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  1. I forgot how good Gravity Falls is, I need to finally finish season 2

  2. The PMV that single handedly made me a Brony five years ago has been marked private/deleted, and that's super depressing.

  3. Nah, people have been calling the fandom dead since season 3, the only real difference now is that it's not on the forefront of "weird fandoms" like it was in 2011. The people who were only here for the ride just because it was trendy most likely left when it stopped being trendy (around 2013), and what you're left with is a more focused and niche community. I can't think of many other fandoms six years in that are still this active in terms of regular content creation.
  4. I still check your account every once in a while to see if you've returned. Ironically, you're my only friend from that era who stayed active past 2013 - at least for a while.

  5. Wander Over Yonder is a great show

  6. The newest Balloon Party album isn't even pony themed lmao, it's just bland EDM.

  7. Cynic

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Dillinger's new album leaked today, so I feel as though this is relevant. I figured I'd pop into this thread which is clearly still thriving one last time before I leave this forum for good, since I can't delete my account. Gonna miss you guys, you're literally the only reason why I decided to come back here.
  8. Huh. Haven't been here in a while. The site seems to have grown significintely since I was last here, which is pretty cool. I'm not even a fan of MLP anymore, but it's nice to see a forum I used to frequent such as this is still thriving.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Crispy


      Yeah, some of us still exist.

    3. Champion RD92

      Champion RD92

      Silly Crispy, this status is like a year old xD

    4. Crispy


      Oh geez, it is. *seppuku*

  9. We have blogs now? When did this happen?

    1. Swoop


      Only a few days ago - you may want to read that red text under the "Canterlot Castle" forum. ^^

    2. Cynic


      Sorry, I don't frequent the forums much these days. I'll go check that out now.

    3. Finesthour


      I've posted about... 11 blogs since then. You're late :P

  10. http://youtu.be/k2junZRuEG0 Here, have this. It's one of the few songs that can genuinely make me feel something, and almost puts me in a trance. Thoughts on this?
  11. Cynic

    Music Cynic's Punk Thread

    Oh yeah, I forgot about this thread. The new Offspring album is pretty damn good; certainly better then the last one. Only a few really punk songs, but it's still awesome.
  12. Based on Microsoft's track record, every second OS is awful. XP-good. Vista-awful. 7-good. 8-awful.
  13. Cynic

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    God god, I never realized how horrifying the album art for Obzen really was until I looked at it.....
  14. I have used the developer preview of Windows 8, so I can vouch for this: it really is a catastrophe. Everything from the UI to the performance is just awful.
  15. Starting up a new Pokemon Leafgreen file. What starter to choose?

    1. VladmireV.S.(Crank)


      Bulbasaur. its Leafgreen:3

    2. Chigens and Kay

      Chigens and Kay

      Trade a Mudkip over, have that be your starter.


      It's what I do in every game.

    3. Aureity



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