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  1. So I went and saw the Wreck-It Ralph sequel last night. I'll admit that judging from what I saw in the trailers alone, my expectations were not that high, but thankfully, it ended up being surprisingly good. Instead of getting bogged down with dated pop culture references, the movie more or less lampshaded that aspect. In fact, despite its seemingly gimmicky premise, the film actually managed to stay faithful to the worldbuilding and characters established in the first movie. My only major gripe is that a few major plot points (especially around the ending) are more or less swept under the rug with just a couple throwaway lines explaining them, but overall, I'd say it's still a surprisingly good sequel, especially given Disney's hit-or-miss reputation when it comes to making proper sequels to their animated movies.

  2. Stan Lee will always be remembered for being the kindhearted, creative person whose footprint in the world of storytelling cannot be overstated. Not to mention, he was just an all-around nice guy. He always stayed positive and showed a genuine appreciation for his fans, never belittling or badmouthing them like a lot of content creators these days tend to do. He truly was a wonderful role model for any aspiring artists and will be sorely missed, but never forgotten.

  3. But here's the thing: Twilight already had a purpose in the show. She was a student, spellwriter, and ambassador of friendship long before the wings came along. Granted, those character traits have gotten more development since then, but to say her role in the show was "without purpose" up until then is absurd. If anything, Twilight becoming an alicorn only slowed her character development down by having her go through the same "learning how to be a princess" storyline over and over instead of letting her develop naturally. It wasn't until Starlight Glimmer came along that Twilight's role in the show finally started to get more interesting again, as it finally gave her a reason for being a princess besides selling more toys. Granted, I may not be the biggest fan of alicorn Twilight, but even I can appreciate the fact that the writers are finally taking that aspect to its logical conclusion by giving Twilight a student of her own. That long-awaited completion of her character arc wouldn't have been possible if she hadn't started out as a lowly unicorn student herself.
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    Mega Thread Count to a million

    It's been a while since I've posted here. 416,213
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    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Ever since I first saw Zootopia, this song has been playing in my head almost nonstop. Not that I'm complaining or anything... :-P
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    Mega Thread Count to a million

    391,777 Three sevens in a row. I guess it's my lucky day!
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    Movies/TV Zootopia

    I disagree. I think the movie was strong from start to finish. In fact, if anything, I think it got even better as it went on. I'll try to give my reasons as well as I can without giving away any major spoilers below. The post you linked claims that Nick's reaction to Judy's assumptions halfway through the movie wasn't justified, which isn't true at all. There was a good reason to believe she was wrong. She was essentially reciting what she was told since she was a child without thinking of the harmful implications of what she was saying. That's a major slap in the face to Nick, who believed he had completely earned her trust up until that point. So yes, Nick's reaction was completely justified. After that, the post states that the big reveal at near the end came "at the last minute out of nowhere", which is completely false. In actuality, it was an ongoing subplot throughout the movie. Remember the stolen "onions"? It wasn't "done sloppily and contrived", it was well-integrated into the story in such a way that you don't notice it until the Judy does (unless you're rewatching the movie, in which case, you can see all the subtle hints and details play out). This wasn't done to "force the message in your face" and wasn't the only thing keeping Judy's assumptions from being justified by a long shot. The message came into play when it needed to, like it should, and there were plenty of other reasons to disprove Judy's assumptions, like the one I mentioned earlier. Long story short, the person who made that post which you linked to clearly didn't do his research. Either that, or he just didn't pay enough attention to the movie and missed a lot of important details. It's a shame, really, because you seem to like the movie like I do, and I agreed with a lot of what you said when you weren't letting someone else take over and do your thinking for you. Next time you come across someone else's opinions, really try to think it through and decide for yourself whether you agree with it or not.
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    Mega Thread Count to a million

    Three hundred eighty-six thousand, seven hundred thirty-three.
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    What is the latest pony related merchandise you bought?

