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  1. Easter? I thought you said Weaster?

    1. Kyoshi


      You're fired again!

  2. Get in loser, we're going to break the law!


  3. Autumn booping Cinder Glow. (at least that's her name according to Derpibooru)
  4. Cartoon voices singing... something.
  5. You know, maybe I should skip this episode. :dry:

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    2. TheTaZe


      Oh, but it's much more than that. Please give it a chance! :please:

    3. Stormfurry


      nuuuuuuuuuuu :derp:

    4. Woohoo


      Still not so sure. Season 9 has been pretty disappointing to me. If it keeps going like this, I'll probably stop watching the season altogether. :okiedokieloki:

  6. *groans* I'm soooo bored! Tell me about it. It's raining outside and none of our friends are here. I really wish we stayed an extra day in Las Pegasus. Me too, but it would've been too expensive. Oh look, a question for you, Gallus. Woohoo! Yeah, woohoo... About a month ago, Headmare Twilight and I browsed through several books on griffons trying to figure out why I'm blue. I remember reading that griffons typically live up to be 100 years old, sometimes over 150. However, pretty much all those books are outdated as they only go up to the coronation of King Guto. What happened after that? The Idol of Boreas was lost and Griffonstone fell into ruin. That's the short answer. As for the long answer... I'll save for it for another time as it's another heart wrencher. Darn, I had my tissue box ready to go. While we're still on the subject of griffon ages, how old is Grandpa Gruff? Last time I checked, he's 118 years old and the only griffon old enough to have seen Griffonstone's downfall. *sighs* You know, Silver, I really could use some snuggling. *squeals with joy* Don't have to ask me twice! *sighs* I love you, Silver. I love you too, Gallus.
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    Celestia Fan Club

    If Celestia had a pizza chain...
  8. *insert long awkward exchange of Silverstream trying to convince Gallus to do an AMA... and him finally relenting* *sigh* Hello... I'm Gallus. Hi, I'm Silverstream and I'm the niece of Queen Novo. And I'm just a lowly orphan from Griffonstone. Anyway, we're both students attending Twilight's School of Friendship. We also did save Equestria from Crazy Glue... uh, I mean Cozy Glow. *giggles* That should've been her real name. Also, aren't you forgetting something Gallus? Huh? Oh right. Silver and I are boyfriend and girlfriend. *hugs Gallus extremely tight* And I love you soooooo much! *releases Gallus* Whoops, sorry. Anyways, I think we introduced ourselves enough. Feel free to ask us anything. Well, almost anything... Please read before posting