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  1. I liked it though it did feel a bit rushed. The songs where good plus lots of funny moments. I do think they could've gone more in depth with story though. I mean I can't be the only one wondering how Apple Bloom, granny Smith, and Big Mac took to having Pinky working on the farm. That would caused major confusion with them to be sure. But either way I've got Anime to fall back on. I know I wont be going nuts by the time Season 4 gets here *trots off to watch Alavcard blow up some evil vampires.* RD
  2. Honestly I really don't get why everyone is major a big deal over it. Its just a cartoon. I don't see any real reason why it will feel like "the world is ending" She gets wings and a title. Its not as huge of a deal as everyone is making it out to be. Seriously. Just. Get. Over. It. RD
  3. Ummm that seems rather unhealthy for you. My advice: go out for or a walk and take a major brake. There is no need at all to let a cartoon take this much control over your life. RD
  4. *I would wake up at 7 am as I always do, fumbling around in the dark to shut the arm off. When trying to stand up normally, My legs would shake causing my body to fall, my mind still not fully aware. Looking down I would see pure, snow white velvet like fur and hooves instead of my normal human arms, hands, feet, and legs. In total a panic I'd rush into the bathroom the light coming on without any sort of flip switching. Upon looking in the mirror pure terror fills every fiber of my being as I force back a scream that could make any ponies blood run cold. My hair, now long and purple. My e
  5. If anypony can actually find this song from this game here http://armorgames.com/play/13662/give-up I'll be happy XD

  6. Kids are a school, hubby's at work, and I've got the house to myself. Once I get my house work done I'm going to give one of them a try. RD
  7. It might just be me, but really why is everyone making such a huge deal over it? She gets wings and a title, so what. From what I understand by reading the article Twilight will still be the same. The responsibly alone might make her go "Yeah, its a nice thing to have but I don't want to rule." And then she'll have inside jokes afterwords like "Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and don't want to ever go back." Point being we wont know anything for sure until the actual episode airs. And it seems to me a lot of people are willing to ditch the show over this. Being an avid anime gee
  8. I am really curious about this year's V-day dragon. So far we've gotten Sweet, Roses, and Chocolate. I hope we get something with actual hearts this year. I wonder if there will be another card sending event as well *thinks* RD
  9. Yeah that will have to wait until after I get my kids in bed Then I can download it and put it on my phone sense my headphones wont reach to my bed XD RD
  10. Ahh! Okay ^^ thank you so much for you help Luna's Choice. I wonder if this will actually work with me? I'm very good at meditating and Astral Projecting. Any one waana takes bests to see if this will work or not? LMAO RD
  11. I am a bit confused on how this actually works. Am I supposed to download all the tracks, a few? Any info would be helpful ^^ and thank you to those that give a hand ^^ RD
  12. Eeek! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to give you a headache. I was asking if you where trying for a ND. a ND is a Neglected Dragon. Like this one http://dragcave.net/view/itjbj Nds are made by having really low timed eggs and a certain amount of views. That one I didn't make myself, I was gifted from a friend of mine. Mind you she only gifted it to me as I have none at the time and I'm terrible when it comes to catching CB golds and silvers. Other than this years new prize dragons and 1st gen hollies ND actually fetch a high price unless your able to churn them out like a factory worker. Th
  13. I really need to stop getting so distracted..

  14. RoseDust

    Visual Art Colored Manga

    I'm glad you like them, and I thank you for your suggestions. They might be a little hard for me to follow as I learn by someone showing me step by step. I know how to use layers which I got from looking up coloring tuts on YouTube. However the person I used don't talk very often which is how I learn best. By someone telling how its done and showing it as well. I took what I did understood and worked with it. I never thought they looked flat and I have downloaded Photoshop brushes of all kinds ^^ Far as cool colors I like them XD Yeah I know I'm weird. I try not to use pure black or white unle
  15. RoseDust

    Visual Art Colored Manga

    Thank you and no I didn't draw them. I can't draw my way out of a paper bag lmao ((yeah so much for being in art club for my high school life )) But these are just different manga scans I found online ^^ I can't really color panels ((too much detail and my wrist would give out)) so I do the scans that introduce each chapter. Plus it also gives me room to add my own background And I only gave that girl the purple hair b/c in the actual cover she has light purple hair. I just made it a bit darker. As far as having natural purple hair yeah I can just image all the looks I'd get lol RD
  16. Where you trying for an ND? Or did you not get them into fan sights fast enough? Also Can you add your name into your scroll? I'd like to see your ginger bread house XD RD
  17. RoseDust

    Visual Art Colored Manga

    Thank you ^^ I've always liked darker colors as I actually look best in earth tones. I'll be working on others to put up and I thank you for your feed back ^^ RD
  18. RoseDust

    Visual Art Colored Manga

    Hello out there ^^ I'm posting up some of my person faves of colored manga I did in Photoshop. Nothing big and fancy, just your basic coloring. Not the best in the world, but I worked on them just the same. Feedback is always welcomed.
  19. First off, you all should know this is 100% fake. However this is one of the better MLP Creepy Pastas I like, and this guy reads it the best of all. RD
  20. Anypony up for proof reading my fan fic? I really need it badly. Will exspalin in a PM

    1. Mephala


      I am :3

      Send it on over.

  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-Ll5zaPcIE&NR=1 Yes this is old I know. But really give it the once over. When you do see if you can spot who is the origins of who ^^ You might be surprised by a few *giggle* RD
  22. RoseDust

    Older Bronies

    Kind of in the newser sense I guess. *shrugs* my avay is of RoseDust from Gen 1. Her wings are shorter but clear. They flutter much like a fairy would, thus why they are Fultter Ponies. Only RoseDust, Morning Glory, and Honeysuckel where ever really seen in the actual tv series in 1986. That might be why some don't really remember them so well ^^ RD
  23. RoseDust

    Visual Art MM' s Anime Artwork Collection

    *nods* I found it at a place called Hastings. I got it for like 24 I think. I tons of other box sets includeing both seasons of Black Butler XD I'll see if I can find it, thank you for telling me ^^ RD
  24. *nods* Yep ^^ the world would be a very very borning place if everyone was all the same XD *Lightly lightly lightly sings* "Be your self and stand out from the crowd. Don't forget the golden rule, be your self and you'll be cool" Yeah I have a 8 and 5 year old who love Wow Wow Wubbzy. RD
  25. Thanks Creeping Dusk ^^ Others I have rped with in the past didn't say much about the fact I had based them off myself. What really don't like are chacater sheets. To me, it gives way too much away. I like to keep my chacater and everything else a bit of a mysterty, thus letting the rp as it goes along revile more and more. If that makes any sense XD RD
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