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  1. I like it! The pose in particular and the way he's "zipping along" really makes it stand out. I like how you drew his mane, too, gives the picture a sense of momentum. All in all, there's a great deal of personality in this pic. Keep it up!
  2. Sorry to hear that. From what I can tell, though, you seem like a really likable person. I think it's just a matter of time before you'll meet that special someone who isn't afraid to "open you up" a little bit. Don't let whatever psychological problems slow you down. Life has a way of rewarding those who stay true to themselves - you'll be more than fine
  3. I've tasted just enough love to know why I need more of it in my life. It's what keeps you going, what makes everyday worth getting up early for. It's such a simple notion - just the thought that out there, somebody special loves you back for who you are - yet, it's magical, addictive, inspirational, and unforgettable. I've never had a serious relationship and I'm 19 now. While I messed around with the idea when I was younger, I just kind of backed off from the whole "girl" scene at one point, and haven't really looked back since. It was a combination of several things. For one, I've alway
  4. I voted for Clowns. There's other stuff that scares me more, but clowns were kinda ruined for me early-on once I discovered Spawn and Steven King's "It." ...yeah. Good bye, sweet innocence.
  5. Equity

    Books Redwall

    Oh yeah, man. Redwall is kick ass. My favorites (and I only read a handful) were the titular "Redwall" and "Mossflower." I had a difficult time getting into some of the others, but yeah - those books really blew my mind back in fourth grade. They still hold up today, too, unlike a lot of children's literature (*ahem* Goosebumps) so check 'em out if you ever get the urge to read about little furry dudes with swords n' stuff.
  6. I can't make it this year since Maryland is on the other side of the continent from where I am, but this is awesome news. Although I'm sure things will be pretty kick-ass regardless - have a great time, you guys!
  7. These look pretty good! I went to the mall on Sunday with a friend and the Build-A-Bear had been absolutely swarmed by a group of local bronies - it was pretty coincidental, actually xD I didn't get one myself since the friend I was with was kinda on-the-clock and had to get back to school, but I'm liking all these pictures you guys are posting. Looks like a reasonably inexpensive way to get your pony plushie fix!
  8. Equity

    Movies/TV Kick-Ass 2

    This and Evil Dead are the only two things I'm actually excited for as far as cinema goes. I absolutely love the first Kick-Ass - it's like if Tarantino or Rodriguez decided to take on the superhero genre. It's gratuitously violent, crass, and has a pretty sick sense of humor - but it's also the most entertaining and compelling portrayal of anything superheroes that I've ever seen. If you guys haven't seen the first yet, drop everything you're doing right now and go watch it. There are so many reasons to be excited for Kick-Ass 2.
  9. /rez I played some gnashers-only FFA this weekend. Oh my god, it was so much fun. I cranked up my sensitivity, and I think I've got a little of my old Gears groove back. I'm still a ways from getting first every match or whatever, but I hey - I had a good time I kinda tossed Judgment aside for a while because BioShock came out and broke my life with how awesome it is, but I'm glad to be getting back into it.
  10. You made me laugh today - just thought you should know that :3 http://i.imgur.com/vUF9MhA.png

