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  1. Fanfictions themselves never upsets me. At worst it just makes me go "Bugger this". With that said, I usually try to give some constructive criticism, no matter how bad the story. What annoys me more within fanfiction circles is when a particular portrayal becomes popular and widespread, and people start mimicking it and blasts others for not doing so, even though it's not canon. Also the tendency to lionize characters they like and demonize the ones they don't like. Or rewriting the character wholesale for shipping, making the whole point of the character moot in the firsst place. Good examples? Ginny Weasley and Pansy Parkinsson. Ginny: Usually portrayed as the perfect girl, funny athletic and everything(unless the writer doesn't like her) and very nice while still sarcastic and witty. She can do no wrong. The actual book Ginny had a ton of negative character traits that are glossed over(spitefulness, selfishness and general rudeness- traits that most Gryffindors shared actually, but Ginny was most clearly this way). Pansy: Becomes a big villain character who everyone dumps on, despite not really being horrible in canon, but not really pleasant either. Pansy is also a common "rewritten personality character", where people want to ship her with Harry but to do so they don't write Pansy, they write their own OC with a flawless personality, just under the name of a canon character. Finding balanced version of both characters can be stupidly hard. So yeah, individual fics don't upset me. Stupid trends within fanfiction circles do.
  2. Pretty good design, but I find that the red/pink just looks a bit uninteresting. Maybe it's the particular shade.. 7/10
  3. Hi, haven't been on this forum since November 26th last year!

    1. RWB


      Decided to post so people here don't think I've died or something.


    2. Varrack


      Hey, welcome back!

  4. This never happened. Twist wanted to stay friends, Apple Bloom dumped her for Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.
  5. Mine, for example, are the Swedish Be Prepared and My Lullaby. Honestly, almost all the Swedish versions of the the Lion King II's songs are fantastic. I'd prefer if you posted a video to go along with it, preferably with a translation subtitle. EDIT: Almost forgot the Swedish version of Quest of Camelot's "I stand alone".
  6. Because they are different people, really. Alternate universe variants doesn't have to be exactly the same. Heck, Babs Seed is older(or at least as old) than AJ in the Equestria Girls-verse, according to the comic. See the picture below, AJ is in her first year on the school there, and Babs is either in the same year, or the year above:
  7. Mac is a design achievement. Smash has always had the air game as excessively powerful, so making a ground character that is this good is nothing short of amazing. With that said, Mac can do some nasty offstage kills:
  8. Palutena seems to rather garbage without Superspeed.
  9. Actually, their video was rather flawed, and was aptly dealt with here:
  10. Palutena/Viridi Codecs for the win.
  11. He might as well have been, lol. 3 differences in total in actual gameplay: Stronger Arrows that don't go as far. Different angle on Side B launch. Much weaker F-tilt. My FC: 2380-3090-3964
  12. I withdraw this statement. While I hold to the statement about Brawl Dedede being all bair and chaingrab, he's definitely nerfed as a result of both going away. He lost a fast aerial option(one he needed for getting back on the ground) and his key element(chaingrab). On the plus side, his multihit moves are absolutely brilliant this time around.
  13. Dedede is not nerfed, he's gotten buffed. He was essentially all chaingrab and Bair kill in Brawl, but he's gotten a ton of buffs pretty much everywhere. Also, if you are smart with your Gordos, they are actually really good for pressure- they can be controlled to move slow or fast, and the slow one is very useful while at mid range(you can approach and be somewhat safe with it), while the fast one is an excellent attack to hit recovering enemies. They also do like 20% damage...
  14. This. Even if I agree with them on these, there are times I won't agree.
  15. Probably still working retail in Australia, as mentioned in his last review(Frozen, January 2014). Frozen has been out for about a month now, as you can tell from the poster above, but it is a fairly recent release in Australia. When combined with my job in retail and the release of The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug (unsurprisingly, I like dragons) resulted in my being delayed in seeing this movie. That's a right shame, because it is, in all honesty, a very entertaining film