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  1. Though still pessimistic about Equestria girls (Lauren Faust has NOT helped by fanning the flames) I have to admit the idea of another world that Celestia KNEW about and sent her old stuent too is very interesting. However Twilcorn still a bit skeptical about, especially as I think she is too evil to become an Alicorn (Watch Crystal empire and too many pinkie pies, she is SOOOOO selfish, and in pinkie pies she kills like 50 ponies) but my main annoyance about it is the people who say it isn't a big deal and it's just a pair of wings. I know that the fandom needs to calm down but being an alico
  2. Dariusgib

    MLP Audio Drama

    VERY VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!!!!!: There script idea has changed. This time to a story of how Rainbow Dash's mum died. Based on bits of chapter 1 of this fan fic. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/97830/dashs-new-mom. I will need a Fire fly and a blue streak. Guards and doctor voice actors would be nice but i could probably manage. Blue Streak needs to be very VERY good with doing emotion. There is a very powerful scene with sitting on the steps. This could be a great kick off point. Blue Streak auditions will start soon!
  3. Dariusgib

    MLP Audio Drama

    I would need a voice actor for Zephyr (Thunder Dash's wife) anyone auditioning for the two character message me. I will send you scripts. If you have problems with the scripts (Highly possibly) Tell me!
  4. Dariusgib

    MLP Audio Drama

    This is awesome. Right do you want to write something or do you just want to help perform in the pieces? If so do think you could do ThunderDash?
  5. An Idea I have had for a while. So I was thinking that since I could not animate, I wasn't good at drawing and I am already doing fan fics why not try a different way of contributing to the fandom. I thought about making a series dedicated to MLP audio dramas using only sound to get the story out like they do on the Radio. I want to do a premiere drama called the Divorce which outlines the conflict between Rainbow Dash's parents when she was just born. Though I am writing a script if any one thinks they have a better idea for the script and want to write one I will except, if you want to audit
  6. Does the pony liberator still work? I have downloaded it but when i searched it up they are suggesting it is broken. i REALLY hope it is not broken.
  7. Please Add Dariusgib on the gamesloft game. I REALLY need hearts and i will give them to you. I desperately need them to get scotaloo
  8. Thanks everypony for the support on the video. However i'd just like to address these negative comments. I was in no way trying to say bronyism is as stigmatic or hard to admit as homosexuality. I was only saying out of the closet as a means to a line with the phrase 'Closet Brony.' i was in no way trying to offend homosexuals who would be insulted by the fact i am in anyway comparing their plight to my no where near as important one. The video was only on youtube as i found it hard to put it on Facebook so i put it on youtube then put it on Facebook. I made the video as a way of thoroughly ex
  9. This may be in the wrong section but i just came out of the closet to my friends. I decided to do a video to do it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFQHMr_k2-8 I hope it will go well. What are you opinions on the vid or how did you break the news to your friends?
  10. Absolutely love the game you should get it. However if you don't want to pay the large price wait for the Easter holiday sale where it becomes cheap as chips.
  11. Am going to start an MLP radio drama series!

  12. Shining Armor Alicorn done. Why?: He is a prince so it makes sense So he can live with Cadance forever! (YAY NO MORE SAD FAN FICS!) He would fit the role and part. He's just generally awesome
  13. Is that why your not doing the Professor Fizz Rocket or did you just forget? Just asking just asking.
  14. Yeah loving the game except for elements of magic which I find har to get and hearts as I do that've any games loft friends yet. My names Dariusgib please add me!
  15. Half empty if is drunk or poured to half empty but if it filled its half full
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