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  1. Might as well post mine. Some of my entries might turn some heads. :confused:

    Season 1: 
    Suited for Success (Honorable mentions: Party of One, Best Night Ever, Applebuck Season)
    Worst: Boast Busters (Dishonorable mentions: Owl's Well that Ends Well, Sonic Rainboom, The Show Stoppers) 

    Season 2:
    Best: Lesson Zero (Honorable mentions: Return to Harmony, Sisterhooves Social, Hurricane Fluttershy)
    Worst: Putting Your Hoof Down (Dishonorable mentions: Baby Cakes, Dragon Quest, MMMystery on the Friendship Express) 

    Season 3:
    Wonderbolts Academy (Honorable mentions: Apple Family Reunion, Magic Duel, Too Many Pinkie Pies) 
    Worst: Spike at your Service (Dishonorable mentions: One Bad Apple, Magical Mystery Cure, Just For Sidekicks)

    Season 4:
    Best: Rarity Takes Manehatten (Honorable mentions: Twilight's Kingdom, Pinkie Pride, Testing Testing 123) 
    Worst: Rainbow Falls (Dishonorable mentions: Bats, Somepony to Watch Over Me, Equestria Games)

    Season 5:
    Best: The Mane Attraction (Honorable mentions: Amending Fences, Brotherhooves Social, Castle Sweet Castle)
    Worst: The Cutie Remark (Dishonorable mentions: Slice of Life, Princess Spike, Tanks for the Memories)

    Season 6: 
    Best: Gauntlet of Fire (Honorable mentions: Top Bolt, On Your Marks, Saddle Row Review)
    Worst: To Where and Back Again (Dishonorable mentions: Newbie Dash, 28 Pranks Later, No Second Prances)

    Season 7:
    The Perfect Pear (Honorable mentions: Parental Glidence, It Isn't the Mane Thing About You, Discordant Harmony)
    Worst: Fame and Misfortune (Dishonorable mentions: A Flurry of Emotions, Hard to Say Anything, Honest Apple)

    Season 8: 
    Best: Sounds of Silence (Honorable mentions: What Lies Beneath, A Rockhoof and a Hard Place, Molt Down)
    Worst: Fake It Till You Make It (Dishonorable mentions: The Mean Six, A Matter of Principals, Yakity Sax)

    I still have no interest in watching the rest of Season 9. I tuned out after only the first three episodes. :yeahno:

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