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  1. How am I? Well, over a year ago, I was just a lowly and starving orphan trying to survive in some alleyway in Griffonstone that no griffon wanted anything to do with. Now, I'm a student at Twilight's Friendship School, I have wonderful friends whom I care about and we saved Equestria from Crazy Glue together, and best of all, I have an amazing girlfriend who truly loves me for me. So how am I? I feel pretty good. How are you, Silver? I feel the same... Well, minus the whole starving orphan thing. I'm amazed how much we've changed since last year. I know. *yawns* I'm tired. Night, Silver. *kisses her* Night, Gallus.
  2. Is this Spike's shipping chart? 




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      Vinyl needs to get new glasses. ^_^

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      No, Equestria needs a new naming policy. :sunbutt:

  3. Let the bodies hit the YMCA.
  4. Gallus is the most basic of questions.

    Only @Sparklefan1234 will get my reference.

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      My day's only started. :lostit:

  5. Whew, what a day. I know. At least we're halfway through the week. *gasps* Another question! Two in one day? That hasn't happened in a while. Are... are you implying that we're not real? Silver, are we real? Only way to find out. *pinches Gallus* Ouch! Ok, that proves I'm real. Now it's your turn. *pinches Silver* Ow! I think this answers the question. Sheesh, your claws are sharp. So are yours. Maybe we should have a spa day this weekend. Good idea. *yawns* I'm tired. Night, Gallus. Night, Silver. Oh by the way, and this is for every creature, you don't have to come up with overly creative questions. Sometimes, we like the most basic of questions. You're the most basic of questions. BWAH! Maud! Where did you come from?! *sigh* I'm not even gonna bother asking.
  6. *insert long awkward exchange of Silverstream trying to convince Gallus to do an AMA... and him finally relenting* *sigh* Hello... I'm Gallus. Hi, I'm Silverstream and I'm the niece of Queen Novo. And I'm just a lowly orphan from Griffonstone. Anyway, we're both students attending Twilight's School of Friendship. We also did save Equestria from Crazy Glue... uh, I mean Cozy Glow. *giggles* That should've been her real name. Also, aren't you forgetting something Gallus? Huh? Oh right. Silver and I are boyfriend and girlfriend. *hugs Gallus extremely tight* And I love you soooooo much! *releases Gallus* Whoops, sorry. Anyways, I think we introduced ourselves enough. Feel free to ask us anything. Well, almost anything... Please read before posting