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  1. Princess Molestia, you are truly awesome.

  2. Your are my favourite princess.

  3. Ask her royal highness 3:ODSP

    To annoy the people on purpose. Meh, from time to time. 1. Trololol2 Im pretty sure that if 3 bimbos can do all kinds of shit, then 6 mares should at least be able to get the job done. To quote a certain stallion that I recently 'had a good time' with; "Eeyup".
  4. Ask her royal highness 3:ODSP

    After seeing what that horn could do, I just had to have it.(OOC: Okay, to hay with the OOC for now.) I'm %80 Molestia, and %20 Trollestia.duh Because shut up. Yes. Ghost Rider's head would disintegrate after seeing Fluttershy's stare.
  5. A riddle, you will never solve

    My vagA towel?
  6. Ask her royal highness 3:ODSP

    Still ain't as good as mine.(OOC: It's cool.) 1:DUNNO LOL.2: Depends on what your definition of 'mayonnaise' is. (OOC: Really, these questions are just getting silly now.) NOPE.(OOC: Don't start that.)
  7. Ask her royal highness 3:ODSP

    1: It's what I DO.2: Shit happens. 3: The one that came from a male cow. (OOC:1: Do you know of the Princess Molestia meme? 2&3: not what I meant about asking questions. More of personal questions that I{Princess Molestia} answer humorously.)
  8. Ask her royal highness 3:ODSP

    Why yes I am.(OOC:I'm too young for that kinda stuff.) I have on many occasions. I usually make her get on her knees and scrub my floors.I also make her fondle me. (OOC: I don't really need OOC here.) Yes.(OOC:No. To be more specific, she is my least favorite out of the Mane 6.)
  9. Ask her royal highness 3:ODSP

    This happens much too often. Ask me some stuff. (OOC:Note, I will answer the questions in 2 ways. One Princess Molestia style, and the other OOC style.)
  10. ((OOC: Hey peeps, I'm not gonna be able to get on for a while. My comp broke and I have to send this from a public computer. I can't come here everyday, so... yeah. See ya in a while.))

    1. Feather Spiral

      Feather Spiral

      As soon as you're back, I'll ask you for some fun with me and Viscra.



      YAY, SHES GONE!!!!!

    3. Flicker Sweet
  11. Ask her royal highness 2. Electric boogaloo.

    No shit. I didn't. I waited until she was old enough. Good god man, I may molest my subjects, but I'm no pedophile. ((OOC: everyone does actually realize that I'm not really a pedophile, right? Just making sure. Also, to all people that don't know what OOC is, it means Out Of Character.))
  12. Ask her royal highness 2. Electric boogaloo.

    I'll admit, Discord makes a good buttscratcher.
  13. Ask her royal highness 2. Electric boogaloo.

    Well, Christmas of course. More things to be given to me by my servants! (OOC: Seriously, it's Christmas. I don't enjoy it for the presents, though. I enjoy it for my friends and family coming together. Well, that and the presents. Good lord, did I just make my first OOC post? Please don't reference this in later questions, though.) I like to see them sweat and work.
  14. Ask her royal highness 2. Electric boogaloo.

    I hope you mean to molest.In that case, Twilight Sparkle. It's isolated and far away from me. The sun.