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Status Updates posted by Woohoo

  1. There will never ever be another band like Queen.

    NEVER! :glimmer:

  2. My New Years eve has been crappy. My dad fell and broke six ribs! :(

  3. How was everyone's 2018?

    1. Woohoo
    2. TwilySparky


      @Woohoo Year could of just been better for me. I found it to be mediocre.

    3. Woohoo


      My 2018 was pretty good. :mlp_please:

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  4. Remember when lip syncing was frowned upon? :yeahno:

  5. I never understood pet names. Why would anyone want to be called "Baby"? :lostit:

  6. Straight outta Ponyville, crazy motherbucker named Twilight...

  7. Wheres my iphone?! I hate my parents! :glimmer:


    I'm just kidding. Merry Christmas :oneheckofahat:


    1. Sparklefan1234


      Merry Christmas, My Friend! :rarityhat:

  8. Currently eating some tendies. :mlp_yeehaa:

  9. I may be a cat person but I prefer to have a dog over kids. Dogs don't beg for money. :unamused:

  10. Why is Pathfinder still banned? :bea:

    1. Randimaxis


      One week - that's how long it'll take to get the spoor out of the carpet.  :crackle:

  11. Why can't I stop watching this?


  12. You're innocent! It was the one-hoofed mare! :(

  13. From Atlantic to Pacific, gee the traffic is terrific. :bea:

  14. Somewhere, it's some crusty old guy's birthday...


    On a roll: Keith Richards is still hungry to make music


  15. Feliz Adidas :dashcutehat:
    christmas adidas shoes, father christmas adidas, and adidas js christmas shoes image

  16. Have you ever wondered what song was #1 the day you were born?

    1. Amarisbourne


      Happy birthday to Woohoo!!


    2. Woohoo


      Thanks, guys! :-D:mlp_yeehaa::ticking::yay:B):pinkie:

      File:Mane Six group hug in Twilight's mind S7E2.png

    3. Clod


      Turns out it was "It's Gonna Be Me" by NSYNC for me. Great.

      Anyway, happy birthday dude!

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  17. If they ever make a Metallica biopic, they should cast Chris Hemsworth as James Hetfield.

  18. I wonder who will be the next AMA guest... :mlp_confused:

  19. Guess what I had for breakfast?


    1. Kevin Tang

      Kevin Tang

      Guess what I had for breakfast


      Nothing, because I woke up at noon. :-P


  20. @PathfinderCS is innocent! It was the one-hoofed mare! :(

  21. I can't believe I joined Tinder. :lostit:

    1. Amarisbourne
    2. Woohoo
    3. Amarisbourne



      *Keep your head up brother you *won’t be a lone wolf forever. Even as you are right now you are never truly alone even when you feel like you are. Even if you have to go it alone focus on bettering yourself and let go of all anxieties and worries they do nothing but harm you. You will find great satisfaction in focusing on yourself and the present time. 

      Stay golden 

  22. Finally finished! :crackle:


  23. Why am I so obsessed with farewell tours?! :crackle:

    1. Sparklefan1234


      That's true & not just in music either. :sunny:

    2. Woohoo


      Also, you gave me my 14,000th brohoof. :love:

    3. Sparklefan1234


      Congratulations, My Friend! :-D

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  24. Alexa, give me tendies! :glimmer:

    1. Sparklefan1234


      Shouting at her won't make them appear. ^_^