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Posts posted by Woohoo

  1. 17 hours ago, Sparklefan1234 said:


    We're gonna scare Gallus & Silver Stream. :sneer:

    We are? That doesn't sound very Raven. :ooh:

    What? :confused:

    Y'know, Like when somepony says "That's *so* Raven"? I think that means cool. :)

    That's not what that..*Ugh* never mind. >_>

    You can't scare them. They are in Baltimare attending Sandbar's cousin's wedding. :wau:

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  2. Ahh, what a nice lazy day, especially after an unnecessarily busy week. No responsibilities, no stress, no questions...

    Gallus, we have questions! :love:

    *sigh* I spoke too soon. 

    On 5/4/2019 at 1:56 AM, PawelS said:

    Do Griffons and Hippogriffs hatch from eggs like birds, or are born like mammals?

    (Also, please continue that story.)

    Both griffons and hippogriffs lay eggs... which I don't quite understand. I mean, both griffons and hippogriffs, uh... rear ends are that of a lion and a pony, which are mammals. :lostit:

    I know. Biology sure is random, just like Professor Pinkie.

    And way more confusing. Just look at me! I'm a blue griffon, which is probably a biological... uh... what's the word I'm looking for.

    *pops in* I think the word you're looking for is "anomaly." *flies off*


    *long pause* Thanks, Celli. That was random. Also, I never understood why we keep saying "birthday" when we're hatched.

    Me personally, I think "birthday" sounds better than "hatchday." Alright, next question.

    22 hours ago, Sparklefan1234 said:

    "Have either of you ever tried galloping?" 

    Galloping? You mean like run really fast? Not really, mostly because both of us have wings!

    I know. I myself am not really good at running really fast. Mainly because my claws get so long that I trip constantly. *sigh* I guess now's the time to continue my story about meeting your family.

    *happy birb noises* 

    So I have the approval Silver's immediate family. The next family member I met, and probably the most nerve-racking for me, was Queen Novo. Sky Beak was nice enough to escort me up to the palace. We both entered the throne room and there she was, high upon her throne.


    Sky attempted to cheer me up by saying Novo is a "big softie." He then exited the room, leaving me alone with her. With that, Novo flew from her throne and landed right in front of me. Much like what Sky Beak did to me earlier, she then began walking circles around me and sizing me up. All the while, I'm desperately trying to stay cool. After who knows how long, she stopped right in front of me. Her stern glare piercing right through me. In an act of desperation, I fell to my knees and began saying "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy." To my surprise, again, Queen Novo burst out laughing. Did you set this up as well, Silver?

    Nope, Auntie did this all on her own. Like what my dad said earlier, she's a big softie who likes to tease.

    As for the rest of meeting, it went quite well. I decided to be completely honest to her by telling her everything about me, even some things I didn't tell Silver until later. Novo then stated she admired my honesty and my loyalty to Silver. *sighs with relief* I think I made a much better first impression than Headmare Twilight did. All that's left is Skystar… Oh look at the time. Sheesh, time flies when you're storytelling. *kisses Silver* Goodnight, Silver.

    Night, Gallus. See ya in the morning.

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