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  1. Foxes. :D

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      Actually most foxes make screeching noises that'd terrify you if you didn't know where they came from. :<

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  2. Well this is interesting now is a ponytube coming up. I have one thing to say I hope this idea come out good. On tell then I wait and see how it come out. That all Fox Out!!
  3. Fire was waiting fore Music to come out of the clothes store he was looking around the mall. " I say this mall is to big for me I think I prefer ponyville market place" he said to himself. Music is looking around the store, on tell a worker pony come up to her. "Miss do you need some help" the worker pony ask Music " Not right now" the worker node and walk off. " What to buy" she said.
  4. Ok Ok First of all the Fox is a well you know. The truth is I didn't know about any thing about My little pony at all and the fandom at all. Be one day with my brother we usually see a show in youtube. It was Teen React and one if the episode was about brony after the show end I was a think why did guy like a little girl show. After one month I decided to see on episodes of the show. I one of these person I have to see the first episodes to say it is ok or not. After the episodes one end and have to see how did they defeat night mare moon after episodes two ended I thought it was not bad at all and I start to see all of the season 1 & 2 well you can say that how I be come a brony. You have to love the internet it make it possible to make the show spread all over the word. That all for now Fox Out!! and one more thing Brohoove all you guys out there and have a good day or Night.
  5. Well I have to post something here even this post is dead. Now I have to say my best pony is Twilight Sparkle. Well right not here is my bad attempt of a story, First is we well fine thing we have in common and we well go on a date for at let's a year. Then we fine out we are great to together and one day I propose to her. We well have a big wedding in the castle and after the wedding we go on our honeymoon. In one year we well have a little family with our filler or a colt. And we smile and see our kids grow up to be fine ponies. Well that all for now Fox Out!!
  6. After a hour Fire and Music get to the mall. Fire look at his sister ask Her" This is the mall right" Music look at him " Yes Fire it is the mall " she give hie a little annoying look. Fire gave her a sheepish smile. And they enter the mall. They walk for a 30 minutes on tell Music found a close store. " Fire look it has the latest fashion I going to buy some new clothes come in brother I buy new clothes too" she tell him. Fire look at her " Maybe next time Music I think I have enough clothes to wear" he look at her, she was a little disappointed. " Ok then please wait here for me" she ask him. Fire smiled at her and node it Music smiled back and enter the store.
  7. Fire and Music look at each other and said " We make sure we well not see him again." Fire tell Music " OK that is over now let's continue on our" then he stop and look at Music. "What were we doing be for Eddie" he ask Music. She tell him " I was going to the mall and think you were going to the supermarket." "Oh yeah I was going to the supermarket" look dumb founded. "List go together to the mall and Supermarket Fire" Music tell him. " OK why not" he said, they start to walk to the mall.
  8. Eddie Fire look at this pony who is so crazy he make no sense at all. Music start to got a little scared of Eddie and tell Fire " I think is a lunatic brother" she said in a scared tone. Fire look at his sister and turn back at Eddie " Look Eddie we well like you to stop acting like a lunatic you are scaring all the kid around us" Fire tell Eddie hopping he stop what he doing or snap him out of it.
  9. Music look at him and look at Fire back to Eddie " First of all I kind of happy you accept my apology and the next thing NO WHY I GOING TO KISS YOU AT ALL THE ONE WHO START IT ALL FIRST PLACE' She tell him with annoyed and sick look on her face. Fire look at Eddie and thought to himself " Did he just hitting on my sister" just then it hit him. " He is hitting on my sister" Fire walk to Eddie tell Fire he was the peacemaker. Fire look at Eddie and said " Yes I was hopping you can be friends in this big city we living in" then Fire then walk closer to Eddie ear and tell him with a whisper " If I see you going near my sister again oh help me Celestia you well never see a day of flying again" Fire give him a angry smile. Fire tell Music there done here. Fire and Music walk away from Eddie Music ask Fire " What you tell him" he look at is sister and just said " I tell him have a good day sir" and give her a smile. And kept on walking to the mall.
  10. Fire look at Eddie in confusion he look at Music and ask her " umm... I think you made him go crazy he saying nonsense" her tell Music. She look at this crazy pony who start the fight " Umm.... You think I broke him" she said it concern tone. Fire tell Music " I think you should sorry to him be fore he come down here I start to hurt us and other ponies" He send being concern Eddie well do something he well regret. Music hate to say sorry to the made pony but to stop Eddie going completely crazy she took a deep breath " EDDIE I AM SO SORRY I DID MAED TO BE SO RUBE TO YOU" yelled top of her lungs. Fire smile at his sister and hope he heard her. (ooc sorry for the late post but this post is for well people like me who work late and can only post on Saturdays and Sundays only in the real wolrd. If you still well like to post here just let me know.)
  11. Hey. HAY. The Great and Powerful Trixie is no background pony.

  12. Music gut so angry at him " Ok bud I going to give you a hooves in your face" Music lifted her hoove at him but Fire grab her and said " Come down Music lets just talk like civilized ponies OK" He look at her. Music put her hoove down and look at Fire " Ok but I think he well not listen to you he's a jerk" Music said it looking what at Eddie" Fire took a deep breath and said " Ha I Fire I,m Music Big Brother lest talk what did she say to make you so angry" Fire he felt anger wat his back coming from Music. (ooc ok have a good night this is my last post too)
  13. Music look at Eddie " Look bud I didn't started nothing you could of gust say thank and gone you marry way" she tell he moved it angry tone the more he talk the more angry she got. " And the other thing I not that tipe of pony I do not care how I look like Eddie" she was holding her self back to not hitting him. Fire was walking to the grocery store he saw Music was talking a gray pegisai but something going on between them to. Fire decided to get closer and hard them arguing then Fire saw Music was holding herself back. He ran to them to make them stop arguing " HA Music how is going" hoping being nice well make them stop.
  14. Music noticed he not a nice pony at all and being rude kinds of proves it. Music took a deep breath " The day is Saturday and the time is 1:30pm now" said it within annoyed tone. " We'll hello Eddie my name is Music Note nice to.." then Eddie ask she is local. He start to walk a little close to her he made her a little uncomfortable he got closer and whispered to her are she is local. Music walk back a little and tell him " Did you mom ever tell you never get close to a mare like that" she giving he a angry look. " To answer your question No I gust move here today now stop being weird OK" Music tell Eddie hope he just acting. Then she noticed something on him he does not have a cutie mark. She wanted to ask him but how rude he was she decided not to ask him.
  15. Well that will be so weird bur all some at the sometime here is I think maybe funning. Twilight Sparkle-Rainbow Dash ( having the seed of RD be having the Smarts of Twilight) Fluttershy-Pinkie Pie ( Well having the love of helping animals- having the party crazy pony) AppleJack-Rarity ( Well come on AJ who work hard and Rarity who love to be as clean and papa as possible) Well that my guess that make it Funning to me as lest. Fox Out!!