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    I enjoy writing short stories, novels, and poems.

    Currently in the process of writing a few novels with the help of a very patience and loving girlfriend.

    We have also taken it upon ourselves to try and create a a RPG.

    I play a few games, the most played being TF2 due to my position on a Highlander team.

    Other than that I just like to try and make people smile.

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  1. My passion it to help people. I like to see people happy, safe, and going after their dreams. It's why I'm studying law to help defend people's rights. I want to help protect people by insuring that laws are just and that the judical system functions the way it is needed to function. I also have a passion for telling stories. Creating worlds full of characters, giving the lives, hope, dreams, I love it all.
  2. Normally, I think about some things I could add to some of my stories. Like the other night I couldn't sleep so I just sat in my bed thinking of how I wanted to write a section of my current project. Other than that, I just remember things that have happened to me at some point. Good and bad mind you so I can either go to bed in peace or have nothing but nightmarefuel and be up the entire night.
  3. I've know my best friend for....year and a half, two years now? Seems like a life time. I can trust her with anything and she helped turn my life around. I love her with all my heart, and she made me a very lucky man.
  4. When I'm trying to check someone at my register and they are on their cellphones. People interrupting me in the middle of my sentences. People that talk over me when I'm trying to have a conversation with someone.
  5. The whole time watching the conference I kept saying to myself, "Boy that is as real fancy home entertainment system, but I thought this was the new xbox unveil, where is the games?" To be fair I do think that some of the idea are a nice feature, such as being able to "snap" two applications. With that said however it does not detract from the negatives of an "always online" system and the fact that we are seeing the same three or four games again. I understand that companies have to turn a profit and will do so on markets that they no are in fact profitable, but I think we are
  6. Lord Shield

    Hello everyone.

    Thanks everyone for your warm welcome. And no I'm not a fanfiction writer but thank you for your input.
  7. A nice warm cup of tea and some biscuits. A skype call with all my friends and teammates laughing as we play games together. Writing my stories. But most of all spending time with the ones I love. All in all I'm very happy with the life I have.
  8. I was never all that popular in school, so I never had that many friends. I had a few people that I trusted and after I left school for a bit I met a lot of other people. Problem with them was they were just not the best of people and after I cut ties did what they could to try and ruin my name. So now I just have a very small circle of friends. I love them all very much.
  9. Hello, I'm Shield and it is very nice to meet you all. My interest are playing games, writing novels, short stories, poems, studying law, and as of recently trying my hand at making games; with the help of the better half. I do hope that we can all be friends. Have a nice day.
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