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  1. weeelllllll hellooo again

  2. Blargh, back to become a robot dinosaur of wubs

  3. No college for a week then a week after im back my birthday, Whoop!

  4. Welcome back i guess xD you should know what the people here are like but what the hell....Everyone here is friendly ^^
  5. Twister The Twisted

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    can i haz a cake?
  6. Twister The Twisted

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

  7. Twister The Twisted

    Ask Luna

    Ah we meet again luna, im here to ask..........Why don't you just go all Nightmare Moon again, you were more badass then.
  8. Why hello there young sir xD Long time dude, loving the new Avvie

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    2. Twister The Twisted

      Twister The Twisted

      i remember Pinkie, She is on the weird forums so i speak to her ever so often

    3. HunterTSN


      Yeah, I haven't talked to her lately, but I believe she is still around.

    4. Twister The Twisted

      Twister The Twisted

      Yeah, but it is hard to keep track of her, she changes her name a lot lately xD

  9. Twister The Twisted

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    9/10....Purely for the fact its my second favorite character from Angel Beats!
  10. Casually playing music full blast at half 11 at night...oh my neighbors are gonna hate me

  11. 8/10 Not bad
  12. Of course :3 cant deny a princess for risk of my head and wubs being stolen
  13. God damn hay fever making me sneeze and stuff....uggh my head is killing me

  14. Time to get back to writing.....why do i have such hard working hobbies

  15. Clowns. After watching the movie IT at the age of five i have been frightened by them, i refuse to go to carnivals and circus' because of clowns, purely for the fact that if i see one id probably throw something hard at their squeaky red noses -_-
  16. Twister The Twisted

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    With an Equestrian sword and shield! How do i lose a hoof?
  17. ah warm weather at last, England you did good B)

  18. Exactly! the second ones ending honestly gave me a headache it was so terrible and badly written, and the first one was the worst of the two, some of the acting was not convincing at all.
  19. Grave encounters 2, it made me laugh more then it made me jump honestly, such a terrible terrible movie, not scary at all. in a grand total i gave it 2/10
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