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  1. I learned a long time ago to report and move on with my life. You win some you lose some but in the end that one single game won't matter. I play my game and report those that are out to cause a bad experience.
  2. I was typing up a paper but then I came to these forums.... Doomed I guess
  3. Feeling blah and hungover. Friend had a going away party last night x.x time for school work!
  4. Playing hearthstone and world of tanks while watching ESL CS:GO haha
  5. Exhausted. Working crazy long shifts with low rest Stupid border tensions between the Koreas
  6. I currently use the logitech g502 mouse. Very happy with it actually.
  7. I'd probably run a casino or something. Could be fun!
  8. Well since I've been gone so long probably an honest .5/10 but BEFORE I left when I joined HOHOHO then I was probably a 1.2/10 :/ (it was a smaller forum back then) Dunno guess I'm just not the type to stick out and I don't draw or create music or much of anything. Soooo HI!
  9. I have it and play it every now and then. Not the best but I have fun with it. I don't really play unless I have people to play with though. Hit me up and I'm down to play! steam: mrmammal
  10. Try Death Wish. It's really bold and strong but unlike a lot of others it's not as bitter. Lots of flavor!
  11. As cheesy as this might sound the most prized possessions I have is my wife and my closest friends. I've been through really rough patches and have been suicidal before and what has helped me through is friends and my wife. There isn't a single thing I value more then them or wouldn't give up in a heartbeat for them! This is for pretty much all my best friends. My friends are my family and I love them all and would drop anything for them as I have done in the past and will continue to do! Friendship really is magic!
  12. As a returning member I know when I left I don't think I had a post why but real life ended up taking over and I just kinda slipped away and the forums ended up in the back of my mind. It wasn't anything back just things changed. Then I remembered about them and rushed back! Though I don't think anyone noticed I was gone or missed me :/ Such is life! I do think the community is really supportive and the Mods seem to be good. When people need help or want to complain it seems to be handled fairly well so I would assume they either drift away due to real life or another reason. Maybe even just a vacation or something. Now school is also starting back up
  13. So I love Coffee. I love it straight black. BUT only if it is good coffee. Currently I am addicted to Death Wish coffee... pretty much all I've been drinking lately!!!