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  1. Sometimes when I listen to Polka, i feel like Weird Al. On a more serious note, music doesn't affect my personality. Its more of just a pass-time that i enjoy singing or dancing too as random intervals. Its a great stress reliever.
  2. "What in tarnation!?" Exclaimed Applejack, shivering from the sight. She looked around franticly. "How did this happen? Is anypony else hurt?"
  3. Nicolas Cage cause i find him pretty hilarious. He's been in some pretty up and down movies, but i still think he's a pretty good actor. Also.
  4. Ah yes, sorry, knew i forgot something. I think i'll go with Applejack.
  5. First toy i bought (Twilight's Balloon) did make me feel rather silly at first. But after a while i quickly got use to it and didn't care if anyone looked at me funny. No one ever did, but you never know. So now i have almost the full Mane 6, just need another Twilight and Applejack...i think. Can't remember.
  6. I'd happily join in your game. I'm not the greatest werewolf player, but i've played mafia a bit and its kinda the same.
  7. AwesomeLemon


    Normally i'd say no, but since i love Half-Life, yes, its normal. LET THERE BE HEADCRABS.
  8. Favorite Mane Cast: Rarity, of course. "never heard of ya". Favorite Secondary Characters: The CMC (all 3) Favorite Background: Lyra and Bon Bon, Octavia Most of my favorite characters happen to be Unicorns, so i guess that would be my favorite race as well.
  9. Suppose i'm obligated to attend this crazy game of Were-ponies. (lol) Count me in.
  10. AwesomeLemon


    Hello ponies! Names Lemon. uhh...yeah, im not the greatest at introductions, so you'll have to bear with me. Anyway, just saying hello and whats up and etc etc. Friendship, cupcakes, apples, all that jazz. /)
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