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    I am a swed living in Niagara Falls, Canada. Married to my husband Jaime. Have 3 dogs, 2 are chihuahuas and 1 is a pomeranian. My biggest passion is to draw (as you might have already noticed).

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  1. c: Birthday, happy

  2. me too :DDDD live over in stamford area
  3. Add me on DS my code is 3797 9261 2640 also give me your code, so we can add each other
  4. oh thanks, i was not sure if this was the right topic section xD
  5. hey would anyone want to trade friend codes? I want to find more pokemons in pokemon zafari, and have more ppl to trade with. (picture drawn by me)
  6. Me and my husband would love to have a child. but right now our economy isnt the friendliest for getting a baby
  7. I heard that starswirls was/are supposed to be an alicorn o:
  8. wow, this was too funny. i give it 9 pineapples out of 10 dolphins.
  9. or do we put them up on a adoption?
  10. i wouldnt mind trying this. explain a bit more?
  11. lol yeah i noticed that one too. i was looking for another test like that one that was much better. but i had to work for the moment
  12. yeah, plus LoE changed the names of most towns, and makes sure not to mention any in-show pony names in the game.
  13. lol most pony names would sound like stripper or porn star names. Also im pretty sure the kid would get bullied alot with a mlp name
  14. pfft volunteer. anything with mlp theme is not allowed to earn money from hasbros trademark