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  1. I don't even like cheese balls. Consider the source!
  2. @Sparklefan1234 Boop! https://www.deviantart.com/4as/art/Royal-boop-FLASH-587430025
  3. Recall all the things that Tin Man [from The Wizard Of Oz] longed for. To be tender, gentle, sentimental...to be emotional, feel devotion, etc. We can all do that. We already have the ability. You don’t need someone to give you a heart. Use the one you have.
  4. @Samurai Equine Could you replace Bluebell's image in the character master list with this revised one? ( I finally figured out how to add a cutie mark.) Thanks!
  5. "Ever make mistakes in life? Let's make them birds. Yeah, they're birds now."
  6. Merry Birthiversary!

  7. Happy birthday! :pinkie: :blue_baloon::blue_baloon:

    Hope you're alright and have an awesome day! :yay:


  8. (Once Upon A Time - Night by Ryan Bliss [detail]) @Samurai Equine The land of the ruins was a lush green place. Many of the structures were surrounded by grass, flowers, and other plant life. It was almost like something out of a fairy tale. An abandoned rook on a grassy ridge was flanked by what looked like ancient cannons that had long stood idle. A large beautiful tree in a meadow had a flock of blue butterflies resting among its leaves. Among all the things there, Bluebell had found - a mousetrap. She recoiled at it, as it was a rather cruel looking device. But she figured that if anything deserved to be a destructive weapon, this would be it. She tentatively waved her gloved hoof over it, and it magically morphed into - a slightly larger mousetrap. "I-I w-will get th-th-the-the hang of-of th-this sooner or later." She tried waving her hoof over it once more, and it shook and grew into a huge catapult, loaded with a cluster bomb. Bluebell's jaw dropped in terrified awe.
  9. "I-I-I would like-like that v-v-v-very much,." said Bluebell. "N-none here." @Samurai Equine After they left the castle, Bluebell began looking around for things that she could make into weapons. She felt a little overwhelmed and scared. "Tempest," she said, "Thi-thi-this is just a g-game, r-r-right? No-no one is go-go-going to get s-seriously hurt are-are th-they?" They walked by an eerie looking bog with sharp jagged crystals growing out of the water, from the tree branches and from the banks. Despite its frightening appearance, it had an odd beauty about it. (Exobotany by Ryan Bliss - Digital Blasphemy)
  10. Oopse. I didn't realize there was a question (it's been a busy week). I just thought I would play along and let Bluebell and Tempest be together. I'm rereading to get up to speed, and then I'll post.
  11. My Bokko late 19th century style.:grin:


  12. Bluebell looked around trying to figure out where she was, and then she saw in front of her the words, SELECT A CHARACTER in front of her, along with pictures of various characters. "Oh-oh m-m-my." She randomly reached out and touched one of the pictures and was instantly transformed. She had a dark brown cloak on with what appeared to be a large open-ended wrench tucked away inside. Above flashed the words, " WAITING FOR PARTY "