    1. Otter


      Hehe... thank you. :3

  11. Good to hear that, then. It always bums me out when gamers aren't up for new things. It sounds like you're talking about "mature" in a tonal sense. I meant in more of a storytelling sense - exploring characters and themes in a deeper and inevitably darker fashion (I think Twilight Princess hinted on this, but I'm not sure). Aesthetic choices like blood and gore hardly make a game, but yes, certainly, when developers push for that sort of maturity, you get games like Prince of Persia: Warrior Within and I dunno what else... Shadow the Hedgehog? Anyway, those sort of "bad-boy" themed gam
  12. Well, yeah. But Nintendo has been putting out Zelda for years now, and at this point the formula is pretty much standardized. It wouldn't hurt to pull a DmC and experiment a little. New things are good, y'know, and I think Zelda in particular is a little more than overdue.
  13. Fridays, now actually xD Mondays are fantastic since I don't have class until 11:30. Fridays suck now though, because I have three classes more or less in a row and then I have to take the bus home which is always *packed* with other kids. It's so meh. But once I'm out of class, Fridays are usually pretty great. They're really liberating since you feel entitled to blow off everything else for the next two-and-a-half days.
  14. Dill pickle flavor times a thousand. I dunno, the dill just really gets to me. I love it <3 Anything BBQ or smoked in general is really good, too.
  15. I'd stick with Pinkie on this one. Twilight looks kinda saddened in that pic, like she got something sticky in her mane and had to wash it out (and to what you're probably thinking if your mind is constantly in the gutter like mine - no >_<).
  16. I've always felt a matured Zelda universe would work well. I mean, I get that it's set up to feel like a childhood fairy tale of sorts, but it's also incredibly dark on all sorts of levels. Those crypts with the screaming mummies, the Happy-Mask salesman, the moon in Majora's Mask, the general sense of displacement and loneliness... the list goes on and on. Plus, in early fantasy-like universes like Zelda where humanity is barely civilized and things like laws and justice hardly exist, a more matured sense of storytelling and atmosphere is almost obligatory. I don't necessarily mean just s
  17. Equity

    Post your Desktop

    Overdue for a cleaning, but eh, I'm lazy and it's 2AM here. (click to see bigger)
  18. Good song for winding down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQ-GMJM3z1g
  19. +1 for Soarin'. I mean, just look at that strut, that confidence, those deep, longing green eyes and luscious purple mane~ And his love for cream-filled pies? Can't be just a coincidence... just sayin'
  20. Equity

    Double Rainboom

    I thought it was pretty good, definitely worth watching. I'm beating a dead horse here, but the animation really is superb - almost show-quality, in fact. The whole cross-over thing really took me off guard, though. I'm not a fan of the PPG, but it was cool seeing their reactions to Dashie just showing up out of nowhere - I thought Bubble's pure adoration for Dash was, well... adorable. Definitely a good match-up there. However, what really bogged this whole thing down for me was the pacing. It just feels so flat at times, like they're trying to make the characters work towards another
  21. I just had one of these, green milky green mojito - one shot of whiskey, and one of rum, I believe? I dunno, but it hit me pretty hard. It was a milky variant too, so it went down a lot smoother
  22. I got in shit with the principal for playing Quake 3 in the computer lab once in junior high *shrugs*. Other than that, I tried to fight this one kid in like, 1st grade or something this one time. It was all talk, but I guess something he was doing set me off, and I got a talk from the principal plus the obligatory phone call home. I think I also got in trouble once for saying mentioning "penis" in a casual conversation this one time in early grade school. My parents and I still laugh about that today xD
  23. All I can say is, wherever your decisions take you - really push for what you know you want, and don't settle for anything less. I'm at a place in my life right now that I'm not particularly happy with, and it's because I gave my post-secondary options very little thought, because the future always kinda scares me. So, put some serious thought into whatever your options are - remember that whatever you choose will influence you heavily for the next year, possibly four if you're dedicating to a program. But at the same time, don't let that scare you - accept that this is a crucial decision
  24. I kinda thought they tied things pretty tightly with MGS4, but more Metal Gear isn't exactly a bad thing. Plus, this new "open-world" structure could prove interesting. Oh, and when I saw the Diamond Dog badge, I knew I had to make this...
  25. I'm a skinny dude too, so I know how you feel there. I love the beach now though, and I've largely stopped giving a sh*t about what people are thinking - I'm more preoccupied with the awesomeness that is boogie boarding! (inb4 surfing is 1000000x better). I say give it another shot sometime. Find a quiet, unpopulated spot and just really focus on your experience, rather than what other people are thinking or trying to get you to do. Take note of the waves - you live in California. The waves there are awesome - use them to their full potential! The other thing is, because you menti
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