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  1. Happy birthday, hwrogers. :)

  2. Happy birthday hwrogers; hope you have a wonderful day today! :)

  3. dude, calm down, it's all in good humor. and besides, it's fine that you like mlpt, but the overwhelming majority will not agree with you on that.
  4. i'm just gonna leave this here, pretty funny take on 'my little pony tales'. i tried to give it a chance once, but wow, i just don't know what went wrong
  5. awesome vid, but i'm not hearing any 'chipmunk' in there, like at all. it sounds just like it should with no modulation whatsoever
  6. ok, the code isn't wanting to work, so here's a link then http://grievousfan.deviantart.com/art/Just-Watching-the-Fireworks-367889699
  7. dat letter to celestia.... HAHAAAA! "1-2-3-4-5? That's amazing! i have the same combination on my luggage!" but more seriously though, the hooficure is kinda close to the same level of event to the respective character.
  8. fair enough, but if that really is what you count as 'cute' then you may want to seek professional help. a pony lining up a rainbow... that, is not typically something that'd qualify lol
  9. think you may be in the wrong topic with that dude, this is for 'cute' but that is a hilarious pic!
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