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  1. They're removing it... Good thing I saved those

  2. And now to sit back and patiently wait for the end of me, bye guise:

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    2. Moog the Kvlt

      Moog the Kvlt

      That's my account, contact me there bros, also my avi is from Jewelpet, just incase y'all wanted to kno dat

    3. Moog the Kvlt

      Moog the Kvlt

      I wonder when they're gonna ban me

    4. Creamy Arty

      Creamy Arty

      Nobody is forcing you or anyone else to stay. You can leave any time you want. Things like this are nothing short of asinine.

  3. What about the atmospheric stuff like Post-Metal, Blackgaze, and Atmospheric Black Metal, that stuff's pretty easy to tolerate for most.
  4. Why are we erasing genres in the first place, almost every single genre out there has helped music evolve through history, there are so many genres that took influence from Rap/Hip-Hop and there are many non-Metal bands that were inspired by Metal bands. Not all the time
  5. tfw I've put off Woods of Ypres for so long, damn I need to get on them sometime And let's continue going on about the old Dawn when he told us to stop just so that we can drink his delicious tears out of wine glasses. Mr. War Metal loving Dawn, oh how predictable you are. Revisited Rorcal after listening to a whole fuckload of Blackened Hardcore
  6. It's been a while since I've listened to Grunge: 8/10 Criminally underrated grunge band and plus they invented Sludge
  7. I can believe you, I'm not really surprised that you saw some of that stuff in the first place That was actually the first Deftones song I heard, actually that was pretty much the first Metal song I got into
  8. If you think that's crossing the line that shouldn't be crossed then you should see some of his older posts, dude was aggressive as fuck back in the day. Nah, I think I'll pass, but maybe once I've listened to some other stuff I'll go back to that one.
  9. I'm not really crazy over any of those guys, I can't really give my respect to them neither, at least not in this song: 3/10
  10. Not bad at all, Moog approves of this band. I still do like it, nothing all that impressive or great, but still good material. Young and In The Way along with The Secret because Blackened Hardcore
  11. >Not posting the mau5 in his true form Still though, probably one of the more tolerable songs off of 4x4=12 5/10
  12. Dawn's a cockwhore no matter what, he always was and always will be, tho tbh that was relatively tame in comparison to other shit he's said Good boy, keep listening to French BM
  13. Eh, I'm personally fine with Silencer's vocals, you ever hear the story about their vocalist? It's pretty crazy. I already showed you Peste Noire and told you that the French have an awesome BM scene a couple of times, you were just not smart enough to listen to me until now. Screw posting Metal, I've been watching There She Is!! like crazy and now I just wanna post something from it I haven't really listened to anything by the band except for this song, I should probably look into them some more, and see what I can find.