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  1. Flipnote Studio 3D IS ALMOST HERE!!!

  2. I mostly automatically call it pop, for me, I was born in the South but raised in the North, so... yeah. If you call it soda, that's just fine with me. But, now they've invented a word that is NEVER used, called, "Soda pop". see? they both had to derive from something.
  3. As of now, it has been confirmed for a while that QR codes for Animal Crossing: New Leaf are region free, so you can use codes from all around the world!! And I have a few that I wanted to share with you. Enjoy them for as long as you can, because I don't know if this thread will be banned or not... -Az Hatsune Miku Outfit: Sleeves, w/ or w/o tie, Etc. http://bidoofcrossing.tumblr.com/post/51823808562/daisycrossing-hatsune-miku-qr (If the link is broken, please, by all means, tell me.) Post some cool QR codes you have found!!!
  4. .....-_-* RAGE MOMENT. WHO THE F*CK CARES ABOUT DERPY'S VOICE????? IT WAS PERFECT FOR THE CHARACTER, AND I LOVE DERPY!!!! *end of rage moment*. Derpy was one of my favorite characters, even if she *just happenend* to be a background character. MEHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH *dies* *CRIEESSSSSSS* and, annnddd... more *apparently "retarded"* characters in kids shows: Ed from Ed Edd and Eddy Patrick from Spongebob ...more i can't think of...
  5. My Answer, because i cannot express this in just words alone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YboI4kDcm_c There. Enough Said. Derpy should be exactly as she is or was before...everything happened. Anyone else agree with me, please?!! Oh, and i just wanted to say this: Everyone knows about Derpy's "Derpy" eyes. can't they technically be called lazy eyes? everyone has a lazy eye!!!!
  6. AzuelFox102

    Music Jverne's Dubstep Thread

    FINALLY!!! A DUBSTEP THREAD!!! (and after a 3 months of not being on...) Well, I'm a general Dubstep fan. i like all kinds, but I guess I'm mostly into Skrillex. But recently i've found a group called "Asking Alexandria". The song is To The Stage (Bare Remix). It has a few harsh words but don't kill me over it. here's the video.
  7. Life is Good. To Wreck.

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    2. Discovery Dream
    3. AzuelFox102


      that is most certainly NOT turbotastic. and yah know what else? PACMAN SKRILLEX!!!

    4. AzuelFox102


      the movie comes out on MARCH 5th!!! that's in TWO FLIPPING DAYS!!!!

  8. Have you seen PewdiePie play it? geez. you don't have to narrate every single thing you do and comment on everything you see. actually, that's all of his videos. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Conker%27s+Bad+Fur+Day+original+reloaded&qs=n&form=QBIR&pq=conker%27s+bad+fur+day+original+reloaded&sc=0-30&sp=-1&sk=#view=detail&id=AF0AF383F5F99EBFC13409EA842C69B38C4A5DB8&selectedIndex=19 yeah. and you forgot about good ol' frying pan. and why rate a game M in the past if you're gonna remake and ruin what made it great in the first place in the future?
  9. AzuelFox102

    Truth Revealed

    Oh, i looked at this earlier. nice job, bud! i could never do anything like this in the computer. i'm better at traditional stuff. overall, i give it an 8. personally, and this is just my opinion, but, i think you could do a bit more differentiating of color. (stuff that stands out could be lighter, or something?) because, it's a bit hard to find the "focus" of the pic. Nice work!
  10. and if you've watched PewDiePie play it, well.... yeah. here, lemme find the video... (warning to viewers: you may or may not be offended by what you are about to see.) since when does a turd have teeth? or talk, for that matter. this game is so outlandish that i almost thought i was Conker. why can't they make a SEQUEL, not a remake of the old game. what, did the world get more mature in the whatever many years they made the game in? geez, people. why do you think the thing was rated M in the first place???!!! and, besides, the only reason the game is such a rarity to find and R
  11. ok, so, i found out a while back about a game called Conker's Bad Fur Day, and i tried it out on an emulator, it is a really good game! (if you can handle it, trust me.) so, then i found out that they made a remake of the game for Xbox, i looked it up, and.... they revampped everything. i don't like it. they even censored a bunch of stuff that made it into the original game! WHAT THE HECK!? so, i wanted to ask you guys, which is better in your opinion? (please state why, as well.) thank you.
  12. Life is Good. To Wreck.

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      how i have known this feeling for too long.

    3. AzuelFox102


      how i have known this feeling for too long.

    4. jdor11


      how i have known this feeling, that damn sure didn't have a chance, and all those towns people!

  13. personally, i liked Twilight Sparkle better as a unicorn. i never thought the writers would go so far as to possibly change the storyline completely, and i just watched the episode yesterday on YouTube. geez.
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