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  1. Good morning, Silver. Morning, Gallus. Wow... it's been five days since we last got a question. Are we not popular anymore? *frowns* *sighs* I know. Oh look, Silver, we finally got a question. *instantly smiles* Yaaaaay! What does it say?! If there's one thing that makes us feel better after a bad day, it's snuggling. *tackles Gallus and snuggles him tightly* *choking* Ack... Silver... too tight... *releases Gallus* Sorry. I guess I never learn. *sighs* There's a lot of other things that make us feel good, but snuggling is definitely number one. Now we have to get to class right away. See you all later. *flies off with Silver*
  2. Somepony get this freakin' birb away from me!


  3. Tempest being annoying by Gabby. Somepony get this freakin' birb away from me!
  4. *insert long awkward exchange of Silverstream trying to convince Gallus to do an AMA... and him finally relenting* *sigh* Hello... I'm Gallus. Hi, I'm Silverstream and I'm the niece of Queen Novo. And I'm just a lowly orphan from Griffonstone. Anyway, we're both students attending Twilight's School of Friendship. We also did save Equestria from Crazy Glue... uh, I mean Cozy Glow. *giggles* That should've been her real name. Also, aren't you forgetting something Gallus? Huh? Oh right. Silver and I are boyfriend and girlfriend. *hugs Gallus extremely tight* And I love you soooooo much! *releases Gallus* Whoops, sorry. Anyways, I think we introduced ourselves enough. Feel free to ask us anything. Well, almost anything... Please read before posting