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  1. I watched it way too many times to be scared.Try not directly focus on it but try it at the same time. I listened to the Living Tombstone's FNaF song. So awesome.Plus none of the fan art is super scary just Kawaii.
  2. You know, that makes so much sense! I wouldn't have even thought of that. It seems like Pinkie to tell about her mental breakdowns.
  3. I can't wait for season 5 either. MLP:FiM is my favorite show (beside Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and Doctor Who which I'm always watching.) I usually rewatch the episodes when they air on The Hub.. I mean Discovery Family. I spend my time on EQD and draw ponies. That's pretty much my last times.
  4. Well I've been thinking about this for a while and I wanted ask people what they thought Pinkie's story was about that ended with the sentence "And I said," Oatmeal, are you crazy!?". This is my theory on what the story could possibly: Derpy walked into Sugarcube Corner.She walked up to the counter where Pinkie was at and said "Hiya Pinkie. Um, I'm looking to buy a dozen muffins for Dinky's party." "What kind?"Pinkie asks. Derpy answers." Oatmeal, that's Dinky's favorite." Pinkie exclaims."Oatmeal, are you crazy!?" What do you think was Pinkie's full story?
  5. These are my hopes for season 5.(Not all will actually happen in a 26 episode span. These are mostly hopes for the MLP:FiM series in general.) 1.More friendshipping for Rarity and Spike and Fluttershy and Discord. 2.Rainbow Dash gets in the Wonderbolts.(Not sure if that test gave her a position in the Wonderbolts, I don't remember.) 3.Trixie returns and becomes a protagonist.(Like everypony else said.) 4.More information on Luna and Celestia.(Mostly their fillyhood and I want to see their parents.) 5.I want to know if there are anymore natural alicorns in Equestrian beside Wuna and Tia. 6.I want to know if there are anymore counties in universe where Equestrian exist. 7.Big Mac speaks more.(Ponyville Confidential and (the) Heart and Hooves Day (episode) were the only time he talked.) 8.Twilight rules over a real kingdom. 9.More Cadence and Shining Armor. 10.Another villian comes back as a protagonist (sorta).
  6. Well, she seems to have been studying the magic and stuff that is going on at CHS. She can either be a: Protagonist: To help the Main Six, Sunset and Spike with a problem they have stumbled upon and human Twilight has a lot of information to help. Or Antagonist: She uses her information from her studies and uses it against the Main Six, Sunset and Spike in some particular way.
  7. Sonata seems like the nicest out of Dazzlings. Plus she was funny to me which made me like her more than Aria and Adagio.
  8. Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay. It reminds me of Twilight.
  9. 19. The vectors are clean.The gradient and lighting is good. Its very fitting with AJ theme with Sweet Apple Acres in the background.
  10. OMGosh, people with incorrect grammar get on my nerves. Like when they say "I is.." I'm like "You mean I am..". I even correct my teachers and parents.Its so annoying. I wish there was auto correct for when you speak. Its just a big ol' pet peeve.
  11. haven't been on in forever. Just found my password and username in a little notebook.