on me,  the only effect was getting stuck in my head, though not nearly enough as... that other song. Here's some advice: if you're going to write a song named after person, famous or not, make sure the lyrics and/or music actually relate to them.
    Now for the final score. Not as bad as the last entry but still pretty bad.

    That concludes this entry of Musical Manslaughter. This entry was a little less detailed than my last entry, probably because I had less history with this song. Just remember, if you like this song, that's fine, I won't hate you. For my next song I'm tearing into, I'm going back into the past. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to Metallica and Fade to Black...
  13. Woohoo
    For all of last week, I was on a cruise with my family to Alaska. Here are some pics from my trip.
    Enjoying the view with a cold drink

    View from the top deck looking north

    Imperial Bar in Juneau where I had some delicious fish n' chips 

    Looking over Skagway

    Downtown Skagway

    White Pass & Yukon Railway

    Selfie with the Majorie Glacier in Glacier Bay

    My sister and mom posing in Ketchikan

    My ship, the Ruby Princess

    Poutine from the Pink Bicycle in Victoria, BC 

    Victoria Parliament Building

  14. Woohoo
    Here are some of the pics I took during my trip to Disneyland. I haven't been to the resort in over 15 years so a lot has changed...
    Disneyland Hotel

    Disney California Adventure entrance

    Cars Land

    Paradise Pixar Pier under construction

    Me and my sister in front of the station

    Looking down Main Street

    Big Thunder Mountain

    Disneyland Railroad

    Sleeping Beauty Castle and Matterhorn

    Me posing by the castle

    Small World with the train passing by

    Sleeping Beauty Castle at night

  15. Woohoo
    Hello everypony. Woohoo here with another edition of Musical Manslaughter. because you can't spell 'slaughter' without 'laughter' and these songs are jokes.
    When I made the first entry of the MMS last year, I declared that "Shake it Off" by Taylor Swift was the worst song ever. Well, I take that back. Turns out, there is a song far worse than "Shake It Off" or any of the songs I ripped apart the past few months. This is a song that's even more irritating to my ears than "St. Anger," more insulting to my intelligence than "Marvin Gaye," more boring and excessively elongated than "American Pie," and even more overplayed than "Shake it Off." This is a song I've been... No, scratch that... everyone's been listening to since the day we were born. It's been around since the dawn of the time and will continue to exist long after all life and all time ceases to exist...
    Holy shit, that was longwinded! Alright, enough jucking and chiving. I'm going to reveal the name of the worst song ever... and it's name is...
    Really, what can I say about "Silence"? It's... just... nothing. The lyrics? Nothing! The music? Nothing! Artistry? Nothing! Emotion? Nothing! That's all "Silence" is, Abso-Fuckin-Lutely NOTHING! *sigh* Why people keep saying "Silence is Golden?" What's so golden about it?! It's nothing! Who came up with that phrase?! Whoever came up with that phrase, I've got a few words for ya...

    Now for the final score. For the first time, we get a perfect score!

    And that concludes this entry of Musical Manslaughter. Happy Easter Fools Day everyone!

  16. Woohoo
    Hello there everypony, Woohoo here with my thoughts on Season 5. So after I finished rewatching Season 4 last month, I immediately began rewatching Season 5. My goal is watch every season (including the recent season, which I've finally begun watching after months of ignoring it) before 2016 ends. It might not seem like much but it's a challenge for me since I rarely have free time anymore because I have a full time job now. Thank Celestia for the holidays so I can finally finish this damn thing!

    Well I think I've rambled long enough now. I really need to stop rambling so much in my intros. Ugh, I'm rambling again!

    Let's jump right in...
    Episode List
    1. & 2. The Cutie Map: "Fabulous"
    3. Castle, Sweet Castle: "Fabulous"
    4. Bloom & Gloom: "Good"
    5. Tanks For The Memories: "Scummy Pie"
    6. Appleloosa's Most Wanted: "Bad"
    7. Make New Friends, But Keep Discord: "Fabulous"
    8. The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone: "Fabulous"
    9. Slice of Life: "Scummy Pie"
    10. Princess Spike: "Scummy Pie"
    11. Party Pooped: "Meh"
    12. Amending Fences: "Fabulous"
    13. Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?: "Meh"
    14. Canterlot Boutique: "Fabulous"
    15. Rarity Investigates: "Fabulous"
    16. Made in Manehattan: "Good" (borderlining "Meh")
    17. Brotherhooves Social: "Fabulous"
    18. Crusaders of the Lost Mark: "Fabulous"
    19. The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows: "Meh"
    20. Hearthbreakers: "Fabulous"
    21. Scare Master: "Good" (borderlining "Meh")
    22. What About Discord?: "Meh"
    23. The Hoofields and McColts: "Bad"
    24. The Mane Attraction: "Fabulous"
    25. & 26. The Cutie Remark: "Scummy Pie"

