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  1. *groans* I'm soooo bored! Tell me about it. It's raining outside and none of our friends are here. I really wish we stayed an extra day in Las Pegasus. Me too, but it would've been too expensive. Oh look, a question for you, Gallus. Woohoo! Yeah, woohoo... About a month ago, Headmare Twilight and I browsed through several books on griffons trying to figure out why I'm blue. I remember reading that griffons typically live up to be 100 years old, sometimes over 150. However, pretty much all those books are outdated as they only go up to the coronation of King Guto. What happened after that? The Idol of Boreas was lost and Griffonstone fell into ruin. That's the short answer. As for the long answer... I'll save for it for another time as it's another heart wrencher. Darn, I had my tissue box ready to go. While we're still on the subject of griffon ages, how old is Grandpa Gruff? Last time I checked, he's 118 years old and the only griffon old enough to have seen Griffonstone's downfall. *sighs* You know, Silver, I really could use some snuggling. *squeals with joy* Don't have to ask me twice! *sighs* I love you, Silver. I love you too, Gallus.
  2. Woohoo

    Celestia Fan Club

    If Celestia had a pizza chain...
  3. The next episode is a sibling rivalry episode...




  4. Leni Loud's fashion vlog.
  5. Come to Little Celestias for a 5 Bit Hot 'n Ready Pizza!


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    2. Sparklefan1234


      Pinkie must've helped with the design because, pizza is on the sign twice. :P

    3. Midnight Scribbler

      Midnight Scribbler

      5 bit hot 'n ready pizzas? Hell yeah.

    4. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      I remember when I worked at a pizza place. My boss had many words of wisdom for me. He was a kind hearted gentle soul. I will never forget his telling me to sweep the kitchen. He would say “Sweep me this.”

      When it was time to wash dishes: “Wash me this.”

      And who could forget this gem:

      ”Spinach is a piece of shit, man.”

  6. *sighs* It feels good to be back. We sure did have fun in Las Pegasus. No question about it. Speaking of questions, I bet we got a whole bunch while we were gone. Nope, just one. Just ONE?! *sighs* It's better than nothing. *takes a deep breath* You have no idea. Las Pegasus was absolutely... I can't even think of a word to describe our trip. Me neither. The fun that you, me, and my family had, it's indescribable. Also, we finally showed Gallus his surprise. I think you should tell it. OK. Silver's family took me to see Coloratura live in concert. You wouldn't believe how loud I screeched with you when I found out. My ears are still ringing from it. Long story short, Rara, as Professor AJ calls her, put on a phenomenal show. By the way Gallus, should we talk about gambling thing? Probably. So even though Silver and I are under 21, we were allowed into the casino. Why? Because the signs say "No Pony Under 21 Allowed." Seriously? Do these casino owners even know other creatures exist? Then again, I don't think any 'griff has ever ventured that far west before. Anyways, Silver and I tried a slot machine, but kept losing. Then, with our last bit, we won the 10,000 bit jackpot! We couldn't believe it! I know! If you're wondering what we did with all that money... should I tell the rest, Gallus? Go ahead, Silver. After we won the jackpot, by chance, we ran into Rara in the lobby. We talked quite a bit about her concert, what's been going on in Friendship School, and so on and so forth. Then Rara told us about the charity she started for cancer research. That's when we got the idea: we should donate the jackpot money to her charity. You should've seen Rara's face when we told her that. She lit up like a Hearth's Warming tree and hugged us both pretty tight. Needless to say, I think Professor Rarity taught us well on generosity. Any creature with that much money would've just kept it all for themselves or blown it on something stupid. Not us. Well said, Gallus. Wow, I haven't felt this articulate in a while. I know. What was your favorite moment from the trip? Either donating the jackpot money or sharing a bed with you again. Same here. Oh wow, what a pretty sunset. Let's go watch it. Right behind ya! *flies off with Gallus*
  7. *insert long awkward exchange of Silverstream trying to convince Gallus to do an AMA... and him finally relenting* *sigh* Hello... I'm Gallus. Hi, I'm Silverstream and I'm the niece of Queen Novo. And I'm just a lowly orphan from Griffonstone. Anyway, we're both students attending Twilight's School of Friendship. We also did save Equestria from Crazy Glue... uh, I mean Cozy Glow. *giggles* That should've been her real name. Also, aren't you forgetting something Gallus? Huh? Oh right. Silver and I are boyfriend and girlfriend. *hugs Gallus extremely tight* And I love you soooooo much! *releases Gallus* Whoops, sorry. Anyways, I think we introduced ourselves enough. Feel free to ask us anything. Well, almost anything... Please read before posting