    A month ago, I got seasons 1-4 on DVD on eBay.
  12. Dolphanatic

    Movies/TV Zootopia

    I just rewatched it today. Since it was actually on the literal release date (March 4), the theater was much more crowded. Needless to say, there are definitely are a lot of subtle details that you notice when you know what's coming that you otherwise wouldn't catch when watching it for the first time.
  13. Dolphanatic

    Movies/TV Zootopia

    That's why I tend to stay away from a lot of the excessive promotional content. It has a tendency to leak spoilers like a broken faucet. Anyways, it's a great movie with a lot of depth. So much, in fact, that it actually makes me want to see the movie in theaters again, if only to further analyze everything I could have possibly missed, as I now know what's coming, with all the plot twists and the like, and see what the general audience looks like, since I attended the earliest screening (5 hours before March 4, which is said to be the real release date), which only had about 6 other people in the theater.
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    Movies/TV Zootopia

    I just saw the first showing of Zootopia in theaters tonight, and let me say, it deserves every ounce of hype and praise it's gotten! You know it's great when you're left stunned and speechless long after it's over like you've gotten off of a great roller coaster ride! In fact, in a lot of ways, it is. It's easy to follow and is full of exciting twists and turns from start to finish. If you haven't seen it, go see it! With my initial opinion out of the way, I suppose I should go ahead and answer that infamous question that's set the entire Internet on fire: Was Zootopia made for Furries? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. But honestly, who cares! While there's no doubt that Disney has been giving Furries an unusual amount of recognition, especially with this movie, there's plenty of stuff for everyone in the movie, regardless of whether you're a Furry or not. Why does it matter if Furries watch and like the movie, alongside other "normal" people? What's wrong with the movie "spawning future Furries"? Guess what, idiots, if people are going to watch it and be fans of talking animals in general, then that's just that. After all, that is the definition of Furries as a whole (nowhere is it required for you to be a pervert/manchild/whatever stereotype you can think of). What's wrong with that? The fact that people can come together to appreciate stuff like this should be celebrated, not shamed. And yes, for the record, I do consider Bronies at large to be subdivision of Furries, but that's beside the point I'm making. Everything about this movie works. The story and the message it conveys are pure gold (and surprisingly not politically correct, especially for a Disney movie), the characters (including the villains) are all eminently likable and relatable, the world-building is immersive, the acting is spot-on, the visuals, the music, and everything else just plain works. The story is surprisingly easy to follow, despite being full of big reveals and intense game-changing turns. There are a lot of plot twists that will make your eyes widen. There are some real tear-jerker moments, as well. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! Never did I ever find myself confused or stumbling into any plotholes or anything of the like. The movie had me completely engaged, only for it to get even better when the entire concept gets flipped on its head halfway through the movie. That's right, the movie, which would've already been good enough, decides to 1-up itself halfway through, and continues to do so for the rest of the 108 minutes! That takes some serious nerve! If that isn't a sign of a good movie, I don't know what is. Well okay, I'm not going to be too overly positive, since there were a couple major plot twists that I did see coming from as far away as the beginning of the movie. But honestly, they didn't bother me one bit. In fact, they were all places I was actually really hoping the movie would go, and it did! How many times can I say that about a movie; that it actually fulfilled what I initially thought was just wishful thinking, during the movie?! As it turns out, that's exactly what the writers were doing, according to some articles I've read. Apparently, as the writing progressed, the writers came up with the aforementioned game-changing ideas, and finally decided "You know what? Let's go there!" and it worked perfectly! Granted, the movie can be a little bit too preachy at times, and yes, there are some elements to the story that do seem a tad familiar at times, but even then, it's done so well that I don't even care if it's been done before, because it actually works, as it's done in such a different way that I might as well be seeing it for the first time. I keep comparing Zootopia to riding a great roller coaster, because it really is, in a sense. It has the grandeur, the excitement, the immersion, and everything you could ever need to keep you at the edge of your seat. It takes you on a wild ride from the very minute it starts to the last second. It's just that good. I really don't care what mindless labels naysayers try to slap on this movie. For a film about the harmful nature of stereotypes, the most ironic thing people can do is shove it aside as "just a kids' movie", or "pandering to Furries", or anything else. It doesn't change the fact that Zootopia is a great movie and whether people like it or not, it's here to stay.
  15. So it's another Deflategate all over again, just like last year. Anyway, am I the only Twilight voter here who isn't just posting Twilicorn pics? After all, there is a lot more to her than just a pair of alicorn wings. Twilight was best pony before the wings!