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Status Updates posted by Woohoo

  1. When I view someone's content, why does it stop at 40 pages?

  2. I wonder what the Kraken dance would be like... :pout:

  3. Remember "My Life as a Teenage Robot?" It was a good show! You never saw it, it was a good show!

  4. Is there really only one way to rock, Sammy? 


  5. I feel bad for Rarity in my avatar...

  6. You think you got the interest? Come on and take the time. 'Cause you know I wanna be yours in a simple rhyme.

  7. So I rewatched the Season 5 finale and... well... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcbXCMvpmWo

  8. One year later and I still refuse to watch the MLP movie. :yeahno:

  9. How much does a pony weigh?

  10. Letting go doesn't mean giving up, but rather accepting that there are things that cannot be.

  11. All I wanted for Christmas was an iPhone but instead, I got 23 birds, 50 people, 8 cows, 5 rings, and a tree! :okiedokieloki:

  12. Expedia sucks!

  13. I'm conflicted on whether or not I should still see Judas Priest live... :confused:

  14. >Need experience for job >Need job for experience

  15. My thoughts on the upcoming 100th episode

  16. *sigh* I was in such a toxic mood yesterday :okiedokieloki:

  17. Enough is ENOUGH! I have had it with these Chinese spamming bots on this My Little Pony Forum!

  18. My reaction to the new episode

  19. My back is hurting from chair I'm sitting on, where's the Tylenol? If I lay down flat on the floor, it usually kinda fixes it. Tony Danza from "Who's the Boss" says Hey-Oh-Way-Oh, Oh-Way Oh-Way-Oh...