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  1. Ya, rock n roll is ok but I did make a mistake in my post that deadmau5 isn't dubstep (thanks for pointing this out moog voyager!) but everybody has thier own opinions in music.
  2. Ya, there are many other good artists like zedd and all them! But good choice! I like skrillex the best. and my favorite song by him would have to be reptiles theme.
  3. Ok, so I love dubstep/house music and wanted to know what you guys prefer most. If you don't know who any of these musicians are be sure to check them out! So leave a post on which one you prefer and why. Thanks!
  4. Djpon3

    Hello ponys!

    Hi guys! Just to let you know I play cod Xbox: germanrobotz . But my hobbies are reading soccer and volleyball! Thanks for telling me these things, I know that this place will be epic.
  5. I am new here and just hoping that I will stay for a long time! So I am just getting used to it but I think I will be good