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  1. New image: Rainbow Doo and the mysterious base. This one was a pain in the flank to make, because i forgot to save the image right before rendering it, guess what happened? It CRASHED ._.
  2. In the main case they really had to beat each other to death, i think Pinkie would win She can break the 4th wall to simply destroy everyone in the ''field'' imagine her leaving the screen to simply turn everyone off.. the existance.
  3. After all the arguing with Macs and Pc's, i've come to the conclusion Pc's are better, now, to the million dollar question... ...Why? Let me separate some things that both computers have: Compatibility: Windows is basically a must for almost all softwares developed out there, need a program? In windows you got it! In Mac... well... some times it does, some times it doesn't, it's really annoying to have potential programs that you can't run in a Mac at all, it makes the computer completely limited. ...And don't even make me start on Flash. Also, people say Macs have programs with more artistic potential than PC's do, well let me tell you that's a big lie, Final Cut Pro? You got Sony Vegas 12, Adobe Premiere and such. Garage Studio? There's also Fruity Loops, you know? Durability .... This comic explains my point quite perfectly: Prices ''Quality comes with a price'' They say, but some times the price shouldn't be this big, seriously, why does Mac overprice it's products? No, it's not because they are worth THAT much, it's because of marketing, and sadly, it's Marketing that has actually worked up to these days, you think you can't get a computer better than an actual MAC for a smaller price? Check this: Not so conveniant now, is it? Thus, ending my points of why i prefer PC's better.
  4. Never understood what's the big deal about... ehh.. watching sports at all, please don't hate me! >.< It's just nothing important on my side, but i can see why people are so pumped about it (My sister literally forced me to watch it with her friends, i got impatient because of all the pauses the game made, seriously it can be desperating at times) Some parts of the games were exiting but most of it i was just... bored =U
  5. I haven't seen a thread like this, so i will post this here. Share with us your tastes in music! No matter what it is, let us know what kind of music goes into your ears at the moment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOFh2LNUiVM
  6. I'm always up for a challenge! If you want me to take part of this send me a PM with everything you need c: i love helping out in projects
  7. 4/10 Congratulations on becoming a cupcake!
  8. ''Did you guys hear about the Virtual Boy? It looks AWESOME! I can't wait to ask my parents to buy it!''
  9. 7/10 Anatomy looks a little weird on this one but i like the shading!
  10. You can check them on my signature any time you want :3, It's full of things to judge, not in my Youtube channel, though, i only focus on posters the most but there are two videos about SFM you could use as a reference
  11. I would go.. .. ..Here I mean look at it! It's a world made of FOOD! Whenever i felt hungry i could just teleport there and get my hunger satisfied, now i want a hamburger ..Fake, i would go to Equestria, lol.
  12. 9001/10! Alright you can slap me on the face for making that joke again ;_;