    Overall Thoughts

    Overall, Season 5 retained a lot of Season 4's fabulousity with some of the best episodes in the entire series. Also like Season 4, there were even some episodes that I didn't like at first, I enjoy now. However, this season was undercut by some staggering lows. While there were no Scummy Pie episodes in the last season, they came back with a vengeance in this season. Some of these episodes are the worst ever in the show, especially the finale, which almost completely destroyed my interest in the show altogether. (I might explain my decline in interest in a separate blog, probably after my season 6 review). Anyways, Season 5 as a whole is a Good season. Though it could have been Fabulous had it not been for those Scummy Pies

    Top Five Episodes
    1. The Mane Attraction
    2. Amending Fences
    3. Brotherhooves Social
    4. Castle, Sweet Castle
    5. Hearthbreakers

    Bottom Five Episodes
    1. The Cutie Remark
    2. Slice of Life
    3. Princess Spike
    4. Tanks for the Memories
    5. The Hoofields and McColts

    Well, those are my thoughts on Season 5. Happy Holidays everyone!
  17. Woohoo
    I couldn't really think of a good title -_- *sigh* There's no easy way of saying this, but lately, I have not been feeling myself. I've been contemplating on talking about this for a while, but after being inspired by Jeric's recent blog, I feel it is time for me to really open up and tell you what is wrong with me.
    First off, and I'm going to be pretty frank here, but behind my upbeat sounding username and cheerful avatars and signatures lies a somewhat ugly truth: I am not happy. I haven't felt truly happy for a long time.  Now you're probably wondering 'Why are you unhappy?' Well, a lot of things, but I'm only going to focus on the three biggest.

    Loneliness is a bitch... and I think that's an understatement. Most of my life, I've struggled with loneliness. Even though I enjoy the occasional "alone time," it's growing less enjoyable and more unbearable. I want to have more friends and possibly even a girlfriend. One of my resolutions this year is to be more social... and I'm failing miserably at it. Every time I try to be social, loneliness keeps me chained up. Whenever I'm with friends, family, or anyone I know, I just lock up mentally with a bored expression on my face... just like Maud Pie.

    I think my inability to be social stems from the fact that I have Asperger's Syndrome (or whatever it's called now), which is a "mild" form of Autism. I also have a difficult with eye-contact and maintaining a conversation because of ASD. Most of the time, I just stay silent, fearing I might put my foot in my mouth. No matter how hard I try to be social, loneliness always has me by the throat.

    This is something I've been bottling up for a while now but I can't handle disappointment as well as I thought. Disappointment for me is like a nuke going off and everyone I'm near gets caught in the blast and fallout. There are countless times where I've been disappointed with myself and others. Usually I'm disappointed with myself. It's probably because I'm a 26 year old single adult who still lives with his mother and still works a minimum wage job. It just feels like I can't accomplish anything in my life... at least not without help. There are also times I've been disappointed with others, even when it was no big deal. For example, the Season 5 finale "The Cutie Remark" disappointed me so much that killed my interest in MLP for an entire year! Eventually I gained the interest back, but I still fear I'll get that one episode or moment that'll disappoint me beyond repair. It's no wonder I still haven't seen the movie.
    I try my best to keep expectations as low as possible, but even then, I still find a way to get disappointed. I don't know why I feel this way. It feels like I'm still a kid...

