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  1. Currently working at a Target as a seasonal cashier, hopefully they keep me on. At the moment I don't hate the job. I find it to be alright :3
  2. Working that day so....coming in riot gear for the long day of cashing people out. If I'm lucky after my paycheck pick up I may go sholping but until then gonna try to survive. Wish me luck everypony.
  3. Probably become friends with my female self, besidds be kinda weird to me being with someone who is basically me but with added bits.

  5. If I turned into an Alicorn I would first mess around with my new magic powers. Figure out what I could and couldn't do, you know so I won't do something bad by accident. After that fly around
  6. When doesn't that happen to me. It's either my cellphone or my tablet, sometimes they'll fall onto the floor. Luckilly nothing serious has happened and still work.
  7. My introduction into anime was with the awesome series of Gundam Wing. As a kid I enjoyed the battles and enjoyed the stlye just because it was diffrent then the other Cartoons on tv at the moment. From that point I saw whatever anime was on (thank you Toonami). Just sit back and relax as I saw Tenchi Muyo and G Gundam, even remember seeing some of Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura. Even got a VHS copy of the Guyver OVA laying around I got as a kid
  8. While the idea of meeting a female version of me is interesting as im curious how I would look as a female. Meanwhile the idea of dating is a no go. Be kinda weird in my opinion, probably see my female self as a sibling more than a lover.
  9. Just got Skype, thought I would share username. Username: cgagent92. Hope to chat with some other pony fans.

  10. Never really used Skype, came with Tablet when I bought it but if there is a chance to talk with people im up for it. Username: CGAgent92 Add me if you want, hope to chat with some fellow pony lovers. Also I am on Central Time.
  11. Honestly none of these things really scare me. Now if you asked me as a kid it would be clowns and only because I saw It when I was three.
  12. Watch it! I am in noo mood to be accidentily licked up into your either one of your mouths!
  13. Yeah I played Persona 3, the FES version if I remeber. Man I liked it! Put close to sixty hours into it. Personally its exciting to see that after a anime was made for 4 they decide to make multiple movies based on 3. Really wanna see how they do the whope Nix fight. Endings gonna be sad though