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Status Updates posted by Woohoo

  1. It's December.


  2. No matter what you say or do, Freddie Mercury still loves you...


  3. Guess who's going to see the Rolling Stones next year? :-P

  4. I probably said this a bunch already, but Season 8 was really inconsistent. Felt like a step down from Season 7. It's currently my third least favorite season. :unamused:

    1. ~Dusky~


      However, to be fair to the season, "Rockhoof and a Hard Place" is among the best episodes of the entire series.

    2. CypherHoof





      glowing magical cave......

    3. Woohoo


      If you wanna know my seasons ranking...

      1. Season 4
      2. Season 7 
      3. Season 5
      4. Season 1
      5. Season 2
      6. Season 8
      7. Season 3
      8. Season 6
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  5. Biopic ≠ Documentary :bea:

  6. Swim on, Ocean Man, swim on...


  7. Slayer on Jimmy Fallon was a thing...

    I'm surprised Gary's head is still on his body with all that excessive headbanging. :wacko:

  8. Here I come, Mr. Fairy Universe! 

  9. What should my next avatar be?

  10. The bald eagle's voice actor.


    1. Snow le Canard

      Snow le Canard

      Wow! I'm impressed! 

  11. Almost drank out of a Sriracha bottle. :yuck:

  12. You can't turn back the clock, you can't turn back the tide. Ain't that a shame?

  13. Wow, MCM already raised over $800. At this rate, we'll hit the goal in no time. :-D

  14. The beautiful people, the beautiful people... :okiedokieloki:

    1. Clod
    2. Woohoo


      I'm ugly and I'm proud! :crackle:

  15. Hey! Normie! Leave our memes alone! :glimmer:

  16. Some people compare Black Friday crowds to mosh pits. I disagree, there's a huge fundamental difference between the two.

    Learn the difference! :glimmer:

    1. TwilySparky


      People who shoot vertical footage are the real villains

    2. Woohoo


      Moshers are having fun. Black Friday shoppers are killing each other to save a few bucks. :bea:

  17. Black Friday in a nutshell...


  18. Why did the Goku balloon have blue hair? :yeahno:

    1. ggg-2


      Representing Dragonball Super i guess. I stopped watching Dragonball after GT. tbh.

  19. Happy Black Friday Eve! :crackle:

  20. Lamp oil, rope, bombs. You want it? It's yours, my friend, as long as you have enough rupees.

    1. Woohoo


      Sorry Twily, I can't give credit. Come back when you're a little mmmmm richer!

    2. TwilySparky
    3. A.V.
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  21. Two trailer park squirrels go round the outside, round the outside, round the outside.

  22. Just heard a radio station play "Billie Jean" 3 times today. The third time I heard it, I sang "Two trailer park girls go round the outside" over the beat. :lostit:

    1. TwilySparky


      Right now? I don't know. I barely listen to the radio. The only time I have a radio on is when I'm going to sleep to help me sleep and even then it's just classic rock. :mlp_rarity:

    2. Woohoo


      IMO, "Don't Stop Believin'" is the most overplayed song ever. :yeahno:

    3. Amarisbourne



      I have had the wonderful pleasure of listening to repetive Christmas music from the very beginning of November all.... the way till the end of December. :stressed: At my job....


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  23. You have caused confusion and delay. :stressed:

    1. Sparklefan1234
    2. Amarisbourne
    3. Sparklefan1234


      Who would have thought that Thomas the Tank Engine memes could be as bad as MLP memes?! :mlp_blink:

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  24. Will Mickey and Minnie ever get married? They've been dating for 90 years. :lostit:

    2. Clod


      Will Mickey ever go into public domain? Disney's been fucking with copyright law forever.