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  1. Light rain? Game cancelled!

    7.1 earthquake? Let's keep playing.


  2. Still not convinced on going to Motley Crue. Why would I pay $200+ to see THIS!?


  3. My reaction to something.
    Image result for smash mouth guy

    1. Sparklefan1234


      You're an all-star! :squee:

  4. What if on April Fools Day, this forum became a Loud House forum. I can imagine what the reacts would look like... :adorkable:

    1. Sparklefan1234


      Every reaction is Lucy. :nom:

    2. Woohoo


      Lucy and Fangs approve.
      Image result for lucy loud smile

  5. Seriously, who is Billie Eilish? :yeahno:

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    2. Woohoo


      Also, she apparently doesn't know who Van Halen is... :glimmer:

    3. Tacodidra


      Yeah... And some people used her age as an excuse (since Van Halen hasn't released new music in a while). Obviously old music just completely disappears, and no one under 50 has ever heard of the Beatles, for example. :please:

    4. Sparklefan1234


      I think she has green hair. :ooh:

  6. Cry Brady cry, make your team sigh. He's old enough to know better, so cry Brady cry.

  7. The greatest cartoon character ever.
    Image result for i'll do this with my hands nigel thornberry

    1. Sparklefan1234


      My favorite Tim Curry character is Taurus Bulba from "Darkwing Duck". 


      I also like "Ben Ravencroft" from "Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost". 

  8. Happy Surrogate Scootalove Gallus Day.

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    2. Woohoo


      It's never been explained if "Griffs" either lay eggs or give birth... :worry:

    3. Tacodidra


      I'd assume they give birth (their body is mostly lion/horse-like). :dash: I think griffons or hippogriffs laying eggs would be pretty weird. :love:

      I never thought I'd end up discussing griffon reproduction. :mlp_blink:

    4. Woohoo


      I hate when shows don't explain interesting things. :glimmer:

  9. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Who is this?