    A couple months ago, I turned 26. Then something dawned on me: my life is in a rut. In fact, 2017 was probably my most stagnant year in a while. It feels like all I do is wake up, eat, drink, shower, work, sit on the Internet, gym, and sleep every day and year. Occasionally, there's some exciting event like a vacation or a concert, but those are very few and fond. I think the reason for my life stagnating is my lack of ambition and having no goals. Thinking about the future always overwhelms me. Hell, when I was in third grade, my teacher asked me what's my goal in life and I said "my goal is to not have goals." Looks like that statement has bit me in the butt. Also, whenever I try to pursue a hobby or any interest of mine, thinking that maybe this might be my career, I always burn out on it. Looks like I'll be a busboy for the next 40 some years. However, if there's one thing I want to accomplish, it's a relationship... which, of course, I'm also failing miserably at. Maybe I should just embrace my loneliness... no, I can't give in loneliness!
    I actually did start a new hobby last year in the form of Musical Manslaughter, in which I rant on music. However, I don't think that'll last long as my other hobbies...  

    There are a lot of other things wrong with me, but I don't feel like explaining every single one. These include:
    Bad communicating Bad (or selective) memory Laziness Sensory issues (don't tickle me) Addicted to the Internet (especially here at MLPForums) Difficulty feeling empathetic/sympathetic Easily frustrated and overwhelmed Low Self-esteem So that's wrong with me. This is something I've wanted to get off my chest for a while now and I'm glad I did. I can breathe again. This is not the lowest I've been in my life, that was 2010-2014. Now before you ask, no, I don't need your help. It's not like you can come to my house and hug me (though that would be nice.) These are things I should deal with on my own. Sorry for my incessant rambling but I felt like I needed get this out of the way. Woohoo out. 
  18. Woohoo
    Wow, it's been a while since I've posted a blog. At least here I have something interesting to talk about. Anyways, onto the topic of this blog. Last weekend, I accomplished something I thought I'd never do... go to a concert. For the longest time, I've avoided going to concerts, mostly because of the loud noise and my hatred of being in crowds (mostly due to Asperger's). This year, I decided to give in and try since Rush, my favorite band of all time, announced in late January they were touring this year and were going to play in Seattle on Sunday, July 19th. What also drove to me to see Rush live is the possibility this might be their last "major" tour.

    After six agonizing months of waiting and the day finally came, me, my mom, and my friend Chad drove down to the KeyArena and took our seats. Was it worth the wait?? Short answer: yes. Long answer: keep reading.

    The Show

    The show began with a short animated video showing how the band members evolved since the 1970s, which includes a scene of them walking past a sign of the city they're currently playing (see image above). When the video ended, the screen lifted up, the band emerged, opening with “The Anarchist” from their 2012 album, Clockwork Angels. Instead of a setlist that ricochets from decade to decade like their other tours, this tour starts with the most recent album, 2012's Clockwork Angels, and travels back to the band’s beginnings with their 1974 self-titled debut.

    During the first part of their set, stagehands in red jumpsuits added and removed props, subtly transforming the stage from their time machine props from the Clockwork Angels tour to Geddy Lee's washing machines and Alex Lifeson's amplifiers of their previous tours. Also during this set, Neil uses his 360o drumkit like previous tours.

    Now let's talk about the songs. The trio opened the show with Clockwork Angels' "The Anarchist," which is pretty much my favorite song off that album and was an amazing way to start the show. Pretty much everyone in the arena stood and cheered. After that, they dove into "The Wreckers" and Headlong Flight," the latter song featured a short but dynamic drum solo by Neil Peart. Moving onto 2007's Snakes and Arrows, they played "Far Cry," an obvious choice, and the instrumental "The Main Monkey Business." Next, they played "How It Is" from 2002's Vapor Trails. I was hoping for "One Little Victory" but I applaud Rush for choosing a more deeper cut.

    Skipping back nine years (and Test for Echo, which I think isn't as bad as most fans think) to 1993's Counterparts, Rush played another obvious choice, "Animate." During that song, I noticed a lot of the people around were air-drumming (I even air-drummed too. Rush is best air-drumming band). Moving onto to 1991's "Roll the Bones," a song that's not really liked by most Rush fans, mostly because of the rapping interlude, but I dig this song. When the rap interlude came, a video of various celebrity rappers lip-syncing to it, which I thought was pretty cool. In my opinion, Rush doing rap sounds a lot better than KISS doing disco.

