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  1. @C. Thunder Dash Bluebell couldn't hold it back any longer. She leaned her head on Chelsea and wept softly for several minutes. She then stepped back, shook her head, and, with a determined look on her face, she said, "N-n-n-no. I'm not-I'm not g-g-going to let th-th-them g-get the better of m-m-m-me!" She turned and faced the target, took careful aim, and fired. A small concentrated fireball exploded from her horn and struck the target. After the steam cleared, she saw that she hit one of the outer rings. She bowed her head for a moment, and then turned to look back at Chel
  2. Bluebell recognized it right away, before Chelsea explained it. A little tear came out of her eye as she reached over with her hoof and tried hard to not cry openly when she placed it on her horn. When she was a foal, one of her teachers used a limiter ring not unlike a dunce cap, as a way of shaming her, even though that wasn't its purpose. She looked at Chelsea, trying to hide her pain with a smile. "L-l-let's do th-this," she said.
  3. Ragland Tiger

    Request Shop Taking art requests! ☆

    Absolutely adorable!
  4. "I'll be okay, Pencil, Sweetie. My p-p-pride was hurt more-more than any-any-anything else," said Bluebell.
  5. @Dynamo Pad Bluebell walked over to Dynamo and threw her forelegs around his neck, and felt him pull her close. After quietly holding each other a moment, she said, "I'm a-a-alright, sweetheart. I'm just-just a-a little sore, th-that's all."
  6. @C. Thunder Dash @Dynamo Pad Bluebell nodded affirmatively. She nervously took a step forward, and planted her hooves firmly on the ground. After taking a deep breath, she aimed her horn. When a brief spark ignited from it, she gasped and stopped. "It's-it's okay, Chelsea, I wi-wi-will d-do this," she said. She once again took aim, and then... Boom! The force of the blast from her horn knocked Bluebell airborne for several yards before her body smacked the ground. The fireball she launched nicked the edge of the target and continued for a long distance before hitting the g
  7. Ragland Tiger

    Request Shop Taking art requests! ☆

    Here it is. Her name is Bluebell.
  8. @C. Thunder Dash "I once m-managed to cast a f-f-fire spell to drive away-away a p-p-pack of timber w-wolves that-that were attacking my h-h-home town, so, maybe my-my element is f-fire?"
  9. @PawelS "Oh", said Bluebell, "Th-there's the inn w-w-where I'm sta-staying just outside the s-center of town. It's m-m-minimal, but it's a good pla-place to start until you get s-s-settled. "
  10. @C. Thunder Dash @Dynamo Pad As Bluebell walked with Chelsea to another part of the field, she said, "I've b-b-been told by several ali-alicorns and a wi-wizard that I have enough-enough p-power in my h-h-horn to l-l-l-l-level a s-city the size of ma-ma-Manehattan. That-that thought f-f-frightens me. All I-I-I really w-want is to b-b-be a regular pony and not-not have to st-struggle with conta-containing my m-m-magic all of the t-time."
  11. @C. Thunder Dash Don't keep 'em apart too long; Bluebell wants to ask Dynamo for a date. Hehehe
  12. "I th-think I'd like-like that," said Bluebell. "I-I'll take an-any h-h-help I c-c-can get."
  13. "I-I'm s-s-sorry," said Bluebell, "I w-w-w-was s-scared, and-and m-m-my magic isn't easy f-f-for-for me to c-control. I have-have to be v-v-very careful."
  14. "Dynamo!", Bluebell screamed and ran over to him. A powerful white spark exploded form her horn, and an angry red beam burned a hole through the card. She held on to Dynamo and looked back up at Thundy and Chelsea.
  15. Judgement At Nuremberg. Burt Lancaster - "The Love Of country"
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