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  1. Honestly, I feel like Zootopia kinda has an unfair advantage against it coming into the Oscars (in terms of reputation, at least). Either it wins the Best Animated Feature category, only to have everybody shrug it of as just winning "because it's from Disney", or it doesn't win the award it rightfully deserves (in my humble opinion, anyway) and everybody looks down on the movie for failing to win the category everybody expected it to win "because it's from Disney".

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    2. Dolphanatic


      @Jokuc Well, that's just your opinion. I could go on and on about why I personally think Zootopia is better, but I'd rather just be proud of whoever wins. At the end of the day, there's no denying that 2016 had a lot of great animated films and they all deserve recognition.

    3. Jokuc


      I'm disappointed that Kimi no na Wa didn't even get nominated

    4. Dolphanatic


      That's not uncommon, unfortunately. The Oscars have a long way to go in terms of recognizing animation as a serious form of art in the world of movies. Moana not even getting nominated in the Best Original Musical category is yet another sad reminder of that.

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