    More years and albums skipped, we reach the 1980s. They played another deep cut, "Between the Wheels" from Grace Under Pressure. I actually was not expecting them to play this one. It's quickly growing on me as one my favorite Rush songs. Finally, the first part of the set closes with the Signals' classic "Subdivisions," a song that is very relatable to a lot of people, including myself. When I was attending school, I've always felt like a social outcast because of having Asperger's Syndrome, mostly because I'm incredibly shy and not a very good communicator (I am a lot better now). After "Subdivisions," Geddy announces to the audience they need to take a break and will be back shortly.

    After the intermission, the second part began with another video. This time, a mishmash of videos from previous tours and outtakes, ending with the South Park boys as "Lil' Rush." Eric Cartman counted them off and the band launched into the Moving Pictures staple, "Tom Sawyer." Nothing more needs to be said about that song, other than 'it fucking rocks' so... moving on. The next song was "The Camera Eye," a not-as-famous track from the same album. You’re hardcore if you love this one, and inside the arena that night, it seemed like everyone did. During the second set, the stage props have changed. Geddy and Alex are using traditional amplifiers (with the guys in red jumpsuits slowly subtracting them as they progress back in time) and Neil using a replica of his old double-bass kit, complete with tubular bells with Starman drumheads.

    Onto 1980's Permanent Waves, "The Spirit of Radio" was yet another obvious choice. Following that song was "Jacob's Ladder," a song that hasn't seen the concert stage since 1980 (at least before the R40 tour began), which was quite a treat for the hardcore fans.

    Finally, we reach the 1970s with an epic medley of Hemispheres "Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres Part I: Prelude" and A Farewell to Kings "Cygnus X-1," the latter featured another drum solo by Neil. Next was "Closer to the Heart," which is my mother's favorite Rush song and pretty much the main reason why she came along. Immediately after that was my favorite Rush song, "Xanadu," which Geddy and Alex dusted off their double-necks for this number. The fun has been doubled!

    Now we come to the beast that is 1976's "2112," an epic song that was pretty much a giant middle finger to their record label. Like the previous tours, it's abbreviated (mostly because it's 20 minutes long and will take up song space). However on this tour, they played four chapters; I Overture, II Temples of Syrinx, IV Presentation, and VII Grand Finale. Usually they would just play Overture and Temples of Syrinx (and occasionally Grand Finale) but I guess they wanted this version to be a little more fulfilling.

    After a video of Eugene Levy rambling about the band, the encore begins with Caress of Steel's "Lakeside Park," followed by the Ayn Rand inspired "Anthem" from Fly By Night. It was nice that songs from these two relatively obscure albums saw the light of the concert stage again. The encore closes with "What You're Doing" and "Working Man," both from their 1974 debut. The show ends with a funny video of the band walking backstage towards their dressing room, however a puppet bars from entering due to "not being on the list," as a party is going on inside featuring the characters from their album covers. How dare he snub the band!

    Complete Setlist
    Set 1
    1. The Anarchist
    2. The Wreckers
    3. Headlong Flight w/ drum solo
    4. Far Cry
    5. The Main Monkey Business
    6. How It Is
    7. Animate
    8. Roll the Bones
    9. Between The Wheels
    10. Subdivisions
    Set 2
    11. Tom Sawyer
    12. The Camera Eye
    13. The Spirit of Radio
    14. Jacob's Ladder
    15. Cygnus X-1 Book II Hemispheres Part I: Prelude*
    16. Cygnus X-1 w/ drum solo*
    17. Closer to the Heart
    18. Xanadu
    19. 2112 Part I: Overture
    20. 2112 Part II: Temples of Syrinx
    21. 2112 Part IV: Presentation
    22. 2112 Part VII: Grande Finale
    23. Lakeside Park*
    24. Anthem*
    25. What You're Doing
    26. Working Man
    * indicates the song is abbreviated or part of a medley

    Closing Thoughts

    I shoulda done this like a million years ago. I can honestly say that I'm glad I made Rush my very first concert. The band was is top form despite Alex and Neil's recent health issues. The setlist had a great mix of classics, newer songs, and hidden gems. So overall, it was a great experience and I'm already excited for my next concert this year, AC/DC at the BC Place in Vancouver.

    As for my thoughts on the "last tour" rumors? All I can say is: They'll be back... I hope...

