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  1. After several months, I have finally created an SFM Animation about Tanks, Boobs and Ponies!
  2. A while back I was commissioned to make a few animated Dota cards. Here are all the ones with ponies in them; enjoy. Feel free to see my other work if you are interested:
  3. I like the episode too, but I really hope this isn't going to become a trend from feminists to have every shipping end in the friendzone. Dewey X Pearl forever! :okiedokielokie:
  4. It has been ages since I first posted about Blue Spy on this forum, and I am glad to say I have finally made the biggest instalment yet. Blue Spy Episode 4 continues where the 3rd episode left off, with more pony characters and references than ever before. It is also the first in the series to be entirely animated with Source Filmmaker. So if you enjoy the show or at least a Rarity x Spy shipping, tune in for Blue Spy!
  5. I hope it's not going to be one of those ending jokes, shown on The Adventure of Kim Jong Un. They went no where.
  6. We need to burn the fires of war and continue our rage against the machine! If we keep the issue up long enough they will listen or be publicly shamed. No Derpy? No MLP! This revolution shall be biblical.
  7. I am sick of people telling us not to start a shit storm about Derpy, when clearly the worst we feared is actually happening. I say we wait till season 5 and start the biggest Derpy petition ever.
  8. I have contacts with the criminal underworld; say the word and I will hire some goons to straighten this out. No one removes Derpy because of soccer moms.
  9. Thank you every-pony! I am glad you still like my work as always, I am now working on the third instalment, with much more stuff.
  10. Here is the sequel you all been waiting for: BTW I have made a new post that will cover the entire series, because it can be future proof that way:
  11. Hello everypony, I am back to present you a series called "Blue Spy". It is a love story about a Spy and Rarity. I hope you enjoy this Fan Series and that you tell me what you think. -- -- More coming soon! (How do I add that blue video sticker)?
  12. Can you believe I forgot to add "My little pony" in the tags earlier? Ha ha ha *Sob in a corner, to missing potential*
  13. OVER 9000!!! or about 48 hours of work time.
  14. This is my most resent work. Hopefully I will be able to work backwards with some of my older stuff