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  1. drew, linearted and did the basic background on this months ago. totes was going to finish it today, but SAI crashed when I was almost done, so, nop, I'm just going to throw the unpolished version at the internet instead. yis I know RD is slightly hideous, dragons are my specialty, not ponies, so plez don't mention it, k?
  2. -O- Screaming, she is thrown into the vortex, fingers clawing uselessly at the open air as she falls ever deeper into the clockwise spiral. Everything is pain and confusion; whitehot anger and grief, made stronger still by the loneliness lurking in her veins. hot cold warm tepid melting help melting make it stop twisting wrong it's all wrong HELPMEPLEASE. It snaps like an overstressed bowstring. A gentle touch to her cheek, soft ocean breeze, velvet, cool stones, and it is done. Bliss. Oh, sweet bliss. -O- Music does weird things to my writing ideas I guess, idk. Might use this in a story at some point or another.
  3. oh wow, I haven't posted here since the Triassic, I swear. I was doing human practice today during warmups, and somehow this happened...? This sketch ignores Equestria Girls completely because I've never seen it. AHAHAHAHAHandIneverwillAHAHAHAH is really bad at drawing people oh my god ew why am I even posting this
  4. Thankies ^-^ And, no, not really, I just can't draw second eyes D8< It's rather unfortunate. So I tried to cover it up with hair. I forgot to lineart all of his hair though D8< Why thank you 8D I do have a few drawings in this style, though, I actually haven't been drawing people that long. I was really impressed with myself with how well this came out actually XD
  5. I had to draw a horse in my art class yesterday. I failed so spectacularly that I stopped drawing and doodled this on a fresh page LOL. I felt discouraged from drawing for half of the day after that XD it was not a fun feeling. And then I came home and realised that I had all the right markers to color this guy 8D He's not this dark though I swear. My scanner is shit >.< Yes, the coloring/ shading job is that crappy though XD My Karkat has red eyes. Whut naow, betch. *scuttles off to youtube to try and regain braincells*
  6. In my personal experience, there is nothing more annoying and lonely than discovering something wonderful... and not being able to share it with anyone. As some of you may know, I recently dove headfirst into the Homestuck fandom, and found it wonderfully humorous and... immature xD It uses the sort of humor that I understand and communicate well with. My language if you will 8D While I do participate a little in the Homestuck sub-reddit page, I still feel very left out in this fandom D8 Only myself and one of my close friends actually read the comic, and she's not even done with the damn thing yet XD There is another group of people who read it... though, they're sophomores, and really don't want to socialize with us underclassmen I guess, I dunno. I live in an area where there are very few Homestuckers. Why does that matter? Well, for a start, there are no meetups close to me, further cutting me off from the people of the fandom. I would love to do some cosplay at a meetup *o* That would be amazing. It also means, however, that there is a very slim chance that I am able to meet others of my species D8 This makes my existence in the fandom feel very, very, very lonely ._. MLP, however, is a whole other matter... it seems that at least one out of every ten assholes in my school watches it XD There are about three hundred of us in the school in total... you do the math. To be short, the MLP fandom is not unheard of, which makes it easier for me to communicate with others. Trust me, I have no problem in finding people to discuss the show with XD It's kind of like how I felt when I started getting good at art. I knew no one else who drew, and it made me the odd man (or in my case, girl) out. Maybe with time, I'll be able to find myself a group of Homestuck fans that I can get along with 8D Who knows, I might even be able to go to a meet some time, even if I have to drive for ten hours to do so XD Sorry for the lack of gifs today D8 My brain is just fried from all the algebra I just did for homework ._.
  7. Drawing classes. Ain't nobody got money for that XD Or parents who will drive you to the class ._. The shapes idea for the hair might come in handy though o3o I never actually thought of doing that 8D
  8. I was bored and decided to do some human drawing practice/shading practice. Gah, I'm terrible at drawing people, I truly am LOL HOW DO I HAIR?