    Wow, I took a whole week to write this? I suck at writing
  19. Woohoo
    Hey everypony, Woohoo here and... it's been how long since I posted one of these? Two years, Sheesh! Yeah... I can explain. I was planning on watching S1-4 before S5 premiered, but then S5 premiered and distracted me from rewatching S4. Then, however, my interest in the show tanked after Season 5 (I'll talk about that in my S5 blog) but my interest surprisingly came back this month. Not to mention, I have a life outside of watching MLP:FIM.
    I think I've rambled enough now. Does Season 4 still hold up? Let's dive in...
    Episode List
    1. & 2. Princess Twilight Sparkle: "Good" (borderlining "Meh")
    3. Castle Mane-ia: "Fabulous"
    4. Daring Don't: "Good"
    5. Flight to the Finish: "Fabulous"
    6. Power Ponies: "Good" (borderlining "Meh")
    7. Bats: "Meh"
    8. Rarity Takes Manehattan: "Fabulous"
    9. Pinkie Apple Pie: "Fabulous"
    10. Rainbow Falls: "Bad"
    11. Three's a Crowd: "Fabulous"
    12. Pinkie Pride: "Fabulous"
    13. Simple Ways: "Fabulous"
    14. Filli Vanilli: "Good"
    15. Twilight Time: "Good"
    16. It Ain't Easy Being Breezies: "Good" (borderlining "Meh")
    17. Somepony to Watch Over Me: "Meh"
    18. Maud Pie: "Fabulous"
    19. For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils: "Fabulous"
    20. Leap of Faith: "Good" (borderlining "Meh")
    21. Testing, Testing, 123: "Fabulous"
    22. Trade Ya: "Meh"
    23. Inspiration Manifestation: "Fabulous"
    24. Equestria Games: "Meh"
    25. & 26. Twilight's Kingdom: "Fabulous"

    Overall Thoughts

    Sweet baby Celestia on a cupcake... to say Season 4 held up is an understatement. It's even more captivating than I remember. Hell there were even some episodes that I didn't like at first, I now enjoy, like Maud Pie and Flight to the Finish. Not to mention there are no Scummy Pie episodes, though "Rainbow Falls" is probably the closest to one. Granted, there were a few underwhelming "meh" episodes and the premiere was a bit rocky, but despite that, Season 4 is most definitely a Fabulous season, though frankly, I wish it could be more fabulous.
    Top Five Episodes
    1. Rarity Takes Manehattan
    2. Twilight's Kingdom
    3. Pinkie Pride
    4. Testing, Testing, 123
    5. For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils
    Bottom Five Episodes
    1. Rainbow Falls
    2. Bats!
    3. Somepony to Watch Over Me
    4. Equestria Games
    5. Trade Ya
    Those are my thoughts on Season 4 of MLP:FIM, which many consider to be the best season of the show. I'm already halfway through rewatching Season 5 so expect my thoughts on that season in a week or two. All I can say is... it's all downhill from here...
  20. Woohoo
    The night I've been waiting for all year. The night I finally see Metallica live! 

    This is me. My hair's already messy from Avenged Sevenfold

    The band performing the song "Atlas Rise!" from their latest album, Hardwired to Self Destruct. The stage is massive with a giant stylized M and A at each end.

    "The Memory Remains", this concert will be a great memory.

    Before performing "Moth into Flame," James Hetfield has to make sure his microphone is working, referring to what happened with Lady Gaga at the Grammys. 

    Light show during "Wherever I May Roam"

    Rob Trujillo performing "Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)" while footage of the late Cliff Burton play in the background.

    Spectacular laser lights during "One."

    Pyro during "Battery" illuminating the stadium.

    James showing his #MetinSeattle guitar pick just before the last song.

