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    Other then MLP, I also have an interest in video games, philosophy, and cars...I'll probably list more later.
  1. Aeon Of Dreams

    General What's Your Ancestry?

    Assuming i'm not forgetting anything I am... Cherokee Native American Chippewa Native American British Irish Swedish Norwegian Italian French Austrian German Possibly Russian The most I am out of any one of these is Irish.
  2. Hey Bliss! It's The Oneiromancer.

    1. Lightning Bliss

      Lightning Bliss

      Hi, erm ok? Don't think I remember you sorry XD

  3. If it means anything, and I think a lot of people should take this to heart in fiction whether this particular thing is true or not, portrayal does not mean endorsement.
  4. Most of these are not quite games I "hated" per say, but they are games I found to be "meh" at best, particularly when compared to the more popular opinions of them. Borderlands Series - Good with friends, but otherwise I find that it becomes a daunting grind someway into it. Now I know getting your friends together is a way to play it but I don't think this excuses it for me. Quite a few Valve titles - I have nothing against Valve as a company, as I hold them in high regard for their relationship to their fanbase and the way they do their business, but often I find their games are qui
  5. I have waited so long for the opportunity to use that pic. Anyway I personally don't hate being human, but if one were to offered to be a pony in Equestria then I would really have to think about it and consider a LOT of circumstances. (i.e. if I was to be asked this a week from today, but my life goes to shit tomorrow then I would most likely say yes, for one example out of countless) If offered now then I am not sure.
  6. One character that I can think of at the moment was Teridax from Bionicle for being quite possibly one of the best examples of villainy in general (in my opinion) and especially for a story based on a toy line. To recap he successfully manages to plan ahead for everything using destiny and it's outcomes in his favor, even his defeats were planned (both directly stated by him and that his defeats caused circumstances that allowed him to accomplish his plans). He also got away with 2 genocides successfully for the most part and above all else, he succeeded by having the heroes achieve their dest
  7. If it means anything, I believe Disney said that there probably won't be any Star Wars games released before April of 2014. Here's hoping that is the longest we will have to wait to at least get one.
  8. Aeon Of Dreams

    Gaming The Xbox One

    I was surprised by the news too, needless to say, whether Sony won E3 or not MS is going to get a LOT of good press for this, considering it is now the headline of pretty much every gaming news site now. Oh and now I hear you can turn Kinect off as well. http://kotaku.com/xbox-one-kinect-privacy-concerns-turn-it-off-511759241
  9. Moon Breeze, not bad, and I am now a greater contradiction than starburst. I also like Luna so I suppose it fits me politically (in an MLP sense).
  10. I am someone who lucid dreams a lot, but sometimes I also get a sleep paralysis. I recall falling asleep in high school a couple times where I woke up but my dreams started to mesh with what I was seeing, it was awesome. One took place in a planetarium where I was watching star wars on the ceiling, but then I fell asleep. When I woke up I was in a house with star wars in the background until I finally woke up for real and saw I was still in the planetarium. The other time I thought I woke up and suddenly I was in the classroom but it was empty and I felt a strong breeze, the windows had bright
  11. You got this from Antony C and BronyCurious's review of a Royal Canterlot Wedding didn't you? For those who don't know what I refer to, it is this.
  12. My dad most certainly knows, my mom saw me wearing a brony shirt and I was actually quite surprised when she did not question what a brony was, though she probably took it as some kind of generic meme.
  13. Aeon Of Dreams

    Mega Thread What book are you reading?

    About finished with the Prose Edda, moving onto The Saga of Volsungs soon, or the Poetic Edda, not sure yet. Though for sake of the character limit I will also mention that I recently got Beowulf, The Tao Te Ching, The Book Of Enoch, and The Song of Roland if I want something else.
  14. I believe this would go here. Anyway for anyone who watches TheoryBrony, he is about to become homeless soon, if anyone would like to help then check out this video.
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