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  1. Woohoo

    Guess That Reference!

    Mary Poppins. "One o'clock and all's well!" 🕒 "Nutsy, you better set your brains ahead a couple of hours." "Yes sir. Um, does that... err.. mean adding or subtracting?"
  2. Hope you like your jambalaya extra spicy...

    LMRTH •Commissions Open• on Twitter: "Time to get cooking that famous  jambalaya! #HazbinHotel #HazbinHotelFanart #HazbinHotelNiffty  #HazbinHotelAlastor… "

    Art by LMRTH

  3. Woohoo

    Guess That Reference!

    Family Guy. "One troublemaking teenager has made me tear every hair from my beautiful head!"
  4. Woohoo

    Guess That Reference!

    Willy Wonka. "Dad!" "That's what they call me... or else! Come on in... or else! Who are you, son?" "I'm your son!" "All people are my children, I rule the Earth! That's me graduating dictator college, and this is me taking over the world with smiles, and this is where I'd put a trophy... IF I HAD ONE!"
  5. Apple Daddy and Birb Daddy.
    Stolas Lucifer Helluva boss Hazbin hotel | Hotel art, Monster hotel, Hazbin  hotel charlie

    Art by Creature-Candies 🍬

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    2. Splashee


      Looks that way. It threw me off trying to figure out who it was, until I realized it was father's day in the US. We have father's day at a different date over here.

    3. Woohoo


      When is Father's Day in your country?

      Also, is there some tension between Charlie and Octavia? Sure looks like it. :confused:

    4. Splashee


      I made a search


      Fars dag

      söndag 14 november 2021


      I am not close to my dad, so I don't have to remember.


      Octavia seems embarrassed about her father's current actions.

      It is a very nice picture!

  6. Train horns explained.

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    2. Woohoo


      Have you ever eaten at Jack in the Box?

    3. Sparklefan1234


      Do their tacos count? :twi:

    4. Woohoo
  8. "When there's no future, how can there be sin? We're the flowers in the dustbin. We're the poison in your human machine. We're the future, your future!"
  9. Name a show that would've turned out better had it ended earlier. :confused:

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    2. Sparklefan1234


      @Woohoo It won't. Disney has a three season rule. 

    3. Kujamih


      Kim possible:........ Hello.

    4. Sparklefan1234


      @Kujamih That was a rare case. :P 


  10. Woohoo

    Guess That Reference!

    My last one was a Jack in the Box commercial, yours is Blade Runner. "Why are you police officers?" "I blew up Malaysia!"
  11. Woohoo

    Guess That Reference!

    GTA: San Andreas, more specifically Big Smoke because he didn't shoot his damn gun. "Don't do it. Don't eat my face! DO NOT EAY MY--" 🚏 "You ate his face?!"
  12. I don't think Charlie is happy with Vaggie wasting that milkshake.

    11 best u/sofiaandrei08 images on Pholder | Hazbin Hotel, Female Dating  Strategy and Parents Are Fucking Dumb

    Art by Miss-Panica

  13. Woohoo

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    God save the queen, we mean it man!
  14. Woohoo

    Guess That Reference!

    The Owl House, more specifically Amity being carried by Luz. "Let's hear one!" "Yay." "Ugh, you're gonna cheer for me like that? Louder." "Yay." "Louder!" "Yay!" "LOUDERRRRRR!" "*inhales* Yaaaay."
  15. This made me smile... spoiler alert?




  16. The Woohoo and Will Guide show. Who is this?
  17. Legend has it he's still waiting...


    1. Sparklefan1234


      Jack in the Box commercials are my favorites. :laugh:

  18. Jack and Rose from Titanic. Who are these?
  19. I don't even know what's going on here...


    Art by kazoodlekaz (I think)

    1. Woohoo


      Seriously, what's going on here? Husk is drinking... tea I guess while Niffty is... singing behind him?

    2. Sparklefan1234


      The Easter Bunny is annoying Frosty The Snowman? That's what I'm seeing. :ooh:

    3. Woohoo


      I'm pretty sure Husk spiked his tea... :arethosehands:

  20. Oh Baxter...

    r/HazbinHotel - Size differences (By Lhana666)

    Art by Lhana666

  21. Cassie from Dragon Tales. Who is this?
  22. I have no sense of productivity so... here's a cute Niffty.

    r/HazbinHotel - Cute Niffty

    Art by Marbola.

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