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  1. In this life, we're running out of days; we're running out of time, ignoring it's a crime~

  2. Still have a copy of the N64 version of Super Mario 64. Funny. Too bad I see them at a local thrift store for like $40, and I have no intention of selling it because I haven't beaten it yet. There's also the matter that I lost my best collector's tin of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards somewhere in my house, and it comprises of the ORIGINAL Yugi and Kaiba starter decks, both of which are roughly $100-200 now iirc (ranging from loose to sealed). I think that's the closest thing to 'broken' I have, at least setwise. It was missing a few cards that I traded away. I'm also positive I have a few old-school Tamagotchis laying around somewhere in a buried box somewhere. I consider buried stuff lost for good, until proven otherwise. *shrug* My parents are too damn unpredictable when it comes to moving things around. Final Additional Point: Completely forgot about the Heroes edition Latios and Latias Pokemon cards I left in my wallet that fused together in the washer. Blast it all. =_=
  3. In this world...nothing is as it seems...

    1. EddG


      Trees are men.

      Hats are Guitars and Grass is blue.


    2. EddG


      No-one is safe

    3. -BleachedOne-


      Shit son, we just got philosphical.

  4. Found $40 on the ground outside of work today. I am suddenly $40 more towards my MSI GT72. Best day ever.

    1. LordSwinton


      found 10 bucks while walking the dog once

    2. -BleachedOne-


      Such a wonderful feeling, eh?

    3. LordSwinton
  5. I...may end up just sitting here listening to Anna Ni Issho Datta No Ni for the rest of the evening. o_o

  6. Oh boy, where to start... I'm a huge mecha anime fanatic. I'm on a quest to find a girl who can put up with my mecha shenanigans. I doubt it, but hell, it's a fun quest. The majority of my Gundam model kits are unbuilt in my room, still boxed because I'm afraid to do anything with them until I actually have the paints and materials I need. I build and fix computers as a secondary hobby to gaming. I enjoy the Super Robot Wars series (for obvious reasons), even the untranslated ones (which I can make sense of menu commands, but not dialogue). For those of you that wish to know, my favorite Super Robot is a three-way-tie between the Shin Getter Robo, Black Getter Robo, and the Mazinkaiser. Real Robot-wise, the RX-93-v2 Hi-Nu Gundam and ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam. My laptop is covered in mecha and pony stickers. The previous fact is going to be an issue when I finally get my MSI Dominator. RIP Pavilion. I have two sugar gliders, two cockatiels, five parakeets, and three cats. Isn't THAT an odd combination? Insects don't scare me, they surprise me. ...my Black Rock Shooter picture folder is currently 625MB. An extension of the previous fact: I can't keep folders organized half the time, and I still have about six 2GB+ flash drives of pictures I need to sort through and categorize. ...that pretty much covers the main stuff, I'd say.
  7. How's it going, everypony?~

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    2. -BleachedOne-


      Geass is a wonderful balance between robot action and political anarchy. Kind of like the Sutherland's design for an infantry unit.

    3. J.T.


      Interesting. Well I have to get to bed. Talk to you later.

    4. -BleachedOne-


      Yes, quite. Take care~

  8. I have macaroons. This ghost pony is pleased.

  9. ...am also exceedingly proud of my avatar work.

  10. So...Seed wasn't bad. Not really looking forward to Seed Destiny, to be honest, but I've gotta stick around for that Strike Freedom Gundam. @w@

  11. It's amazing how Pinkie Pie's shenanigans can actually pull me out of a pit of depression with literally ZERO EFFORT. You silly cotton candy-maned mare.

  12. Just me, giant robots, my Persona Q edition 3DS XL, and a bottle of 91 proof bourbon whiskey. Life is good. Happy Thanksgiving, MLPForums.

  13. From a technical standpoint, I don't even think such a thing would have been possible. Plus, to add onto that concept, people would have griped over the inability to transfer their Pokemon from R/B/Y to the newer gens. I'm not entirely sure that the way stats were calculated back then would have transferred over without some major modifications to the level-up system (somebody correct me if I'm wrong). It would have been USEFUL, but alas, pretty sure that the GameCube is dead by now. For Smash Bros, sure, some people still prefer the GC controller over the Wiimote system, but that's the only reason why they released the GC adapter for the Wii U. If it's enough of an issue, you COULD technically always just run your Pokemon that you want to transfer through PokeGen and create replicas that you could port through Black/White and then to the Bank. Not exactly LEGITIMATE, but it would do a similar job. :/ I know the feeling, though. Kind of makes me miss the G/S/C and original 3rd gen days.
  14. So Atreyu. Man, I haven't listened to this band in god knows how long.