  9. And then I got bored and made a thing. Sorry if I've been kind of inactive for the past two days :/ school just started and I'm already starting to feel overworked xD Not used to being in the high school, the place is massive O-o
  10. Ahh, sorry for taking so long to reply D8 your comment didn't pop up in my inbox for some reason >.< Anyways, yes, I do draw ponies in a similar style... though, I'm trying to get away from that right now, because they look far too much like dragons xD I guess you could say I'm trying to develop my style right now
  11. I recently came to be the owner of this tiny dog here. Her name is Glow, she's two months old, and she... screw it, I've explained what her breed is way too much of late xD Let's just say she's a pug-minpin cross that's been finely tuned through the generations. I just explained her breed didn't I goddamn it XD Yeah she has a thing for falling asleep with her paw on my dragpad. Little turd, keeps making me click links I do not want to click. (her coat color's actually a genetic mutation 8D It's known as clear red, but she also has mearle markings on her nose and underbelly.)
  12. I admire your avatar's design. Makes me feel a bit inferior seeing as how I draw humans in an Eddsworld manner. Any Hootie & The Blowfish, very nice. ^^

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  13. I am very nervous and excited, yeah xD And, yes, I did make the pic drew it up a little bit ago when I had artblock xD
  14. You know when you get so stressed out about something simple in life to the point that it's ridiculous? Yeah hi, welcome to my world. Please take a seat in the tourbus, and do keep your limbs in the vehicle at all times. Thank you. SO. As some of you fellow velociraptors may know, I'm entering LE HIGHSCHOOL this year as a freshman. Okay, I know, most people have done it. What's my issue, and why do I get to complain? I CAN COMPLAIN IF I WANT TO. DOESN'T MEAN YOU NEED TO PAY ANY ATTENTION TO IT THOUGH. PLUS COMPLAINING HELPS ME COPE. ._. Anyways, my issue here is that I'm a pretty extreme introvert. I stayed inside all of this summer. Literally, I stepped outside today and hissed at the sun. Me:"Holy flaming balls of shit and piss it's really fucking bright out here." Dad: "... sweet jesus you're such a freak." I'm very nervous to re-enter society, cause I get really snippy and kind of freak out when I get crowded, or am around more than one person (a group of four is too many for me right now lol) If you haven't noticed already, I'm not too sure where I'm going with this. XD ON THE FLIP SIDE OF THINGS HOWEVER I'm very excited to see my friends 8D I haven't seen them all summer, and I'm starting to miss them, even though they're all morons. I'm surprised that they can even function properly outside of the school building. It's kind of like how it's really weird to see teachers outside of school. They just... shouldn't leave it >8I (don't defend my friends because I called them morons. They would all agree. Plus, that's my bizarre way of showing affection 8D) ALSO, I ordered a shirt with Starsplash (my ponysona) on the front, and it should either be here tomorrow, or on Tuesday (which is when I start school ._.) so I can properly show off mah brony pride 8D (and then I'll buy a homestuck hoodie because I need to show of my homestuck pride too xD I love that fandom too much I think...) SO, now that we're done with that maze of parenthesis and UPPERCASE LETTERS BECAUSE I REALLY LIKE UPPERCASE LETTERS CAN YOU TELL? you may all now leave 8D No, seriously, gtfo D8<
  15. LOL Doesn't surprise me that it reminds you of him! I learned how to draw dragons through observing Spyro fan-artists on dA, plus I used to be a huge fan of the games ^-^ It's kind of funny how he looks like Spyro though >.> this guy was just another random dragon that I doodled one day during class xD I usually try to keep my draggies away from looking like ye' ol' eggplant LOL And, thanks 8D I try to keep my style fresh (gawd that sounded so corny augh) I'm sure that if you practice though, you can get somewhere with art 8D You can only get worse before you get better... wait, does that even apply here... hmm...