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  1. This was.....horrible. The writing... oh god what was he thinking! The pacing made everything feel stretched out, the fanon stuff felt forced and didn't add anything to the story (if they absolutely felt that they had to put this in they should've done so in the background), and the crossover... ... I don't know. Ugh, again what were they thinking! What purpose did it serve other than giving a big shout-out to Lauren? It certainly didn't make the story any better. Even Snowdrop did better here. The voicing was decent (I didn't cringe when I heard them so that was good), the music was ok, but nothing special, and the animation was quite good. Not at all show accurate, but I didn't expect it either from something fanmade. Overall I can approve of everything but the writing. It ruined everything.
  2. Meh, I rather move on to something else. But I may create other AiE comics later. Anon's a fun dude. Though it'll probably be more sketchy looking than this.
  3. Ait, so a few months back I got the splendid idea of trying to do a request from a draw thread on /mlp/, figuring it'd be a nice challenge to get into drawing again. I went for an absolute silly one, seeing as most of the other requests only wanted lots and lots of clop. (figures) Well, I sorta like accidentally broke my tablet shortly after, realizing I still couldn't draw the first feakin' pony after 5 hours of failure! I randomly discovered the old .psd file a little while ago, and since I got a new tablet, I decided to give it a try again. And I actually managed to draw ponies this time! (to an extent at least). I didn't finish it though since the comic isn't worth it, and it's sort of pointless continuing as it originally was a request several months ago. Also, hands. They're evil. Even harder to draw than pones. ^read at own risk
  4. There's a noticeable difference in that picture. Compare their necks. Twilight's has gained a longer one after the change. You can see how the outline curves inward on Twilight while it's vice versa with the rest.
  5. Well I did, but stopped since my CPU couldn't handle it. Replaced my 6870 gpu with a 7970, but that didn't do anything at all, so I continued engaging in fights with fps below 20. Got tired of playing with such low performance, so I quit.
  6. Envious! Looks damn impressive. Could never have cooked up something like that in only one hour! I spend perhaps 5 hours on a drawing that prob. could've been done in 20 mins or so I'm slow with everything I do.
  7. You're doing a very good job for a beginner that've just started. Seems like you got a natural talent for drawing, as you don't have a problem getting the anatomy right. My first drawings were a bunch of random connected lines which was supposed to be racing tracks, so yeah, can't really compete with that, hehe. A few tips for your next creation: - Remember eye lashes. They're essential for mare ponies. - Draw light reflection in the eyes (you know, those 2 +/- white dots) - Reduce the neck length. - Draw the plot more "pert" like. It's a little flat. Other than that it's a great drawing!
  8. 4/10 Not really my cup of tea.
  9. Well, you're in the same boat as about 64 % percent of the EQD visitors, so you shouldn't feel bad at all. You're not in the minority, so to speak.
  10. Nope. Pretty hard when they all gather in the states at cons, whilst I'm here in cold Scandinavia. I don't mind though, as I've little interest in meeting them in the first place.
  11. I got my little brother into it, though it seems like he's lost interest somewhat. I also got one guy in one of my classes converted through a presentation I had last year at school, but that's about as many as I've affected (unless I created some closet bronies in that class (highly doubt it though)).
  12. It steers the ship in a new direction, and gives potential to freshen up the show with new ideas, which is good (although I wouldn't mind another season with the same recipe). But I wish it would've been done another way..
  13. Hah, they grilled Twilight. Now I can pretend she died saving her friends. Anyway, episode was pretty meh for me. Found it enjoyable up until half, then I felt it all went too fast. Not Discord rushed, but still. And too many songs for my taste. I like to wait and look forward to when they appear. Now I barely registered one before another started. At least we saw Derpy 5 times. Yay~ Feelings summed up: I'll jump over to /mlp/ and join them in their sorrow.