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  1. "Hmmm, i'm getting bored, what should i do? Oh, i know! Well, not really..." he said laughing, he had finally got rid of Mortimer and he didn't know what to do to with his leisure time. He spawned three clones of himself, one started to send little breezes towards the true Sweet, it was a hot and sunny day. The other one started to massage his hooves and the last one started to feed him with grapes. "This is life!".
  2. "Watch out with the bumps on the roads, tee hee!" he said as he launched spells into the air which fell down on path in front of them, one almost killing Sam. "Damn, i didn't kill any of them, maybe this little bird" he said as he casted a thunderbolt towards Shadow, who narrowly dodged it. Shadow then mounted himself on Sam's back, then he started to point in Sweet Tooth's direction. "Damn, i missed that too!" Sweet said dissapointed as he didn't kill Shadow.
  3. "Hey pricky cowboy, i don't like you accent. Why don't you go back and change that ugly mug of yours huh?" he said laughing. "I'm Sweet Tooth, by the way. But an idiot like you won't possibly understand me. Now go away, spawn from hell, i want some free time and you nasty voice is giving me the heebie-jeebies. And i won't say 'please' ok?" he said as his horn shone green, casting a death spell.
  4. Mortimer reverted back to his normal self, he was about to extinguish him. "I'm going back to Aiicornia and warn everypony. Desert and Daff, you stay with him." he said as he took off to Aiicornia. Once he arrived, he was about to warn everyone when his head started to hurt, a voice could be heard from inside. "Finally i'm going to be free, all that stress of yours is my freedom!". Suddenly, a red flash stroke him and Mortimer was nowhere to be found, only his other personality, Sweet Tooth. Shadow flew to Rocket's house, he stood on the window and started to knock, trying to warn him and
  5. (OOC: Due to soullessduck lack of posting i'll go a little ahead.) Mortimer followed the white dragon into cave, before the dragon could even enter the cave, Mortimer teleported infront of him and gave him a wrathful glance. "Or you give me the fish, or i'll turn you to smitherens" he said.
  6. I'm a bragging ATM. I can't help but being like that, i guess it's my nature and how i identify myself with Rainbow Dash. Other than that, is my extremely short temper. Something i inherited from my grampa.
  7. Sorry for the inconvenience ladies and gentlemen, but i wouldn't be mad if you used the thing to say who are you talking to. It kinda confuses me.
  8. Cracker Jack suddenly awoke, he couldn't tell what time was it nor he didn't want to find out. The only thing he knew was that the most beautiful mare he had seen was besides him in the bed, Kites Breeze. He gently began to brush her mane, he really didn't know what to do. He felt really stupid.
  9. "No! You are civilians here, it is my ploy to protect the city ok? You stay or i'll kill you myself." Mortimer ran forwards and out of sight. Mortimer then morphed with Shadow and decided to go back to the last place where he saw Daff and Desert. Luckily, they were still following the dragon but they seemed tired of flying. He put them both in his humongous back and then continued to follow the dragon.
  10. "Follow me, i don't know where Daffodil and Desertrose are heading to anyways." he said as he glided pass the clouds. It was a long flight to Aiicornia. They arrived the Aiicornia town square, he was tired after a long trip. "Do you know where were the other heading to?" he asked worried.
  11. After Mortimer took care of every dragpn that came through the door, he switched back to it's normal form, fixing his horn in the process. He grabbed the remaining ponies and teleported them back to Aiicornia, since they were unconscious they wouldn't know what happened. Mortimer started to flsy after Rocket and Sam, who were followong Daffodil and Desertrose.
  12. (OOC: PPFFFFFF! look at this guy hahahhaha, your brother must be a genioys that can decipher the whole plot without even reading hahhahah xp xp. Do you think i have poopie in my head? You are a big no-no) Shadow mounted on Mortimer's back and started to merge with him. "Desertrose please, as soon as i blow the magic field run back to Aiicornia, i'll try to stop the dragons. I don't want to kill nopony so run with everyone." Shadow started to fuse with Mortimer. Hs body turned a deeper purple, his wings grew even larger, his body became bulkier and thicker and his horn grew larger and cu
  13. (OOC: exactly, plus bastard is not an insult like i stated early, i get other words may seem like an insult but i haven't insulted in the whole rp ok? And soullessduck was pretty explainative about the SFW content but you had to include sexual innuendos and several insults. Anyways, on with the rp.)
  14. (WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!? Bad language in that post? Bastard a bad word? Oh come on please, go on leave. I don't care, i just feel bad about the Sam-thing but i hope she doesn't mind. You are being really childish, we just told you to calm down ok? And not to swear).
  15. (OOC: Hey hey hey sonny boy, nobody is bendin to anybody, you just take things waaaaaaaay too fast and just god mod. What @soullessduck said is that you need to take things slower. Filthy language? A few pages back. Then just don't insult the RP ok? It's not our fault, we don't say that you strapped with chains to the floor, it's just that some things are pretty obvious! For example i'm an alicorn and if even i can't break with magic a wall, then nobody can! It's just common sense! Please come on!).
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