    Fireworks going off during "Enter Sandman."
    Thank you, Metallica! 
  21. Woohoo
    Hey, everypony. Woohoo here with my thoughts of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 2... yay...
    Before I start rating the episodes, I just want to point at that I first joined the Brony fandom when this season was airing, sometime around late October-early November 2011, and for a while my favorite season of MLP:FIM for a long time. Anyways, this will be the same as my previous blog on Season 1. The episodes will be rated either Fabulous, Good, Meh, Bad, and Scummy Pie, post a pie chart, some closing thoughts on the season and my top and bottom five episodes.
    I know the crew worked hard on this season, but is it worth a deuce? Hold onto your hooves, we're going in!
    Episode List
    1. & 2. Return to Harmony: "Fabulous"
    3. Lesson Zero: "Fabulous"
    4. Luna Eclipsed: "Good"
    5. Sisterhooves Social: "Fabulous"
    6. The Cutie Pox: "Good" (borderlining "Meh")
    7. May The Best Pet Win: "Bad"
    8. The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well: "Bad"
    9. Sweet and Elite: "Fabulous"
    10. Secret of my Excess: "Good"
    11. Hearth's Warming Eve: "Good"
    12. Family Appreciation Day: "Fabulous"
    13. Baby Cakes: "Scummy Pie"
    14. The Last Roundup: "Meh"
    15. The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000: "Meh"
    16. Read It and Weep: "Fabulous"
    17. Hearts and Hooves Day: "Bad"
    18. A Friend in Deed: "Fabulous"
    19. Putting Your Hoof Down: "Scummy Pie"
    20. It's About Time: "Meh"
    21. Dragon Quest: "Scummy Pie"
    22. Hurricane Fluttershy: "Fabulous"
    23. Ponyville Confidential: "Good" (borderlining "Meh")
    24. MMMystery on the Friendship Express: "Scummy Pie"
    25. & 26 A Canterlot Wedding: "Meh" (borderlining "Bad")
    Overall Thoughts

    Season 2... I'm a little disappointed it didn't hold up as well as Season 1. On one hand, there were a lot more fabulous episodes than in S1, probably some of the best in the series. On the other hand, the Meh, Bad and Scummy Pie really racked up in the second half of the season and there were more SP episodes than in previous season. Also, the finale "A Canterlot Wedding" has not aged well with me at all, to the point I never ever want to watch it again. I guess I could say Season 2 is a bit... overrated. On the bright side, the Fabulous and Good episodes still outnumber the Meh, Bad, and Scummy Pie. So even though it wasn't as good as I remembered, Season 2 is still a Good Season... just barely.
    Top Five Episodes
    1. Lesson Zero
    2. Return to Harmony
    3. Sisterhooves Social
    4. Hurricane Fluttershy
    5. A Friend in Deed
    Bottom Five Episodes
    1. Putting Your Hoof Down
    2. Baby Cakes
    3. Dragon Quest
    4. MMMMystery on the Friendship Express
    5. Mysterious Mare-Do-Well
    And those are my thoughts on MLP:FIM Season 2. Tune in next week when I post my thoughts MLP:FIM Season 3.
  22. Woohoo
    It's been how long? Over a month? Wow, I really have been lazy. Anyways, this is your friendly forumhood Woohoo here with my thoughts MLP:FIM Season 3. Since this season is often disliked by most fans, my expectations are pretty low.
    As with the previous blogs, the episodes will be rated either Fabulous, Good, Meh, Bad, and Scummy Pie, post a pie chart, some closing thoughts on the season and my top and bottom five episodes.
    So, here we go....

    Episode List 1. & 2. Crystal Empire: "Good"
    3. Too Many Pinkie Pies: "Good"
    4. One Bad Apple: "Scummy Pie"
    5. Magic Duel: "Good"
    6. Sleepless in Ponyville: "Meh"
    7. Wonderbolts Academy: "Fabulous"
    8. Apple Family Reunion: "Good"
    9. Spike At Your Service: "Scummy Pie"
    10. Keep Calm and Flutter On: "Meh"
    11. Just For Sidekicks: "Bad"
    12. Games Ponies Play: "Meh"
    13. Magical Mystery Cure: "Bad"

    Overall Thoughts
    Well, it's no surprise Season 3 a pretty mixed season. However, I gained new appreciation for the episodes Apple Family Reunion and Magic Duel, both of which were meh when I first watched them years ago. Despite this, Season 3 is just a Meh season, ​not really bad but not really good either. Maybe S3 was sort of a breather before Season 4, which we'll get to soon...
    Top Five Episodes
    1. Wonderbolts Academy
    2. Apple Family Reunion
    3. Magic Duel
    4. Too Many Pinkie Pies
    5. The Crystal Empire
    Bottom Five Episodes
    1. Spike At Your Service
    2. One Bad Apple
    3. Magical Mystery Cure
    4. Just For Sidekicks
    5. Games Ponies Play
    And those are my thoughts on MLP:FIM Season 3. Tune in... whenever when I post my thoughts MLP:FIM Season 4.