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  1. On 2022-05-11 at 6:08 PM, ggg-2 said:

    Don't know 

    "Got my dog and a six-pack inside my truck

    My wife rides in the back because she won't shut up

    There's a deer in the headlights and though it might be a sin

    I gunned the motor and run over him"

    My last one was That 70s Show. Yours is Jeff Dunham and Bubba J.

    "Thirteen-month-old baby broke the looking glass. Seven years of bad luck, good things in your past."


  2. The Cat in the Hat live action movie. :eww:

    "I love cigars!"
    "I hate cigars."
    "This is way worse than what we usually do in the circle. Tastes disgusting, smells rank, doesn't even make stuff funny. This should be illegal."
    "I hate this. It's like smoking a dirty sock, only easier."
    "I love cigars. I'm good at everything!"
    "I just threw up a little."

  3. Helluva Boss, more specifically Millie.

    "You're supposed to have taken him to the spa!"
    "I took him to the spaaaa..."
    "He put me in the vegetable steamer."
    "It's the same thing!"
    "It's not the same thing!"
    "It is too. It gets hot, and it gets steamy, and then it goes DIIIING!"


  4. 3 hours ago, Savygriffs said:

    I'm not ready for the Amphibia series finale.

    Same here. I'm even more unready for The Owl House's series finale... whose release date still hasn't been announced yet. :wau:

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